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10 Best Gift Ideas for 15 Year Old Girls

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Most fifteen year old girls are at a stage where they somewhat obsessed with their appearance. They spend a lot of time experimenting with dress and make-up and often engage in creative hobbies. They enjoy spending time with friends and want to fit in with their peers. The best gifts for 15 year old girls are those ideas that bring a sparkle to their eyes and put a smile on their lips.


After talking to many teenage girls we have spent hours researching various products to ensure that every product on this list of the cool stuff for 15 yr old girls is something they will like and something that has received high ratings from people who have actually used these products.

Helpful Tips For Choosing Great Stuff for Girls Who Are 15 

  • Remember that although a teen girl may appear to be very adult at times, they are still a child in many ways so their tastes in clothes are going to be different that what you would buy for an adult.
  • When buying clothes for a teen pay attention to not just what they wear, but clothing they say they like.
  • Talk to your child about their interests and things they like to do. This will give you some great hints as to what kind of gifts will be appropriate for your 15 year olds. Pay attention when window shopping with them at the items they express an interest in.

10 Gift Suggestions for 15 Year Old Girls

Here are some cute gift ideas for girls who are age 15. These are gifts that are great for all occasions whether it’s Valentines day, your teens birthday, Easter Sunday or even Christmas! Girls are just beginning to discover themselves, so giving them something that will allow them to explore who are while feeling great about themselves will surely please even the pickiest teen.

1. A Nice Sweater Dress and Fashion Boots

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There are many occasions in a 15-year olds life when they need or want to get out of their jeans and dress up a little. A No products found. makes the perfect addition to any teen girls wardrobe. And is perfect for dressing up during cooler weather. Pairing this dress with a Pair of Knee High Dress Boots  will make for a great Christmas or Birthday gift for any teenage girl on your shopping list!
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2. Make Up Kit

By the time most girls reach this age they want to wear more make-up than nail polish and a little lip gloss. This Make Up Kit by Shany  will allow that teenager to experiment with different colors of eyeshadow and blush and discover what colors are best suited to her.

Reviews for this make-up is good and it seem suitable for everyone from younger children playing dressing up to adults who love the selection of eye shadow and shades of blushes. It makes a great gift for any teen just starting to wear make-up since there are a lot of colors to try.
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3. Bath Set

What teenage girl doesn’t want to smell good? Giving her this Bath Set  so that she can turn your bathtub into a spa will make almost any girl feel like a princess. This honey and almond scented bath scent is just the thing to make any teen feel ultra feminine.

Reviews state the fragrance of the products in this basket are extremely pleasant and not overpowering just what you want for your teenage daughter, niece or granddaughter.
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4. Cute Purse

By the time a girl reaches the age of 15, she has a lot of stuff she finds are essential to carry along with her. Pens, pencils, make-up, a cell phone and other assorted items which makes giving that teenage girl this Classy Looking Purse  an excellent idea for a gift. This SG Sugu Cross body bag is large enough to carry everything a young woman needs without making her feel like she is carrying a suitcase everywhere she goes. It comes in a couple of different patterns as well as several different colors as well.
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5. 3D Pen

If you know a 15 year old that is creative then this 3D Doodling Pen  is the perfect gift. You can even use to make jewelry (there are books and you can even get free jewelry stencils online.) Of course with this 3D pen your teenage won’t be limited to just creating jewelry, they can create anything that imagination can think up. The pen comes with fifteen refills and most teens find this pen fun to use.
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6. Encore board game

For all of those 15-year-old girls who sing along with all the songs on their MP3 player the Encore Board Game  is a great game to play with friends. Your teen will love this musical game even if they can’t hold a tune and everyone who plays will find it a lot of fun and each team tries to outdo one another.

Reviews for this game are good with everyone who has played the game seeming to love it.
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7. Heart Necklace

If you are looking for the perfect Valentine’s gift for a fifteen year old young lady then this Beautiful Heart Necklace with Swarovski Crystals  is perfect. Every young woman needs a little bling in her life and this simple pendant necklace can be worn with almost anything from jeans to dressy attire.

Reviews for this necklace are good, with most people being happy with their purchase.
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8. Fairy Picture Lights

Teen girls enjoy adding their own personal touches to their bedroom décor and these Fairy Lights with Clips for Holding Pictures  not only allows your teen to add their own special touch to their bedroom wall, but also is a wonderful way for them to display their favorite pictures of family and friends. These lights do need 3AA batteries so be sure to include a pack in with gift. It’s a great way for you teen to show off all of her favorite memories throughout her high school years.
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9. Blue Jean Jacket

Most teenage girls want a smart looking denim jacket as part of their wardrobe making this Pearl Studded Kendra Women's Jacket  a great gift for any girl who a 15th birthday coming up. This jacket run from Xsmall to XX large and is perfect for with jeans, shorts, and casual skirts.

This jacket gets high reviews with most people who purchased this jacket finding it to be a great addition to any wardrobe.
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10. Bungee Chair

Lots of teenage girls like to spend time in their room entertaining friends, listening to music, watching movies and doing homework. There are times when she may need extra seating in her room. This Foldable Bungee Chair by Bunjo Chairs  makes a great gift for any teenagers room. Not only does it look trendy but most teens find this little chair comfortable.

Reviews for this chair are excellent with most reviewers stating this chair is comfortable and durable.
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There you have it, a list of some awesome gift suggestions for you to buy your teen this year!

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