Best Gifts for 70 Year Old Men: 70th Birthday Gift Ideas for Dads

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By the time your father or grandfather turns 70 year olds he likely has most of the major things in life that he wants making finding a man of this age a great Christmas  or birthday gift a little more difficult.

However, with just a little thought, imagination and inspiration there are some great gifts you can give that older man in your life.

Below is a list of some wonderful gift suggestions for that man who is in his 70s.

Wonderful Gifts for a 70 Year Old Man 

1. A Pair of Comfortable Pajamas

These Pajamas are made from 100% cotton and feel incredibly comfortable against the skin. They are loose enough not to feel binding when sleeping and are even more comfortable when lounging around the house on a lazy Sunday morning.

The bottoms of these pajamas have elastic drawstrings for an easy fit, while the button down top makes putting on and taking off the top easy.

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2. Wool Cardigan Sweater

Made from 100% Irish Merino wool this men’s cardigan sweater will make a great gift for 70 year old men keeping them warm during those cooler winter months, while still looking great with either jeans or dressier pants. The sweater itself comes in either oatmeal or charcoal gray, which will go well with almost any outfit in his closet.

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3. Hanging Leather Toiletry Bag

This toiletry bag has four internal pockets, two larger ones and two small ones. The bag can be hung or used lying flat on a counter and is perfect for both home use and when traveling. The bag is made from PU leather, which is easy to clean. The metal hook on the bag makes hanging the bag simple and easy. This bag will hold most of a gentleman’s grooming products.

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4. Slippers to Wear Around the House

These water resistant leather slippers have a rubber sole and are lined with sheep fur. These moccasin style slippers are designed for indoor and limited outdoor wear. They will keep any man’s feet warm and toasty during the coldest winter. Because of the fur it does take time to break these slippers in until they are comfortable.

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5. A Nice Recliner

A recliner makes an excellent 70th birthday gift for any dad or grandfather. This recliner is made from PU leather and is easy to clean. This chair has lumbar vibrations, an adjustable footrest, wide armrests and large seat cushion. The recliner is perfect for watching television, reading or even napping. This particular chair is designed to hold up to 265 pounds of user weight.

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6. A Cool Hat

Another great 70th birthday gift idea for dad is giving him a cool hat to wear when he is out and about. This paperboy hat made from a combination of polyester and wool is the ideal fall head gear for that debonair older gentleman. This hat not only will keep the top of head warm it will also add a sense of style to any coat or jacket.

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7. A Coffee Mug to Make Him Smile

If you are on a limited budget and know a seventy year old that has a great sense of humor then this cute coffee mug is sure to make them smile whenever they enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. It’s sure to become their favorite cup. Present this birthday mug with Dad or granddad’s favorite muffins and it will be a great way to start off his birthday.

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8. Foldable Lap Table

What 70-year-old man wouldn’t enjoy getting a foldable lap table for their birthday. This table is made of MDF with steel foldable legs and with a cup slot making this table perfect for those who want to relax in a chair, on the couch, or in bed while working puzzles, word search books, or even using a computer or writing letters or making lists. It is also perfect for those breakfasts in bed or dinner in front of the fireplace.

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9. Armchair Caddy

What could make a better 70th birthday gift that something that makes relaxing even more relaxing, which is exactly what this armchair caddy will do for that older birthday boy. Made of PU leather with a non slip silicone lining. This caddy has 5 pockets in which you can store a book, TV remote, cell phone, glasses or other items to keep them safe at hand. This allows the gentleman who receives the gift to sit and relax while reading or watching television.

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10. Dad Picture Frame

No gift will touch a man’s heart more than giving them a picture of you and your father. A picture frame just for dad with a picture of you and him will make a great Christmas or birthday gift for a 70 year old man for whom memories are precious. This special frame spells out dad, with space for the picture in the center and the legend “i love you.” printed under the last D.

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11. Healthy Snack Gift Box

Senior men like anyone else like to snack from time to time. This box of healthy snacks will make a great birthday gift for 70 year old men and allow them to enjoy some great tasting healthy snacks while watching television or reading. The snacks in this box are both sweet and savory and contain fruit and vegetables, oats, nuts and more.

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12. Foot and Calf Massager

Most older people experience tired legs or poor circulation, making a foot and leg massager a perfect gift for most 70 year old males. This foot and leg massager massages up and down. These leg wraps are adjustable and there are 5 modes of massage to choose from and 4 intensity levels. This massager is controlled by a hand held controller. When his legs feel less tired your grandfather or father will have more energy.

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13. Bird Feeder

A great gift for anyone’s birthday who enjoys nature is a bird feeder. Made of reforested dried inland red cedar with polycarbonate windows and an anodized roof this bird seed will hold up to 5 pounds of bird seed and 2 suet cakes. Hanging this bird feeder outside a window overlooking the room that your Dad spends the most time in, will allow him to enjoy a little bit of nature close up. This bird feeder will attract various types of birds.

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14. Shower Brush

This extra long shower brush allows anyone to reach those hard to reach places. This brush will exfoliate those dead skin cells helping to prevent those itchy patches on your back. Combine this brush with your Dad’s favorite soap and this will make a great 70th birthday gift.

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15. Watch with Large Numbers for Men

As people get older their eyesight tends to dim, which is why giving a watch with large easy to read numbers makes a great birthday or Christmas gifts for older individuals. This watch has an easy to read white dial with Arabic numerals and a silver tone stainless steel expansion band. This watch also has a day and date window and is water resistant up to 30 meters.

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Conclusion to the Best Gift Ideas for Men in Their 70’s

If you are looking for a great gift for your 70 years old father or grandfather, one of these gifts is should be ideal and we hope that it helps you save time when shopping for him!

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