About Us

At first glance the Gift Collector might seem to be the same as all of the other gift sites but it’s actually quite different. We’re not like most the other gift sites out there that employ freelance writers who have minimal experience gift buying with a goal to pump out a ton of content in order to make a buck off of you!

Instead we’re here to give you some awesome and unique gift suggestions, as a starting point in your research. We aren’t and don’t intend to ever be the final stop for you when searching for the right gifts but rather we want to provide you with a framework and further inspiration in finding that gift your mom, dad, spouse, child or co-worker will love!

Our aim at Gift Collector is to help consumers gift more intentionally by providing ‘best gift idea lists’ for the most popular products from the most popular and trusted retailers in the world. To see more about our gift guides please read about our review standards.

In order to do this, the gift guides on our site are written by our expert writer, who is experienced not only in gift buying but also researching gifts and writing about them (she has a writing degree too!). We as site owners don’t, haven’t, and never will create write about anything ourselves (We leave that to the expert writers we hire), except in rare cases in our areas of expertise with products we actually use on a daily basis.

All of our gift guides are written by our expert gift expert Alice Affini.

At 67 year olds, Alice has been shopping for and buying gifts for her husband, kids (now adult children), nieces, nephews, siblings and grand children for years. Gift giving is a big deal in her family and thus over the years she has continued to keep up with the latest trends on what the hottest gifts are so that she can be sure to provide her family with some of the most fun gifts out there, whether she’s buying for a birthday, Easter or Christmas.

Alice has been writing about gift ideas for more than a decade now so she has a wealth of knowledge and keen eye for the right gifts that offer great value while also being a ton of fun!! She also knows a dud when she sees one after years of gifting to her kiddos, grandchildren, husband, siblings and co-workers whether it be that a gift is overpriced, has poor ratings or something else!

For more about our expert writer check out Alice Affini’s author bio!

You see, at Gift Collector our #1 concern is to provide consumers with high quality, legitimate gift guides that help them save time and make smart buying decisions. We promise to never blur the lines between our financial interest in generating affiliate sales with regards to the products we include on our site. So you can be sure that you’re are reading REAL reviews that provide an accurate representation of the product.

No more fluff reviews that say good things about bad products, if we don’t think a product is good we flat out won’t include it on our site, it’s really that simple! We aren’t stupid and we certainly don’t think our visitors are either.