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Gifts for 2nd Babies That Mom & Baby Will Love

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Depending how close the birth of a 2nd baby is to the birth of the 1st baby, most parents have all or most of the big items they are going to need for the newborn baby’s arrival. So finding a gift for that second baby that both second time moms and the new baby will love may seem to be a bit difficult.

To help, we have this list of some great gift ideas if you’re wondering what to buy for a second baby that both mom and baby will love. As always, we’ve chosen only the highest rated gifts for baby and mom.

Best 2nd Baby Gift List

1. Bamboo Crib Sheets

Anti-bacterial and incredibly soft splurging on one or two Bamboo Crib Sheets  for the new baby will make a great gift for the second baby. You may even want to combine the crib sheet with a nice Bamboo Crib Mattress Protector  as well. Bamboo bedding may cost a little more, but mom will appreciate the anti-bacterial quality of this bedding and the baby will love the softness.

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2. Double Stroller

If you are looking for a gift for a 2nd baby whose older sister or brother is still a small toddler then a Double Stroller for Both Babies  will make a great baby gift for a second child and make taking the baby for a walk much easier for mom. A double stroller will make taking walks or visiting sites with two young children so much easier for mom and this stroller is easy to turn and folds up quite small for a double stroller.

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3. Baby Shusher

While second babies are a welcome addition to your home, it can mean mom has to divide her time between two small children, which can leave anyone frazzled at times. Giving a Baby Shusher  as a gift is like giving mom a helping hand and babies love. The shushing sound seems to lull babies to sleep and even calms a crying baby in the midst of a temper tantrum. A great gift for busy moms who have difficulties getting their infant to sleep.

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4. Diapers and Wipes

Most parents who are about to have their second child are bound to experience a tightening of their budget so a great gift for any 2nd grand child will be helping them out with a Gift of Diapers and Wipes . This two month supply of diapers and wipes are designed to grow with your new baby as the diapers come in 2 different sizes. It is a gift that will take a slight financial pressure off the new family the first month or two after the new baby is born.

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5. Diaper Backpack

Another great second baby gift idea is a Stylish Diaper Backpack . This diaper backpack comes with 16 pockets including a mom pocket for keeping keys and other incidentals as well as insulated pockets for bottles. You can even carry your laptop along! The great thing about this backpack is that it’s plenty big to carry everything the new baby needs as well as those little toys or sippy cups for an older sibling. Best of all the backpack leaves hands free for soothing the baby or corralling an older child.

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6. Baby Rattle Socks

A fun and unique gift that both baby and mom will love for second babies is a Cute Pair of Lamb Baby Rattle Socks . Baby will find the rattling sound to be appealing and it will encourage the baby to reach for their toes and their feet. These baby rattle socks will also go with a number of different outfits and keep your baby’s feet warm as well.

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7. A Set of Cloth Books

Studies have shown that it is never too early to start reading to your child and this Set of 6 Cloth Books  will make a great 2nd baby gift. These books are soft and washable and offer different textures for a child’s tactile development. Best of all this is a gift for a second baby that will grow with them for a year or two.

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8. Baby Bath Set

A Handy Baby Bath Set  that gives the parents of the 2nd child everything they need for baby’s bath time will make a great gift. Shampoo, bath soap, face wipes, Q-tips and more come in a handy caddy that parents can use over and over again and keep all those bath essentials together in one place.

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9. A Cute Little Unisex Outfit

While the parents may have plenty of clothing from their first baby for baby number 2 a Cute New Outfit for the Baby  is much appreciated and a cute little unisex outfit will be suitable for a boy or a girl and it will give the baby something new that is all their own to wear.

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10. A New Stuffed Animal

Why not give second babies the gift of their own stuffed animal like this Cute Little Giraffe . Although the second born child in the family can use many of the things that the first born child has outgrown, children shouldn’t have to live with the old chewed up stuffed animals from an older brother or sister.. The eyes are embroidered on making this fluffy stuffed animal safe for babies.

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What Are Some Gifts for Moms Who Just Had A 2nd Child?

Being a mom who just had a 2nd baby can be a little overwhelming the first few weeks so if you are looking for some great serving type gifts to give the second time mom in your life here are a few great suggestions.

1. Prepared Meals for the Entire Family

The first few weeks of being a mom of two, many women barely have time to take a shower or run a comb through hair so preparing dinner for the entire family can seem to be an overwhelming feat. So why not get together with friends and take turns bringing dinner to the family for the first couple of weeks. You can even sit with the baby so mom can actually eat an entire meal.

2. House Cleaning Service

Another great gift for second time moms they will really appreciate is giving the new mom some help in cleaning the house. You can either volunteer a bit of your time or hire a once a week cleaning service to help the new mom out for a month or two.

3. Offer Your Services as A Babysitter

New babies are tiring whether they are your first, or your fourth, so why not give the new mom a gift of babysitting to give her a break. Even offering to sit for an hour or two so the mom can take a nap, take a bath, or attend to some chores will be something that both the new mom and baby can appreciate.


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We hope our lists of highly rated gifts for 2nd babies will help you to choose just the right gift for that soon to be a second time around new mom.

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