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10 Great Teacher Retirement Gift Ideas

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Teachers are some of the most under appreciated professionals that there are. These dedicated professionals spend years caring for and teaching children often for very little wages. After years of dedicating their lives to classroom after classroom of students a retiring teacher needs to be celebrated for his or her years of service.

Here are some Great Teacher Retirement gifts for any teacher who is retiring!

Fantastic Retirement Gifts for Teachers

1. Scrapbooks

One of the best teacher retirement gifts you can give to a teacher is an attractive scrapbook . To make the scrapbook even more special you can contact past students, coworkers, and even the teachers family members and get photos from throughout their teaching career to put into the scrapbook. You can even give a second scrapbook in which the retiring teacher can put photos from this next chapter in their life.

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2. Apple Paperweight

This apple paperweight  with a built in clock will make an excellent gift for a teacher who is retiring and will look great on a desk, bookcase, or fireplace mantle. This cute apple paperweight makes an ideal gift that will be useful for many years to come.

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3. Hammock

If you are looking for a retired teacher gift then giving them something that will allow them to relax and take it easy will make a good gift. This comfortable hammock  is an ideal retirement gift that comes with its own steel stand. With its bright colors this hammock is sure to make a great addition to your backyard.

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4. Humorous T-Shirt

One of the great things about retiring is being able to dress casually whenever you like so one of the better retirement teacher gifts may be a cute retired teacher T-shirt . This cute T-shirt is perfect for men or women and expresses the fact that now that their teaching days are over it’s time to have fun.

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5. Teacher Figurine

If you are looking for a meaningful teacher retirement gift then this beautiful teacher figurine. This hand painted polyresin figurine  of an angel teacher will serve as a reminder to the teacher of the many lives and dreams they have affected over their years of dedication.

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6. Set of Travel Cases

If you are looking for a great teacher retirment gift then a set of luggage  is one of the best gifts for the favored teacher in your life. Now that they are no longer teaching, they will have the time to travel and see places that they have longed to see. This set of soft sided luggage will make a fabulous gift for that teacher with plans of travel in their future.

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7. Retirement Wish Jar

A wonderful gift for a newly retired teacher this retirement wish jar  makes the ideal gift. Students and other teachers, the principal and more can each fill out a wish card for the teacher to read and be reminded of the various lives they have touched.

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8. Because I Had a Teacher Book

If you are looking for a personal touching gift to give a teacher who meant a lot to you then this wonderful book  is sure to create a lump in your teachers throat as they realize just how much their teaching or mentoring meant to you personally. This is a touching gift for any teacher, coach or mentor that has changed your life.

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9. Leather Back Journal

Since that teacher is now starting a new chapter in their life, why not give them a leather journal  to record those new adventures. Whether that retired teacher is planning on traveling, embarking on a second career or simply spending time with friends and family a journal is a great way for them to record each new adventure or simply record their feelings at the end of each day.

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10. One Question A Day

This Question A Day book  is a unique retirement gift for a teacher who is used to answering questions all day since they will be able to relax and enjoy answering one question each day. The questions run from simple queries about what you may have eaten on a given day, to more philosophical questions that require you to think about your own values, and thoughts. Best of all, the same question is asked on the same day each year for 5 years so that the teacher can look back and see how their thoughts, opinions, and tastes have changed.

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What Are Some Alternate Gifts for That Special Retiring Teacher?

If you’ve had a special teacher in your life then the standard retirement gift just may not do and you may want to give that teacher something a little more special and personal. Here are some gift ideas that you may want to consider.

1. A Packet of Thoughtful Letters

Why not write that teacher a letter telling them how much their mentoring meant to you and how their interest changed your life for better. Even better, why not contact other students who feel the same way and present that teacher with a packet of letters thanking them for their years of service.

2. A Trip

If you have a family member who is a teacher and about to retire why not give them a trip to someplace they always wanted to visit whether that is a cruise or simply a weekend spent in the mountains a chance to get away after years of dedicated work will make a great gift.


Saying thank you to that teacher that dedicated their life to you or your children is a thoughtful and caring thing to do for one of these committed professionals. One of the gifts on this list, should make life a little sweeter for that retiring teacher who touched your life in some way.

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