10 Sentimental Graduation Gifts for Daughters

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Parents love their children, but may not always display that love in the most meaningful ways. Daughters are particularly sensitive and sentimental which means they love gifts from their parents on special occasions such as graduation whether from high school or college.

Here is a look at sentimental gifts given to daughters for graduation. The gifts are great for other occasisions such as birthdays or even simply just because.

Lovely High School & College Graduation Gifts for Daughters

1. Inspirational Cuff Bracelet

If you are looking for a great gift idea for graduation for your daughter who is about to start the job of her dreams and is feeling a little unsure of herself then this bracelt is a good option. This inspirational cuff bracelet  will remind them of your love and to put on a brave face and face the future head on. The writing on the inside of the cuff bears the legend “ Whenever you feel overwhelmed…Remember whose daughter you are and straighten your crown.”

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2. Mother/Daughter Necklace

This sterling silver necklace  features an infinity circle using a large circle and smaller circle and shows the unbreakable bond between mother and daughter. The necklace comes in a gift box with the legend “ The love between mother and daughter is forever.” This necklace makes a great high school graduation gift for a daughter reminding her even though she is grown, she will always be part of your heart and life.

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3. Sentimental Coffee Mug to Daughter From Dad

Fathers and daughters often have a very close relationship, even though some fathers don’t often speak of the love they feel, which is why this sentimental coffee mug  will have even more meaning to a daughter. The cup is sure to become a favorite and be used when the daughter is missing her dad.

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4. Heart Daughter Necklace

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A great gift for a daughter who is graduating from either mom or dad, this No products found. acknowledges that their beloved child has grown and become an adult, but will always remain their child and the light of their life. The legend on this stunning necklace made from surgical steel states; “My little girl yesterday, my friend today, my daughter forever.” There are also several beautiful butterflies on the heart shaped necklace as well.

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5. Lighted Crystal Rose

This lighted crystal rose  makes a lovely gift for a daughter getting her first apartment or a promotion at work. Small and delicate the rose speaks of love and the lights will cast a warm glow around the rose and in your daughters heart. This rose will serve as a constant reminder to any woman that she always has someone who loves her and shares her view that life is beautiful.

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6. Huge Blanket

A great high school graduation gift for a daughter who is going off to college, or a college graduation gift for a girl who is going off on her own. This huge blanket  will allow her to feel your love even when she is miles away. There are times in life when even a grown daughter just needs a loving hug from their mom or dad and this blanket allows them to wrap themselves into a dozen warm hugs when life seems tough or they are feeling a bit down. Your daughter will love snuggling under this blanket knowing she is surrounding herself with your love.

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7. Dad to Daughter Faux Leather Journal

For girls who love writing this Faux leather journal  with a special message from dad printed on the front cover will hold a special place in any daughter’s heart since she will know that her dad is encouraging her talent and her dreams. Every time she picks up her journal to write or draw in it she will be reminded just how much daddy loves her and will feel that bond deep in her heart.

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8. Brushed Pewter Jewelry Music Box

Your daughter is precious to you so what could be more fitting than to make one of your graduation gifts to your daughter a lovely pewter jewelry music box  to keep her precious jewelry in. This jewelry box measures 8”X6”X2.75” and has a lovely faux jewel encrusted picture frame that bears the legend “ Daughters, You are the joy in my life, the smile in my heart and proof dreams do come true.

While your daughter can substitute the legend with a picture, more sentimental daughters will enjoy using the music box as is, or replacing it with a picture of themselves and the parent who gave them the box.

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9. Penguin Mother and Daughter Necklace

If you are looking for a great sentimental gift idea for your daughters graduation this lovely Penguin mother and daughter necklace  should do the trick. This necklace features a mother penguin with a circle volcano crystal with a smaller penguin inside the circle. It is a beautiful way to remind your daughter that she will always be a part of you. A lovely piece of jewelry your daughter will love wearing and in doing so will be reminded of your ongoing love.

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10. Father/Daughter Picture Frame

A great graduation gift from father to daughter is this beautiful picture that your daughter will always be the love of your life no matter where she goes or what road she takes in life. This beautiful wood frame  will be further enhanced by choosing a special picture of you and your daughter to put into the frame. Having this lovely picture to look at will remind your daughter that you are always there for her.

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Conclusion to Lovely Sentimental Gifts for Girl Who Are Graduating From College or High School

If you are looking for sentimental gift ideas for your daughters birthday, graduation from high school or college, job promotion or just because then one of these lovely gifts will be sure to put a smile on your daughters face.


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