Our Review Standards

Gift Collector is a trusted gift ideas resource for consumers and we take our review standards very seriously. We provide unbiased gift guides and comprehensive research on thousands of different products, making it easy for shoppers to compare various gift ideas and decide whether they want to purchase the stuff they are considering.

All of our content is written by our team of expert writers including Alice Affini and others from time-to-time. All content must meet the standards below to be published on our site.


In rare cases, if Gift Collector.com is directly compensated by an advertiser for adding products this will be clearly disclosed on that specific page.

Gift Collector.com will never be influenced by advertising dollars in regards to the products that are included in our gift guides. It is our standard to include only the gifts that our expert writers find to be of the highest quality and we promise to NEVER manipulate any lists or the rating of any products reviewed on our website.

While we do our best to verify that all reviews are 100% accurate and truthful we cannot make any guarantees as to the accuracy or legitimacy of anything published on our website. If you have questions about specific products we recommend you visit the manufacturer website or call them directly and ultimately you are still buying at your own risk.


See our advertising disclosure for more information on how we may earn commissions on our site.

What Are Our Goals for Gift Collector.com Gift Lists?

  • Provide site visitors with new ideas and inspiration in their gift buying process
  • Aid consumers in making buying decisions about gift ideas they are already considering
  • Save consumers time with gift shopping
  • Provide unique and compelling ideas not found on other gift sites

What You Will See In Each Gift List

  • Truthful reviews from our expert writers
  • Aggregate details regarding real users experience with the products
  • Honest assessment of how our experts think each product works
  • Proper spelling, grammar, sentence structure and paragraphs
  • 100% original and unique gift guides to spur on further inspiration and thought

Things We Don’t Include That You Typically Find On Other Sites

  • Content that isn’t original
  • Content that doesn’t add insightful thoughts beyond what you may find on the manufacturer website or product descriptions
  • Content that is primarily promotional in nature and whose overarching purpose is to generate revenue rather than to help consumers
  • Content that is biased and based on compensation provide by manufacturers