Best Gifts for 70 Year Old Women: 70th Birthday Gift Ideas for Moms

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Turning 70 is an important milestone in any woman’s life and certainly a cause for celebration.

However, buying a gift for your mothers 70th birthday can seem overwhelming since most women of this age have everything they need by the time they have lived 70 decades. Now they are simply looking to relax and enjoy the simple things in life! So thus we have created this list of some wonderful gift ideas for 70 year old women.

Wonderful Gift Ideas for a 70-Year-Old Woman

1. A Cozy Bathrobe

There is nothing a woman enjoys more than curling up in a cozy bathrobe and relaxing for a little while before bedtime. This fleece robe is made from high quality flannel material. You can choose from various patterns making it possible to choose a pattern your mom will love. The robe also has two deep pockets for warming your hands and carrying those important small items around. This robe also sports a comfortable shawl collar, and an inner tie as well as removable belt. This bathrobe is also machine washable.

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2. Adjustable Slippers with Memory Foam

If you are looking for a great gift idea for your 70 year old mother then a comfortable pair slippers makes a great gift. These adjustable open toed slippers are great for women who experience some swelling of their feet. These slippers come in sizes 7, 8, and 9 and a choice of colors between black, plum or navy blue with floral lining. The slippers have memory foam insoles that contour to your mom’s feet. These slippers have sturdy rubber soles and can be worn indoors or outdoors.

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3. Burt’s Knees Face Care

It is important for 70 year old women to take care of their skin and this Burt’s knees face care kit will help them deep their pores and keep their skin looking as fresh as possible. This kit contains hydrating overnight cream, deep cleaning cream, deep pore scrub and moisturizing lip balm. These facial cleaning products will deep clean the pores and leave the skin looking cleaner and feeling fresher. All the products are made using natural ingredients.

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4. Tea Set

There are few things more relaxing than a cup of warm tea and this simple, but lovely tea set will allow a seventy year old mother to enjoy an elegant and relaxing cup of tea. This tea set comes in your choice of pink, purple or white and consists of the tea pot, creamer, sugar bowl, and 6 cups and saucers. There is also a stainless steel tea strainer as well.

Try presenting this tea set with your mom’s favorite tea and a few sweet treats and let her enjoy her own private tea party with guests she invites.

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5. Tea Sampler Gift Box

If your 70-year-old mother enjoys a relaxing cup of tea every now and then this tea sampler gift box makes a wonderful gift. This gift box contains 20 tea infuser bags in a variety of interesting flavors including; sweet orange spice, harvest apple spice, Belgian mint, Spiced ginger plum and winter plum. Each pyramid tea bag makes a cup of delicious fragrant and great tasting tea. With 5 bags per flavor this gift set is perfect for any woman who enjoys having company with whom she can share a cup of tea.

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6. Wind Chimes

A great gift for a retired woman is the sweet melodic sounds of wind chimes blowing in the breeze. If you are looking for a beautiful set of wind chimes to give your mother as a 70th birthday gift is this beautiful bird wind chime. This musical wind chimes features a bronze colored resin bird nest, with a mother bird perched ready to feed her two babies. There are 12 copper alloy bells with a wind catcher that makes a lovely tinkling sound whenever there is a breeze. There is also a hook that allows you to hang the wind chime from the roof overhang or trees on or around the deck or near a window.

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7. A Beautiful Jewelry Set

If you want your 70 year old mom to feel like a queen on her birthday, a beautiful set of jewelry may be just the right thing. This lovely Angel wing Love Heart crystal necklace and earrings in your choice of silver or gold tone will create the right mood. The necklace is separate from the chain allowing your mother to change chains to another chain if she prefers. This necklace comes in a variety of different colored crystals allowing you to choose this jewelry in your mother’s favorite color.

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8. Foot Massager

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By the time a woman has lived 7 decades she is likely to suffer from sore tired feet from time-to-time and will enjoy being able to engage in a foot massage whenever she feels the need. This Shiatsu foot massager machine has an infrared function that helps improve blood circulation, relieve sore muscles and ease tired feet. Best of all mom can choose between a relaxing easy foot massage or a deep tissue massage.

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9. Winter Fashion Scarf

As people age their blood tends to thin out so if your mom has a winter birthday this beautiful large winter shawl wrap scarf with it’s cashmere feel will be a great addition to her wardrobe. This scarf can be worn all year round and in a variety of different ways. In winter it can be worn with her winter coat to add warmth around her neck and keep the wind out. In spring and fall this scarf can be worn as a shawl to ward off the chill when spending time out on their deck or patio, and in summer it can be worn with a casual outfit as a fashion accessory. The colors are bright and cheery which is sure to lift your mood.

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10. Shower & Bath Chair

If your mother has difficulty getting around or standing for long periods of time, this shower and bath chair makes a wonderful practical gift. Shower chairs can provide safety in the shower and this chair provides both safety and comfort. Made from rust proof aluminum and molded plastic this chair offers a comfortable back and padded removable arms. The arms are a great help providing older individuals with a safe way to ease into and out of the seat.

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Conclusion to the Best Gift Ideas for Women in Their 70’s

While it may seem like a 70 year old woman has everything, the gifts on this list can still make your mom feel special and show her just how much you love and care for her.

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