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Glance.Intuit.com: What is Glance Intuit Remote Quickbooks Support

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In this writing we cover all things about the Glance.Intuit.com site and remote support services it offers users. We also discuss how it allows Intuit to help users like you navigate issues you might be having with Quickbooks or completing your taxes with TurboTax. Furthermore we discuss where you can download the latest version of the Glance Intuit software and how you can get started with a remote session.

Essentially, this is a review of what Glance.Intuit.com is and how someone like you can use the service to get the help that you need.


What is Glance.Intuit.com Remote Support All About?


Glance Intuit is a screen sharing app for Quickbooks and TurboTax support presented by Intuit through the Glance Guest programming suite.

Individuals who are attempting to complete there filings in Turbotax can download the Glance Intuit Application from the Glance Guest website to have the option to interface with an Intuit client care rep in a remote access meeting where the client can provide access to their computer so thee Intuit agent can quickly complete a task they are struggling with.


Accountants or business owners can likewise utilize the www.glance.intuit.comn remote help site to start a meeting and find support with Quickbooks.


Both of these choices can permit you to get the assistance you require with any tax filing or Quickbooks inquiries since the rep can see precisely what step you are at in Quickbooks or TurboxTax rather than you attempting to clarify it via telephone, which was viewed as complicated before!


How Might I Download the Glance.Intuit.com Remote Access Software?


Quickbooks Help

Go to www.glance.intuit.con or https://glance.net/guest/start and your download ought to naturally start
Run the download record and follow the onscreen prompts
Fire up the product
Get and enter your code

Expert Tip: You can see all Glance downloads that are accessible at https://glance.net/introduce/install.aspx. Here you can get the PC, Mac, Firefox or Chrome Extension on the off chance that you need one of these versions.


TurboTax Help

Go to www.turbotaxshare.intuit.com and your download ought to naturally start
Run the .exe file and adhere to the onscreen directions
Start the product and follow onscreen prompts to initiate a remote session with Intuit

For additional assistance with TurboTax you can also find a live Intuit agent through TurboTax Smartlook by visiting livelook.intuit.com or support.turbotax.intuit.com/livelook/


Is It Safe to Download and Use the Glance Intuit Software?


Downloading the software from glance.intuit.com is affirmed to be 100% protected since it is formally brought to you by Intuit.


How to Join a Glance Intuit Remote Session?


Whenever you have downloaded the Glance Intuit Application you’ll want to run it by double tapping on the .exe file in the folder you downloaded it to. The installing process will begin and subsequent to introducing you will see barely anything occur and the application won’t appear.

To start a meeting you will then, at that point, need to return to glance.intuit.com and tap on the having trouble link. Then, at that point, tap on the link in step 3 that says “click here to begin Glance”. Once tapped a little box will show up with a 5-digit code you would then be able to give the Intuit specialist who you’re on the telephone with. When the specialist enters the code on their end your remote support session will start automatically.


I Can’t Get My Glance.Intuit.com Download to Work, HELP!!


  • Check to make sure your network administrator isn’t restricting your ability to download applications
  • Close your browser, reopen and visit the download page
  • Trying opening the download page on a difference Internet browser such as Chrome, Firebox, Opera or Internet Explorer


Where Can I Get Further Help?

Support by Email: support@glance.net
Support by Phone: 1-800-446-8848


About Intuit

Intuit, Inc. is a U.S. based financial services and software company headquarter in Mountain View, California. The company offers bookkeeping, expense and individual budget applications and software to smalls organizations, tax professionals and individuals like you. The company is most well known for it’s Quickbooks bookkeeping software and TurboTax platform. The company additionally offers the free individual personal finance information through MINT.

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