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Fabulous Anniversary Gifts for Girlfriends: 1st, 2nd & 3rd Years

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Here are some suggestions for those men who are looking for great dating anniversary gifts for their girlfriends of 1, 2, or even 3 years.

1st Anniversary Gifts for Girlfriends

If you have been dating that special girl for 1 year and are looking for a great gift to show her how much you care here are some suggestions for some romantic gifts your girlfriend is sure to love.

1. Heart Shaped Jewelry Set

Most women see a beautiful piece of jewelry as a romantic gift and this heart shaped angel wing necklace and earrings  will make for a romantic 1st anniversary gift for a girlfriend. This jewelry set comes in a variety of colors so that you can choose your girlfriends favorite color to make the gift even more romantic.

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2. A Photo Frame with a Picture of the Two of You

The woman in your life loves knowing that you see the two of you as a couple. So giving a this beautiful heart shaped crystal photo frame  with a picture of the two of you together inside makes for a great 1 year girlfriend gift. Choose a picture that has special meaning to the two of you to make this gift even more romantic.

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3. Couples Pendants

If you are looking for a romantic gift for your girlfriend these couple's pendants  will show that special lady in your life that the two of you together are whole. These ½ heart pendants with your name on her necklace and her name of your pendant will show your girlfriend where your heart is at.

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4. A Lovely Music Box

This music box  makes a perfect 1st anniversary gift for any girlfriend. You can place a photograph of the two of you on the top of the box making the music box incredibly personal. The inside of the music box will hold jewelry and the song that plays is “All You Need is Love.” This will be a treasure that your girlfriend will cherish forever.

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5. Kissing Mugs

If your girlfriend has a sense of humor then these cute kissing mugs  will make the perfect gift and show your feelings of togetherness. Sharing a cup of coffee or tea together will be much more romantic with these kissing mugs that are sure to bring a smile to your girlfriend’s face.

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2nd Anniversary Gifts for Girlfriends

If you have been dating your girlfriend for 2 years chances are that not only do you know them quite well, but that your relationship is pretty strong and steady so you are going to want to present her with a 2 year anniversary gift that brings out your romantic side and shows her how much you love her. Here are some great 2 year anniversary dating gift ideas for the woman in your life.

1. Reasons I Love You Notebook

This I Love You notebook  has a 100 lined pages that will give you plenty of opportunities to tell that special woman all the reasons why you love her. It’s perfect for writing little love notes, poems, or even drawing pictures showing her why you care so much.

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2. Couples T- Shirts

Gifting your girlfriend couples T-shirts  you both can wear will show that lady in your life that you think of the two of you as a couple and feel that you are better together than you would be apart. These cute T-shirts will leave no doubt as to how you feel about the relationship the two of you have formed.

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3. A Cute Overnight Bag and Weekend Trip

If you are looking for a truly romantic gift for your second anniversary with your girlfriend then why not consider a cute overnight bag  and a romantic weekend trip for just the two of you to spend some quality time together. This cute travel bag with a matching makeup case will make a useful gift for your girlfriend while the romantic trip away will add the touch of romance you are looking to create.

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4. Photo Album

What could be more romantic than a nice photo album  in which you have placed romantic pictures of you and your girlfriend. She will be touched that you took the time to put together these romantic moments of the two of you together. Make sure you leave some space for future pictures of the two of you.

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5. Heart Bracelet

A beautiful piece of jewelry always makes great anniversary gifts for any girlfriend and this beautiful heart bracelet  is both eye catching and romantic and is sure to touch your lady’s heart. This lovely bracelet is something your girlfriend is sure to wear over and over again.

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3rd Anniversary Gifts for Girlfriends

If you are celebrating your 3rd year dating that lovely lady in your life, you are likely considering a long term future with the woman you love and want a special gift to celebrate your 3rd year of dating. Here are some 3rd anniversary gift ideas that are sure to please.

1. Elegant Necklace

This Love's Embrace necklace  makes a wonderful gift for that girlfriend you have been dating for 3 years. This elegant pearl and diamond necklace is trendy and stylish and is a sure way to show that special lady that you love them. This necklace will look great with casual or dress clothing and will be something that your favored lady will want to wear often.

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2. Leather Jacket

Leather is the traditional material for 3rd wedding anniversary gifts so a leather jacket will also make a wonderful 3rd year dating anniversary gift as well. These red leather jackets  come in sizes small to 3X. Your girlfriend will feel like a thousand bucks wearing this beautiful motorcycle style jacket.

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3. Romantic Dinner for 2 Place Settings and Dinner Made by You

If you are looking for a unique romantic gift for your 3rd year dating anniversary then this Romantic dinner 2 place settings  will make a wonderful romantic gift. This set comes with a stainless steel ice bucket, 2 champagne flutes, 2 candlesticks with candles, flatware, 2 dinner plates and 2 salad plates, 2 red place mats, 2 napkins, napkin holders, 150 silk rose petals and a recipe for 2 card so you can make a romantic dinner.

There is nothing more romantic to a woman than having a man cook a romantic meal for them and best of all they get to keep the romantic table settings to use for other romantic meals for the two of you.

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4. His and Her Bathrobes

Women love any gift that shows that you feel the two of you are together as a solid couple so a gift of his and her bathrobes  makes a statement that you feel that the two of you belong together. What could make a better anniversary than going out to a romantic dinner and then the two of you coming home and putting on matching bathrobes to watch a romantic movie or enjoy a glass of bubbly.

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5. A Promise Ring

After dating 3 years if you are not yet ready to pop the big question, then presenting that lovely lady with a beautiful promise ring  is the next best thing. This lovely promise ring features both hers and yours birthstones and names and then you can have a special inscription placed inside declaring your promise for a future together.

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Tips for Presenting Anniversary Gifts to Your Girlfriend

To make presenting that a gift for a 1st, 2nd or 3rd anniversary even more romantic and memorable for the woman in your life here are a few tips that may help.

  • Take a trip down memory lane and take that special lady back to the place where you first met or had your first date and present your gift.
  • Make an entire day or evening out of your anniversary celebration and present the gift during a special moment in the celebration.
  • If there is a large distance between you and need to send your gift by mail, then send along a recorded message with the gift so the lady knows you are thinking of her.


If you find yourself wondering what to get your girlfriend for your dating anniversary one of these gifts should give you inspiration.

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