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10 of Our Favorite Lladro Porcelain Figurines

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If you’re not familiar with Lladro figurines you’ll be interested to know that it is a Spanish brand of art porcelain figurines that are made at the company’s factory in Valencia.

The factory is owned by 3 brothers Juán, José and Vicente Lladró. The figurines produced by this company are beautiful and one of a kind creations, often sought after by figurine collectors.

The Lladro collection is extremely large and so here is a look at some highly rated and affordable Lladro figurines for decorating your home or giving as gifts.

Helpful Tips for Choosing The Best Lladro Porcelains

If you are looking at porcelain figurines in general regardless of brand either to give as a gift or to collect yourself then here are a few tips to help you find high quality figurines. 

The Lladro statues included below fit all of the criteria listed below so it’s hard to go wrong in choosing any of our pick!

  • Choose figurines made by well known companies
  • Look for those figurines or statues that have a lot of detail
  • Make sure that porcelain has clear finish rather than cloudy
  • Choose those figures that you find personally appealing

Our List of Popular & Unique Lladro Collectible Figures

1. NAO by Lladro Light of My Days

This Beautiful Mother and Child Porcelain Figurine  from the NAO colletion will make the perfect gift for any new parent or as a mother’s day gift. This figurine shows a mother’s love and gentle touch as she cradles her baby close to her heart. This beautiful statue also makes a great gift for a collector as well as a beautiful gift for yourself.

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2. NAO A Kiss Forever

If you are looking for a unique wedding gift or an anniversary gift then this porcelain figurine 'A Kiss Forever Bride and Groom'  makes a beautiful gift. This lovely porcelain statue is highly detailed right down to the flowers in the wedding gown and the brides hair and the wedding ring on the wife’s finger. This figurine of the bride and groom stands about 9 inches high.

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3. NAO Spanish Art Porcelain Flamenco Figure

This Beautiful Spanish Flamenco Dancer  is the perfect gift for someone who loves dancing, or any porcelain collector or someone who is building their own Lladro collection. From the dainty red flower on top of the dancers head to the curl of hair of forehead and eyelashes this figurine is beautifully detailed. This statue makes a great gift for anyone who loves figurines and is looking for something unique and beautiful.

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4. Lladro Don’t Forget Me Figure

This Lovely Figure of a Young Girl and Two Cats  makes a great going away present for a friend, or as a special gift for someone who collects figurines. This beautifully detailed figure of a little girl and her pets will make a great addition to any small art collection. The nice thing about this figure is that it is both lovely and highly detailed and is still affordable art.

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5. How Pretty!

This Adorable Figurine of a Cute Girl dressed in a Lovely Blue Dress  makes a great gift for any porcelain figurine collector. This highly detailed figure down the flowers around the hems and sleeves of the dress along with the folds and the pink slipper peeking out from beneath the gown.

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6. Lladro Couple of Doves

These well made and Highly Detailed Pair of Doves  will make the perfect gift for Valentine’s day, weddings, or simply for people who love figurines of animals or wildlife. The details are that the feathers look almost real as do the golden eyes. These doves will look great in a display case or sitting on a shelf in your home or office.

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7. Lladro Baby Elephant with Pink Flower

Although there are not a lot of reviews for this Baby Elephant Figurine , what reviews that are available are excellent. This baby elephant is well made, comes from the trust Lladro brand and is highly detailed right down to the beautiful gray eyes with lashes. The pink flowers held in the baby elephant’s trunk are delicate and colorful.

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8. Lladro A Cheerful Panda

Another beautiful porcelain wildlife figurine this Panda Bear  is so well made that you want to cuddle him! Here he is tasting a delicate pink flower and looking as though he is enjoying it. Anyone who enjoys collecting porcelain wildlife figures will want to include this panda in their collection.

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9. Ready for My Debut

If you know anyone who is a ballerina or studying ballet, this Adorable Ballerina Figure  will make a great gift. This porcelain ballerina will make a great gift for someone who is about to engage in their ballet debut. This figurine is highly detailed like all Lladro porcelain figurines and makes a wonderful addition to any porcelain figurine collection.

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10. Elegant Swan Figurine

Handmaid in Spain, this Swan Figure  is lovely and delicate although a little on the small side since it is only a little over 2 inches high. However this swan figurine is perfect for display or to give as a gift.

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If someone you know likes the art work and detail of Lladro porcelains these beautiful figurines make a great gift idea and surely won’t be a disappoint!

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