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21st Birthday Gifts for Her: Gifts for 21 Year Old Girls

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The day a young woman turns 21 is a momentous occasion in her life as it means that she is an adult in the eyes of the entire world. It is a time of celebration and for all those who know and love that birthday girl will be looking for the perfect gift for a 21 year old woman.


In order to provide you with some ideas for great 21st birthday gifts for girls we have done a bit of research and come up with the following highly rated suggestions.

As always we are careful to pick only the highest rated gifts any girl this age would love!

Best Gift Ideas for 21 Year Old Females

1. A Locket

A beautiful and sentimental 21st birthday gift idea for a girlfriend would be giving them this Lovely Locket  with pictures of the two of you inside. It’s a beautiful and heartfelt way for you to show your love for her on this special day and will make her birthday all the more special. This golden locket looks elegant and can be worn any day for any occasion.


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2. A Beautiful Versatile Dress

A great gift idea for a twenty one year old female is this Beautiful and Versatile Dress . With most young women this age just starting out in their careers or finishing school they have limited budgets in which to buy the nice things they would like to have. This lacy pearl button down dress is perfect for the beach or pool parties, a date, summer shopping, or even a party. This dress is sure to make any young woman feel attractive and is versatile enough to dress up or dress down depending on the occasion.

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3. Wine Decanter Set

With 21 being the legal drinking age across the U. S. giving that birthday girl an Elegant Wine Decanter Set and Glasses  to use whenever she entertains guests in her home or apartment may make for an ideal gift . Made from high quality lead free crystal this wine set will be a gift that the young woman will treasure for many years to come.

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4. Stylish Sleepwear

Another of the more stylish gifts for 21 year old girls is a Set of Chic and Adult Sleepwear . This 5 piece set will meet the birthday girls sleep needs all year round. The set comes with a short night gown, camisole top, shorts, long pajama pants and a robe to cover everything.

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5. A Pair of Pearl Earrings

Pearls tend to be considered an adult jewel so why not make one of those 21st birthday gifts for girls a Pair of Pearl Earrings . These earrings are elegant enough to wear for formal occasions, but can still be worn for everyday work. You can choose between white gold or yellow gold wires, and the pearls are real handpicked fresh water pearls with a lovely luster.

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6. Tasty Dried Fruit Tray/Basket

If that birthday girl enjoys healthy snacks then this Tasty Dried Fruit Basket  would make a great 21st birthday gift for girls. This apple shaped tray is loaded with dried peaches, kiwi, pears, plums, apples, prunes, apricots and dates. Best of all once all of the tasty fruit is gone the tray turns into a handsome wooden basket that can be used again and again.

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7. At Home Spa Experience

This Spa Gift Package  makes the ideal 21st birthday gift for a young woman and will make her feel like she’s spending the day at an expensive spa. This gift basket contains 16 pieces and includes organic body bars, moisturizing cream, body wash, sugar scrub, shampoo, conditioner, bath bombs and a coconut candle. To increase the spa like experience you can also throw in a No products found. to wrap around themselves after they step from the shower or bath.

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8. A Vintage Trinket Box

Add a touch of old fashioned romance to your girlfriends presents with this Lovely Vintage Trinket Box . Ideal for holding small jewelry like earrings and bracelets and pendants this beautiful box will make a great gift to anyone young adult on your birthday shopping list. This trinket box is perfect for keeping that jewelry you wear on a daily or regular basis.

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9. 100 Birthday Wishes

If you are looking for a great 21st bday gift for that girl in the office, why not give her this Top Shelf Birthday Wish Jar  from all of the coworkers who work with her. Depending on the number of coworkers, you can divide up the 100 tickets and each coworker can express their wishes for the birthday girl for their birthday or the upcoming year!

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10. Travel Backpack

If that birthday girl is like most 21 yr olds, traveling is something that is in their long term plans. So why not encourage them with this Great Travel Backpack . It’s perfect for organizing clothes for a weekend trip and the extra bag is great for holding those extra little things you want to keep separate from the backpack itself.

This backpack comes in your choice of canvas or nylon and lots of different colors so you can even match the bday girl’s other luggage if that is your goal.

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What are Unique Gifts for 21 Years Old Girls Who Seems To Have Everything?

There are just times when that soon to turn 21 young lady seems to have everything they could want or need. If that is the case, and you need some alternative gift ideas for that 21st bday here are a couple of additional suggestions.

1. A Weekend Trip

A great gift for a young women who have everything is to book them a weekend trip to someplace they have been longing to visit or their favorite resort they would like to visit again. You can decide to pay all the travel expenses as well as rent the venue in which they would stay. Or you can simply pay for the accommodations, whichever fits your budget.

2. A Night Out on the Town

You can really surprise a female for her twenty first birthday party, by planning a night out on the town to celebrate this major occasion. Try to pick somewhere with fun activities as well as an opportunity to spend the evening dancing the night away at a club.


Gifts for 21 yr old man


We hope that this list of great 21st birthday gift ideas for her will help you select the right stuff to bring a smile to your birthday girl’s face.

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