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Terrific 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men & Women

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For most people their 50th birthday is a special occasion, as people are celebrating turning a half century old. In this article we present our best 50th birthday gift ideas for both women and men.

In order to make this guide a little easier to follow we have divided this guide into the following sections:

Section 1: The Top Birthday Gifts for Women Turning Fifty

Section 2: Traditional 50th Bday Gift Ideas for Women

Section 3: The Top Birthday Gifts for Men Turning 50

Section 4: Traditional Fiftieth Birthday Gifts for Men

Great 50th Birthday Gifts for Women

1. Diamond Necklace

By the time a woman is about to turn 50 she deserves a piece of jewelry complete with diamonds. This Beautiful Twisted Heart Blue and White Diamond Necklace . This elegant piece of jewelry can be worn with both casual and dress clothing.

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2. Dress Pants

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When looking for some useful 50th bday gifts for women you may want to consider a No products found. that the woman you are buying for can wear for work, shopping, or other casual dress occasions. These slacks come in several sizes and colors making it easy to pick out a pair that will look good on just about anyone.

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3. Elegant Tea Pot and Cups

If you know a woman who loves tea and is turning 50 then an Elegant Tea Pot with Matching Cups  makes an excellent gift and allows for the birthday girl and her friends to enjoy a relaxing cup of tea.

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4. Foot and Leg Massager

If you are looking for 50th birthday gifts for a woman who works on her feet all day then a Foot and Leg Massager  can make for a good gift. This massager is easy to use with its hand held control so you can massage your legs while reading or watching television. This massager eases sore muscles and can improve circulation in your calves and lower legs.

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5. A Nice Designer Handbag

This Lovely Michael Kors Handbag  is elegant and makes the ideal fiftieth birthday gift for any women on your shopping list. Any woman would be proud to carry this handbag and will enjoy owning something by a well known designer. The gold accents on this handbag only adds to the overall look and elegant fill of this bag. In addition, there is plenty of room to carry everything a woman could need as she goes about her day to day activities.

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6. Humorous Coffee Cup

If you have a co-worker who is turning 50 then presenting them with a Gift of a Humorous Coffee Cup  can mark the day and the entire year with a lot of laughter in something that they will find extremely useful. A coffee cup is a perfect gift for a co worker since it is inexpensive and something that they can use for coffee during the day or to hold pens and pencils if they don’t drink coffee.

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7. A Silk Robe

By the time a woman reaches 50 years old she deserves something beautiful and elegant to wear when she is relaxing around the house and this Lovely Silk Kimono Robe  will feel luxurious against the skin and will make any feel absolutely beautiful. The floral design is both feminine and elegant and makes a wonderful gift for that special someone.

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8. Digital Camera

An Easy to Use Digital Camera  makes one of the best gifts for a 50 year old women. Women this age are likely to have grandchildren they will want to have pictures of and they also tend to have more time to travel. A digital camera will allow them to make memories both for themselves and for the generations to follow.

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9. Exercise Bike

As women begin to age, they often have to work harder to maintain a healthy weight, so the Xterra Fitness FB150E Exercise Bike  will make a great gift for any woman who wants to work on her fitness goals at home. This folding fitness bike takes up little space in the home and will allow any woman to work out while watching television or when they have a few spare minutes.

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10. Soup Tureen

If you are looking for a great gift for a woman who loves cooking and holding elegant dinner parties then this Lovely Soup Tureen  that holds 152 ounces of soup. A soup tureen is a wonderful way to serve soup at any dinner party and this classy tureen will add a sophisticated touch to any dinner table.

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What is a Traditional 50th Birthday Gift for Women?

Anything gold makes the list as a traditional gift for a 50 year old women since gold traditionally is used to make a half century.

1. Gold Plated Bracelet

This Miabella Gold Plated Bracelet  would make a great feminine gift for women for her 50th. It is suitable to wear with cocktail dresses or with more casual clothing.

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2. Gold Birthstone Jewelry

You can also give other gold jewelry that includes their birthstone as well such as a Gold Ring , or even Gold Earrings .

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What Are Good 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for A Woman Who Has Everything?

By the time many women reach 50 years old they often have everything they could possibly want. Here are some gift suggestions for that woman who has everything.

1. A Gift Certificate to a Restaurant They Have Been Wanting to Try

An excellent gift idea for a woman of any age is to give them a gift certificate to a quality restaurant they have been wanting to try. Make sure that the certificate is for more than one person since no one wants to dine alone.

2. A Day of Beauty

You can also treat that birthday girl to a day of beauty for her birthday. This can include a trip to a beauty shop to get her hair and nails done, a trip to a spa, or a combination of the two.

Incredible 50th Birthday Gifts for Men

1. Whiskey Decanter Globe

If you are looking for 50th bday gifts for a man who enjoys a drink occasionally then this Whiskey Decanter Globe and Matching Glasses  will make a great gift. Whether the gentleman in question enjoys whiskey, vodka, brandy or tequila this decanter will display the alcohol in a manner that is sure to be pleasing to the eye.

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2. Designer Shades

By the time a man reaches a half of century in age he deserves something a bit more elegant than those cheap sunglasses he has been wearing most of his life. So gifting him a Pair of Super Cool Designer Sunglasses  will make a perfect gift and these black and gold shades are sure to make any man feel like a million bucks!

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3. Back Massager for Chairs

After years of working and chasing after children and even grandchildren most men begin to experience sore muscles and aches and pain, so why not give them a Great Back Massager  that can relax those tired muscles while they are relaxing watching television or reading a book. Imagine how relaxing it will be for your dad, brother or uncle to be able to sit back and feel like warm magic hands are massaging them.

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4. Toiletry Kit

This Hanging Toiletry Bag for Men  makes a nice gift for a fiftieth birthday, especially for those men who travel a lot. With 8 versatile pockets for shaving equipment and personal care products. This toiletry kit hangs making it the ideal traveling case for men on the go.

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5. Men’s Levi Trucker Jacket

This Faux Leather Jacket  is a useful gift idea for the middle aged gentleman who wants a nice looking jacket for wearing with both jeans and dress pants. This jacket is great for travel or for meeting friends for dinner or drinks.

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6. Fitbit Versa 2

Many men become concerned about their health and fitness as they age so if that 50 year old male in your life is concerned about getting fitter the Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch  will make a great gift. This fitness watch has everything. You can get the news, information and weather. It tracks your heart rate and sleep, is swim proof and water resistant and has 20 plus goal based modes so users can customize their fitness workouts.

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7. Men’s Dress Slacks

If that 50 year old man in your life is like a vast majority of men, they really are not fond of clothes shopping, but enjoy looking their best when the occasion calls for dressing a little more formal than jeans or sweats. These Ralph Lauren Dress Slacks  are great for dining out, attending business meetings, or church or even attending a wedding.

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8. Men’s Dress Watch

With the kids grown and out of the house, the 50th year of a man’s life is a great time for them to start having some nicer personal items of their own. Why not get them off to a great start by presenting them a nice looking men’s dress watch that they can wear on those dressier occasions. This Bulova Gold Tone Stainless Steel Watch  with a brown leather band is both handsome and easy to read at a single glance.

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9. Humorous T-Shirt

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If the birthday boy has a great sense of humor and enjoys dressing casually then this No products found. will make a great gift. The shirt comes in a variety of sizes and a choice of several colors all of which will go well with jeans and even shorts. Best of all when the birthday boy wears this fun T-shirt he’ll find people smiling at him again and again.

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10. A Comfortable Pair of Slippers

After working all day, 5 days a week most men don’t want to spend every evening and weekend wearing a pair of shoes, so a comfortable pair of slippers that they can wear around the house will be much appreciated. These Clog Style Slippers with Rubber Soles and Memory Foam  will make the birthday boy’s feel smile!

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What Are Traditional 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men?

Gifts made of gold are traditional gifts for a 50 year old man. So if you are looking for a more traditional gift then here are a couple of suggestions.

1. Golden Shot Glasses

Although these Gold Colored Shot Glasses  are actually ceramic they are made to look like 50 caliber golden bullets making these shot glasses a great gift and conversation piece.

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2. Gold Cufflinks

For those shopping for 50th birthday gifts for men made from real gold this Pair of Personalized Cufflinks Made From 14 Karat Gold  is sure to become a prized possession for anyone who has occasions to dress.

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What Are Good 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for A Man Who Has Everything?

By the time many men reach the age of 50 it seems that they have everything they could ever want or need. If you are looking for a gift for someone who fits this description then you want to consider these unique experiential gift ideas.

1. Tickets to their Favorite Sporting Event

If the person you are buying a gift for likes sports then why not buy them tickets to a home game or even buy them seasons tickets. Just make sure that you buy them at least two tickets so they can go with a friend, because everyone knows that everything is more fun when it is shared. If they are not a sports fan you can consider tickets to the theater or to the symphony.

2. The Gift of Travel

Another great gift is giving the gift to travel to someone who enjoys adventures. A weekend at their favorite fishing lodge, or a ticket to somewhere they always wanted to visit makes a great gift for anyone on your shopping list.

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A 50th birthday is an important occasion for both men and women and finding just the right gift to show them that you acknowledge the specialness of this occasion will show that birthday person how much you care about them.

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