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21st Birthday Gifts for Boyfriends: 21 Year Old Guys Gifts

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Are you looking for some great 21st birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend? We are here to help. We have done our research and came up with a list of some high rated gifts that your boyfriend is sure to love when he turns 21.


These gift ideas are also great for any male that is this age whether he is your son, best friend or older brother!

As always we were especially careful to pick only the highest rated and best gifts males this age love!

Best Gift Ideas for a 21 Year Old Man

1. Kenneth Cole Messenger Bag

Whether that young man is celebrating his 21st while working in an office or attending college this Handsome Messenger Bag  will make a great gift. This it is made of Colombian Leather, has a compartment for him to store his computer (up to 15.6” screen”) from compartment pockets including a cell phone pocket, and an easy to access rear pocket for those frequently reached for objects (such as keys etc.) It also features a long handle as well as a short quick grab handle.


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2. A Nice Casual Shirt

Most young men like to look good especially when out on dates or applying for jobs. This Nice Button Down Casual Shirt  is perfect for work, dates, or simply an afternoon out and about. The shirt comes in several sizes and several colors so you can choose a shirt that will look best for that 21st birthday gift for your boyfriend.

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3. A Great Fragrance

Another good idea as a gift for a boyfriend when he turns 21 is a great fragrance, and this Davidoff Cool Water EDT Spray for Men  is a nice evening cologne for those romantic evenings out. The scent is long lasting, but not overwhelming and makes a great gift for any young male who likes to smell as good as he looks.

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4. Bluetooth Sports Headband

If your boyfriend likes listening to music throughout the day then this Bluetooth Sports Headphone Headband  will make the ideal bday gift for any 21 yr old man. This headband is a comfortable way to listen to music when working out, jogging, biking or traveling. The headband pairs with any Bluetooth enabled Smartphone and actually plays for 10 hours on a 2 hour charge.

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5. Beer Making Kit

A great Twenty First birthday idea for a boyfriend is giving them a Beer Making Kit  . Turning 21 is exciting because a young man can drink at this age in any state in the US and what could be more fun than making the beer they are going to drink. Any guy will enjoy making his own craft beer with this complete beer making kit.

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6. Humorous Coffee Cup

A humorous gift for that 21 years old guy is a Coffee Cup  to enjoy their morning coffee or tea and remind them how awesome they are. Why not fill the cup with No products found. for a sweeter birthday gift for your boyfriend.

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7. Men’s Spa Package

Another great gift for a 21 year old boyfriend is a Men's Spa Package  . Young men like to keep well groomed and smelling great and this men’s sandalwood bath set makes for an elegant and smelling gift that your boyfriend and you will both love. This set contains muscle relief cream, shaving cream, after shave balm, 2-in-1 body wash and shampoo, bubble bath and bath salts as well as a bath sponge and a men’s toiletry bag.

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8. Quality Backpack for Traveling

Most young men have a sense of adventure and love to explore the world around them. Whether they prefer to go hiking, camping, or stay at youth hostels in a foreign country having a durable travel backpack makes traveling easier and fun. Giving a Travel Backpack  that can also work as a duffel bag or a rucksack.

Made of durable cotton canvas and PU leather this backpack has multiple handles as well as a number of pockets including 2 zipper front pockets, a main pocket with a laptop window, pen pockets and other small pockets. This bag is stylish and rugged and will make a perfect gift for any 21 year old male who likes to travel.

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9. A Great Pair of Sneakers

Most young men are just starting their careers or are still in college and have little extra money to spare so when choosing some 21st birthday gifts for your boyfriend why not give him a pair of great sneakers that can be worn for work or even casual evenings out. These Cole Haan Grand Cross Court Sneakers  are a wonderful choice. These sneakers come in a number of different sizes and colors. These shoes feel incredibly light on your feet, which makes for more comfortable all day wear.

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10. Happy Birthday Tower of Snacks

Great food always makes for a great gift for a twenty one year old boy and this Broadway Basketeers Happy Bday Gift Tower  contains a number of snacks the birthday boy is sure to love. The snacks in this tower include Almond Butter Roca Crunch, Assorted Milk toffees, Caramel popcorn, Chocolate chip cappuccino cookies, BBQ corn nuggets and Sour Jelly stars. Each snack comes in their own individual box making opening each box a pleasant and tasty surprise.

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What Are Unique 21st Birthday Gifts for a Boy Who Has Everything?

Every so often the young man for whom you want to buy a gift has everything they want and need at that period in time. If this is the situation you find yourself in here are some alternate gift ideas for a 21 yr old male.

1. Tickets to An Event

Whether the young man is into sports, looking forward to seeing his favorite band, or is dying to attend a monster truck rally presenting them with a couple of tickets to the event can make a great gift he’ll treasure for a long time to come.

2. A weekend of Adventure

What could make a better 21st birthday gift for an adventurous young man who loves adventure than booking a weekend of adventure for him and friend. There are a number of places where the young man can zip lining, bungee jumping, 4 wheeling and/or paint balling. A weekend adventure retreat could be just what the guy needs to feel that the day he turned 21 was really something special.


Great 21st Bday Gift Ideas for Girlfriends


If your boyfriend will soon be turning 21, we hope that this gift list provides you with the assistance you are looking for.

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