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Best 60th Birthday Gifts for Dads (60 Year Old Man Gift Ideas)

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So your dad is turning 60? Most men who are this age are more active than ever before and not quite ready to be put out to pasture so why not get a gift for your 60 year old dad that will not only show your appreciation for him, but will also encourage him to remain active and healthy for the years ahead.

If you are looking for an excellent birthday gift for your dad’s 60th birthday and then one of the gifts on this list may just be the gift you are looking for.

Best Gift Ideas for A 60 Year Old Man

1. A Humorous Coffee Mug

If your dad has everything he could possibly want by the time he reaches 60 and also has a good sense of humor then this funny coffee mug  will make a great gift especially when this mug is presented with your dad’s favorite coffee or tea.

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2. Grill Toolbox

If your dad loves to cook on a grill then a great 60th birthday idea would be to present him with a set of high quality grilling tools . This grill toolbox comes with 25 pieces of high quality stainless steel. The spatula has a built in bottle opener, there is a handy thermometer and even some handy skewers all in a stylish case.

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3. Gas Fire Pit

If your dad likes spending time sitting outdoors in the evenings when the weather is nice then a great gift for a 60 year old man is this gas fire pit . With a fire pit your dad will be able to enjoy sitting by a flaming fire in the evening without having to haul countless logs of wood or worry about continuing shifting your chair to remove the smoke.

This fire pit comes with a carry kit so you can take it camping or even to the beach.

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4.Bird Feeder

Dad’s who enjoy having wildlife in their backyard will appreciate this handy bird feeder  that will attract colorful birds to the home. This bird feeder is squirrel proof and has 6 ports so several birds can eat all at one time.

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5. Dress Belt

Every man can use a new dress belt  so what could be a better 60th birthday gift for a man than this real leather dress belt with a ratchet closure. The belt comes in two sizes 20 to 44 and 44 to 52 and can be cut to the right size you need. The ratchet buckle is scratch resistant.

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6. Recumbent Exercise Bike

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You want your 60 year old dad to stay fit and healthy as long as possible so why not help him by giving him a means of working out at home during bad weather. The seat of this No products found. is designed for comfort there are 8 levels of resistance, padded handles and a multi-functional window that tells distance, calories burned, time, speed, scan and heart rate.

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7. Gourmet Snack Tower

Any dad who enjoys partaking of an evening snack will appreciate getting this snack tower basket  for a birthday gift. Treats in this tower includes; 2 types of delicious cookies, cherry vibe trail mix, Mustard pretzel twists, BBQ corn nuggets, and caramel corn. Dad is sure to enjoy all of these tasty treats.

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8. Picture Frame with Family Picture

This handsome Dad picture frame  makes a great 60th birthday gift for any man and will look great in his work or home office or even on his mantle. To make the picture frame even more special, why include a group picture of you and all of your siblings (especially if some live far away).

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9. Coleman 100-Quart Xtreme 5-Day Heavy Duty Cooler with Wheels

dads who love long fishing or hunting trips or simply camping in the great outdoors then this Coleman cooler  is the ideal birthday for a 60 yr old man. The walls have extra insulation Forand the lid is insulated as well. There are places for cups in the top of the cooler and it can also be used as an extra seat holding up to 250 pounds.

If you want to make the gift even more special why not load up the cooler with Dad’s favorite meats, cheeses and beverages.

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10. UPF 50+ Sun Protection Fishing Cap

As men get older their skin gets more sensitive to the sun so if you are looking for a great 60th birthday idea for a dad that spends a lot of time fishing, gardening, or hiking out in the sun this sun protection fishing cap  will make an ideal gift that is sure to be appreciated every day he spends in the hot sun.

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11. Seiko Men’s Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Dress Watch

By the time your dad reaches his 60th birthday he deserves the very best when it comes to the gifts he receives so this beautiful two-tone gold stainless steel men's Seiko dress watch  makes a great gift for any dad on your shopping list.

This elegant watch will look for anytime dad wants to dress up.

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12. Leather Travel Duffle Bag

Another great gift idea for dad is a nice leather travel duffle bag . Whether your dad enjoys those weekend adventures with family and friends or simply spends time working out at the gym this buffalo leather travel bag will set your dad up in style. This bag has classic vintage looks and will be something he is proud to carry with him whether traveling for pleasure or business.

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13. Porch Swing

For those moments when there is time to stop and smell the roses, a great gift for dad would be a nice porch swing . This swing can be attached to a porch, deck or gazebo and is a great place for him to relax and read a book or the newspaper or simply to sit and relax before or after dinner.

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14. A Gag T-Shirt

If your dad likes to dress casually, then this funny gag 60 year old T-shirt  will make a wonderful and a gift for the dad who has everything. This T-shirt comes in sizes from small to 3X and in several different colors. It is actually the perfect shirt for a casual birthday party so give it to him early in the day!

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