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15 Best Gift Ideas and Toys for 18 Month Old Baby

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Buying toys and gifts for an 18 month old can be a confusing task for many people who do not spend a great deal of time around small children. Toys and gifts for younger infants may not hold an eighteen month olds interests, while toys designed for children age 2 and older may prove to be frustrating to a younger child.

If you are looking for some gift ideas or toys for a boy or girl of this age in your life then here are some great suggestions.

Best Toys & Gifts for 18 Months Old Baby

1. Puzzles

These 6 cute animal inspired wooden puzzles  make a perfect gift for an 1.5 year old boy or girl. These puzzles have 4 to 7 brightly colored pieces each and will help a young toddler recognize colors, learning shapes and improving their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination as well as the name of 6 common creatures.

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2. Wood Race Car Ramp

This Top Bright Wood Race Car Ramp  comes with 4 colorful wooden cars that are designed to be durable and with wheels that are difficult for a toddler to pull off. The colorful ramps makes it extremely entertaining for a child to send a car from the top of the ramp to the bottom watching the cars race down each ramp to the next ramp.

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3. Duplo Blocks

Building blocks for toddlers are simple toys that really can set a toddler’s imagination flowing and makes one of the best 18 month old gifts you can find. These Lego Duplo blocks  are brightly colored, snap together easily, and toddlers can build a lot of different things. These blocks will also teach toddlers problem solving skills through trial and error. Not only can a child build with these blocks, but they can be used to improve the toddler’s sorting skills and color recognition.

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4. Sit and Spin

A Sit and Spin  is one a great toy for girls and boys of this age since it works a lot like a merry-go-round that the child controls by themselves so they can go as fast or slow as they would like. Using this toy will help children improve their balance and coordination. It’s a great indoor toy for active toddlers.

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5. Little Tikes Slide

1 1/2 year olds like all children need to spend time outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine. This Little Tikes slide  is a great way to give a toddler something fun to do while spending time out of doors. Playing on a slide helps toddlers develop gross motor skills, a sense of balance, and climbing skills. The slide is 3 feet long with a flat space at the bottom, which makes it safer for children to use.

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6. Obuby Musical Toys

Eighteen month old toddlers love experimenting with different sounds and this huge selection of Obuby musical toys  featuring 17 different musical instruments (23 pieces). Some of the instruments included in this set are a xylophone, recorder, triangle, shakers, bells, tambourine and so much more. Everything comes in a clear fronted backpack. The great thing is that this set of musical toys offers enough different instruments that the whole family can join in the fun.

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7. Easy Score Basketball

This Little Tikes basketball hoop  is a great indoor/outdoor toy for most 18 month olds and will grow with the child over the next 3 years or so. The set comes with a basketball stand and 3 balls that are small enough for the smaller hands of toddlers. This basketball set will provide a great deal of fun for children and will help them develop their gross motor skills as well as as hand/eye coordination.

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8. Battat Big Red Barn

This big red barn  makes for a great toy for boys and girls who are 18 months old and encourages them to engage in imaginative play. The barn comes with 4 farm animals, a pig, a horse, a sheep, and cow as well as farmer. The barn itself has doors that open and close and a hay loft. For those looking for additional animals for this barn Fisher Price Little People farm animals work well with this barn.

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9.Munchkin Fishin Bath Toy

This Fishin bath toy  is designed for slightly older children, but should work well for most 18 year olds. While the fish are sealed to prevent molding, the rod does have screws that can rust so you may want to encourage your child to keep the rod out of water or play with the toy on dry land. It does help children develop their hand/eye coordination as well as teach patience as they learn to connect with the fish.

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10. 2-in-1 Pirate Ship

This pirate ship toy  is both a self moving ride on toy and a pirate ship for imaginative play. There is a button on the mast that when pushed makes one of 4 sounds. A cannon going off, an anchor being thrown, a bell and fog horn. The mast itself moves so that the ship can be steered when being rode upon. The deck hatch has storage and works as a seat to the ride on toy and there are a couple of pirate characters, a cannon and a look out. This toy will help develop the 18 month old’s gross motor skills, fine motor skills and encourage imaginative play. This ship does take 2AA batteries.

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11. QMZ Shape Sorting Block

If you are looking for a fun toy for a toddler that will be extremely educational then this shape sorting block toy  will be the perfect gift for girls and boys of this age. This block will help children learn colors and shapes, aid the development of their fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination skills. The 19 brightly colored shaped blocks each have their own slot and children will quickly learn how to fit each block into each individual slot.

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12. Sandbox

This Step 2 sandbox  is ideal for 18 months old toddlers who enjoy playing out of doors. This sandbox comes with a lid to keep the sand clean and keep stray cats from using the sand as a litter box. This sandbox comes with a sifter, a shovel, a rake, a castle mold and 3 different size buckets. The sand box does need to be assembled but it should last the toddler for years.

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13. Bounce and Spin Puppy

A great outdoor gift for any 18 month old boy or girl This bounce and spin puppy  is sure to make playing out of doors even more fun for any active toddler. This toy will help a child develop their balance and build their gross motor skills strengthening their leg muscles. There is light up roller and buttons that active sounds and sounds. It holds children weights up to 55 pounds.

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14. A Toddler Sized Chair

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If you are looking for a non toy gift for a child who is a year and half then this No products found. will make a great gift the toddler will love. This chair is the perfect size for a younger toddler to sit in when looking at books, watching television, or simply relaxing. The cover of this chair is removable and easy to wash.

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15. Board Books by Dr. Seuss

Giving young toddlers books and reading to them not only makes a great 18 month old gift but these board books are ideal. These Dr. Seuss books  are ideal for small hands and have a lot of pictures and few words, making them more interesting to children who are much too young to read, while still nurturing a love for books. The set comes in a handy carrying case so they are easy to take along on road trips to keep your baby occupied for at least short periods of time.

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Keep in mind that in many cases 18 month old toddlers can often easily play with toys designed for 2 year olds. However, every child is an individual and some may not be developing as quickly as others. The toys and gifts on this list should be ideal for any 1.5 year old.

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