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10 Best Gift Ideas for 16 Year Old Girls Who Have Everything

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By the time most girls reach the age of 16 they have grown to their full height. They have also started thinking about their life after high school. Some 16 year old girls will be planning to go off to college or some other form of secondary education. Others may be planning on getting a full time job and their own apartment. Others may simply want to focus on their last couple of years of high school.


Whatever these young women’s current and future plans may be they are at the age where their tastes have matured and they want to look like and act like the adults they are becoming. Girls of this age appreciate gifts that recognize their changing interests as well as their growth.

Helpful Tips for Choosing Great Stuff Girls Who Are 16

  • Listen to the young lady in your life. Take note of things she expresses an interest in and things she talks about her friends having that she really likes.
  • What activities does that girl aged 16 engage in? If you pay attention to the activities they like to participate in this can give you some good ideas for gifts she may like.
  •  When out an about pay attention to what other teens around the same age wearing, this can give you some great ideas for clothing for a 16 year olds.
  • Pay attention when the teenage girl in you life talks about they what they want to do in future and try and select gifts that will encourage them or help them to reach their goals.

10 Popular Gift Suggestions for 16 Year Old Girls

With the tips in mind above here is our list of highly rated gifts that 16-year-old girls will love.

1. A Versatile Dress

Every teen girl loves having pretty clothing and this Pinetage Women's V Neck Dress  is both pretty and versatile. The dress comes in sizes medium, large and X large and several different colors. This dress is perfect for dates, church, jobs that require teens to be nicely dressed and even for various school functions.


Reviewers state that this dress is warm and comfortable and looks great for multiple occasions. The V neck is not too low for teenage girls.
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2. Cute Pair of Heels

While some teens start wearing heels at an extremely young age, sixteen is a great time to introduce your teen their first pair of heels. These Jenn Ardor Kitten Heel Pumps  offer your teens some heels that aren’t too high making them perfect as a first pair of heels. These shoes are extremely cute comes in sizes 6 through 10 and 5 cute colors.

Reviews for these shoes are exceptionally good with most users finding these shoes comfortable, high quality, and great looking. These shoes are perfect with skirts and dresses, jeans, and dress pants.
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3. Hummingbird Jewelry

Most 16 year girls love jewelry especially those that are cute and have a little bit of bling and this Cute CDE Hummingbird Necklace and Earring Set  makes for a perfect valentine’s, birthday or Christmas gift. If you really want to impress that teen you can add the matching Hummingbird Bracelet  and/or Hummingbird Ring . This is a jewelry set that most teenage girls will love and wear all the time. Reviews for all of these items are great and most users found this jewelry to be well made, delicate and beautiful.
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4. How To Cook What You Want to Eat Cookbook

Your teen girl will soon be out on their own so gifting them this Simple Cookbook  to help them develop their cooking skills while making food they actually like to eat will make a great gift. The recipes in this book use normal common ingredients and teens can make meals like chicken pot pie, potato soup, a variety of breakfasts and desserts including cheese cake.

This is a great beginners cookbook to get your teenager cooking meals on their own. Combine this cookbook with a Cute Kitchen Apron  for women and you’ll be able to provide that teen with cute and useful gift. It won’t be long before they will be inviting a friend over to cook with her.
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5. Nail Care Kit

A Handy Nail Care Manicure Set  is a nice 16 yr old girl gift. This kit contains all of the tools they need for fingernail and toenail care and is glitzy enough to appeal to the more girly girl. Add some cool nail polish to this set and you’ll have a gift any teenager will love.

Reviews for this nail care kit states that this set is solid and has all the tools you need to keep your nails neatly trimmed and looking their best.
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6. Lighted Make Up Mirror

Most sixteen year olds spend a lot of time doing their hair and make-up and having a high quality make-up mirror like the Easyhold Lighted Make-up Vanity Mirror . This make-up mirror can be used with your USB cable or AAA batteries. It offers different levels of magnification making this a handy mirror for even the most finely detailed make-up. This vanity mirror is a nice size and offers plenty of light for putting on your make-up. Best of all it is sure to last for years for use.
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7. Backpack Purse

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Teen girls have a lot of stuff they want to carry with them wherever they go and having something cool to carry these items is as important as the items themselves, which is why this backpack purse is a great gift for any 16 year old female. This No products found. has a variety of pockets and will easily hole a cell phone, keys, make up, and even a tablet computer or laptop.

This backpack purse comes in three colors black, pink, and gray and is made from real Italian leather.

User reviews reveal that most women are impressed with both the quality and the softness of this backpack purse and find it to be the most durable and attractive.
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8. Hat, Glove and Scarf Set

If you know a teen that lives in an area where the weather gets cold for several months out of the year, then this Cute Fleece and Faux Fur Hat, Gloves and Scarf Set  will make a great gift for those fall or winter birthdays or for Christmas. This set is both cute and functional and is perfect for any teenager who spends any time outdoors.

This set comes in a wide variety of colors and reviewers have stated that this scarf set is soft and keeps you warm when the weather is cold.
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9. A Good Quality Laptop

What 16 yr old girl doesn’t want their own laptop. This Samsung Chromebook 3  makes a great gift for any teenager who needs a quality laptop for school work, keeping in touch with friends and family, watch movies or listen to music. This laptop is lightweight and easy to carry, making it perfect for teens on the move.

This computer is fast and user friendly according to reviewers and it has a good battery life as well.
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10. A Pair of Cozy Slippers

When hanging out at home most teenage girls like to be comfortable and gifting any girl a pair of these Ultra Ideas Fuzzy Sleepers  for her sweet sixteen will allow them to be comfortable all day long. These slippers can be worn outside for short periods of time. These slippers have an ultra soft fleece lining and an anti skid rubber sole. The sizes run from 5/6 to 11/12 and come 5 different colors.

Reviews for this slippers are extremely good and most people who have purchased these slippers find them warm and comfortable.
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