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Fun 60th Birthday Gifts for Moms: 60 Year Old Woman Gift Ideas

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Moms play a special role in our lives. They change our diapers when we are babies, tend to our bumps and scrapes, listen to our incessant chatter and are there for us a million different ways. As we grow up our moms become our mentor and later our friend and as adults we begin to realize just how important a role our mothers play in our lives.

Your mom’s 60th birthday is a special occasion for her and a great time to show your love and appreciation for her by presenting her with some beautiful and fun gifts. For those of you who are looking for a special gift for your mother’s 60 birthday, we have compiled a list of great gifts your mom is sure to love.

Best Gift Ideas for a 60 Year Old Woman

1. Pearl Jewelry Set

Every woman likes a nice piece of jewelry every now and then and pearls make the perfect birthday gift for a 60 year old female. This pearl jewelry kit  includes a 18 inch necklace, a 7.5-8” bracelet and a pair of stud earrings.

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2. An Elegant Tea Set

This lovely blooming tea set  features a glass teapot with a lid, a glass diffuser and a warmer candle. This tea set has 12 blooming tea flowers in a canister and 4 double walled tea cups. With this elegant tea set your mother can celebrate her 60th birthday in style and have many more tea parties whenever she wishes.

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3. Galaxy Rose Flower

If you are looking for a unique 60th gift idea for your mother then this Galaxy Rose Flower crystal lamp  comes in shiny pink, blue and gold and is sure to add a touch of beauty to any room in your home. The LED string lights make this lamp perfect for mood lighting and is sure to touch any mother’s heart who receives this rose as a gift.

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4. Rose Spa Gift Set

If you are looking for some great gifts for a sixty yr old woman then this Rose Spa Gift set  may be the ideal relaxing gift for your mom. This gift set includes bath salts, pink clay rose goat milk soap, a candle, organic rose beeswax coconut balm, chocolates, Organic flower power tea and a sea sponge. This gift set is sure to give your mother a real spa experience right in her own home.

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5. Bathrobe

By the time a woman reaches her 60th birthday she deserves a little comfort and elegance in her life and this Women's Charmeuse Kimono long robe  will give her both. Made from delicate Charmeuse this robe will make any woman feel like a queen and makes a wonderful birthday gift for that special older woman in your life.

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6. Calvin Klein Women’s Scarf

Why not give that birthday girl who is turning 60 a name brand accessory that she can wear with some of her favorite outfits. This lovely color block scarf  will look great with jeans, dress pants or even a dress. This attractive scarf is sure to put a smile on your mother’s face and be used for many years to come.

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7. Hummingbird Music Box

This musical jewelry box  is a great way for you to express to your mother what she means with you through music. This musical jewelry box plays “The Wind Beneath My Wings” expressing how your mother has helped you fly in life.

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8. A Good Pair of Walking Shoe

As most women age their feet become tired so what could make a better gift for a 60 year old woman who spends a lot of time on her feet or walks for exercise than a pair of walking shoes. These Skechers walking sneakers  are lightweight and come in sizes 5 and up as well as a variety of colors.

These shoes are known to be comfortable and work well for both standing long hours and walking around the city or on country roads.

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9. Cute Birthday T-Shirt

If you are looking for more fun 60th birthday gifts for your mother then this birthday T-shirt  will make a great gift. Let the woman in your life be proud of reaching her third decade by giving her this cute T-shirt to wear celebrating how awesome she was and still is!

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10. Fruit and Nut Tower

If you are looking for a good gift for a 60 year old woman who has everything then this fruit and nut tower  may be a good option. With this tower your mom will get roasted, honey glazed and salted nuts as well as dried fruit slices. Much healthier than those chip or candy baskets, this tower will provide the birthday woman with snacks for several weeks.

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11. Hummingbird Feeder

If your mother loves being out of doors then this hummingbird feeder  may make a great 60th birthday gift. She will love sitting on her deck and in her yard and watching these beautiful little birds come to feed. The beautiful colors in the glass feeder will add a touch of brightness to your yard even when no hummingbirds are feeding.

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12. An Elegant Throw Blanket

Presenting your mother with an elegant throw blanket  for her 60th birthday will give here something warm to snuggle under while watching television on those chilly winter nights. This Sherpa microfiber throw comes in rich colors and is soft and fluffy perfect for cuddling up under.

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A 60th birthday is a huge milestone in most women’s lives and presenting your mother with a fun, beautiful or elegant gift that shows how much you care is the perfect way to thank your mother for all of her years of dedication to you and to your family.

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