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8 Fun Remote Control Ride On Cars for Summer Birthdays

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Remote controlled ride-on cars and trucks are great fun for young children and gives them a sense of independence while also improving their hand/eye coordination all while keeping them safe due to the parental remote control feature.


Below is a list of helpful tips for finding the best one among our picks of the highest rated remote control Power Wheels for those of you who are thinking of gifting your toddler, preschooler, or early elementary child with a remote controlled ride-on car for those spring and summer birthdays.

Helpful Tips for Choosing the Best Parent Remote Controlled Ride-On Toys

When choosing a ride on car with parent remote for your young child there are a few things you may want to consider.

  • Age Appropriateness – Is this vehicle appropriate for your child’s age and will it grow with your child so they can enjoy it for at least a few years?
  • Key Features – What features does the car have including what functions the parent can perform using the remote?
  • Top Speed of Vehicle – How fast will the vehicle go? Make sure it’s fast enough that your child will have fun but not too fast where it might not be safe.
  • Weight Capacity – What is the maximum user weight? Make sure it is well within the weight limits for your child so they can use it for at least 2-3 years before outgrowing it
  • Number of Users – How many passengers can the vehicle accommodate? 2-Seater options are great since they can allow your child to play with their sibling or a friend.
  • Type of Terrain Vehicle is Suitable For- Does the vehicle run on pavement? Gravel? Grass? Sand? Hills? You want a vehicle that can handle the type of terrain you have in your yard.

Best Ride On Cars with Parental Remote Control

From an entertainment standpoint it’s hard to go wrong in choosing a ride on toy for your toddler but considering it’s an expensive purchase it’s even more important to ensure that the option you choose is of the highest quality and will stand the test of time! Our picks below help you to do that!


1. Best Choice Products 6V Ride-on Truck

The Best Choice Products 6V Ride On truck  comes in your choice of red or black and is designed for one child. This truck comes with a foot pedal accelerator with LED headlights and a built-in horn. The truck comes with a 6-volt battery and travels 2.5mph.

The parent remote allows the moms and dads to move the car forward and reverse, parking, and speed selection.

This vehicle is recommended for children age 3 to 6, but many parents purchase this truck for girls and boys as young as 2 years old.

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2. Best Choice Products 12 Volt 2 Seater Land Rover with RC

This RC Controlled 2 Seater Land Rover Ride  is a great summer birthday gift for children ages 2 to 8 years old. This Land Rover comes in red, white, or black and can hold 2 children with a maximum weight of 128 pounds. This vehicle will travel at speeds from 1.8mph to 3.7mph and comes with LED headlights, horn, under hood storage and measures 51.28”X34”X26.”

This Land Rover will travel over various terrains and runs between 1-2 hours on an 8 to 12 hours charge.

The parent remote control is 2.4GHz and allows parents to move the toy car forward and reverse as well as select the speed the child will travel. Choose between black, red, or white

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3. Moderno Kids Roadster Ride On Car With RC Parental Control

This Cute Little Roadster  is recommended for younger children ages 1 through 3 years. It features a 12V battery, 2 motors, and 2 speeds (3 speeds parental control) This roadster travels 2 to 4mph. The remote ride on toy has a soft start, electric brake system, gradual acceleration and traction bands on the wheels. Integrated MP3 player.

This car comes with a removable table and removable floor mats. There are folding handlebars and rear caster wheels so the car can be moved without the battery. This car measures 40”X19”X24” and has a maximum user weight of 55 pounds.

You get a 1.5 hours riding time on a 1 to 5 hour charge. This adorable little roadster comes in pink, white, red, gray or black.

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4. Uenjoy Maserati GranCabrio 12V Electric Ride on

This RC Ride On Maserati  comes in 3 colors pink, red and white. This remote control vehicle is recommended for children ages 1 to 5.

The car has a built in music and story function, 2-12volt motors and travels at a maximum speed of 3.1mph. This toy sports car also features a horn realistic engine sounds, headlights and tail lights, seat belt and locking doors.

The maximum user weight is 77 pounds and this riding toy measures 48.4”X23.2”X20.” It runs about an hour on a 8-12 hour charge and the remote works well allowing parents to steer and even stop the vehicle.

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5. Costzon 12Volt Ride-On Truck with Parental Remote

This cool looking Remote Controlled Costzon Ride On Truck  is recommended for children ages 3 through 7, but many parents choose to give this truck to their children as young as 2.

This truck comes in red, white, and black has a gas pedal and steering wheel that the child can use to steer the truck as well as a parental remote control allowing parents to steer the truck when your child is too young. This truck moves forward and reverse, wear resistance wheels, a safety harness, and double doors with magnetic locks. Your child can also play music with the AUX input and the USB port.

The truck can go at speeds from 3-6 miles per hour and measures 46.5”X31”X29.” It has a total weight capacity of 66 pounds.

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6. Uenjoy Volkswagen Beetle 12V Kids Electric Ride-On Car

This Adorable Pink Volkswagen Beetle  features a double door design, safety belt, foot pedal, shift lever, steering wheel, power display, LED lights, Portable handle, horn and real engine sounds. This vehicle measures 49”X28”X20.” It bears a maximum weight of 77 pounds and is recommended for children ages 1 to 5 years old.

You get 1 hour driving time on an 8 to 12 hours charge.

Parents like the remote control that allows them to override the child’s steering and protect them from running into obstacles.

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7. Kidsclub Ride-On Toy Fire Truck 

No products found.

You little one will enjoy playing fireman with this No products found.. This electric car features a 12Volt battery, foot pedal accelerator, steering wheel, seatbelt, double lock doors, fireman’s hat, water gun, extinguisher, horn and siren.

This Fire Truck will run 3 to 5mph and runs 1 to 2 hours on an 8 to 12 hours charge. This fire truck is recommended for boys and girls aged 3 to 8.

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8. BMW 4-Series Car

This BMW Vehicle  has both RC and manual operation. It features an adjustable seat belt, LED headlights and dashboard lights, MP3 Audio Playback through a 3.5mm Auxiliary audio port. This car also has built-in trumpet sounds, forward and reverse, left and right turn and stop.

This car measures 47”X 26.8”X20.4” and the parents remote can work up to 50 feet away. The remote needs 3AA batteries to work and this vehicle is recommended for children ages 3 through 6 and a maximum weight of 65 pounds.

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While remote controlled cars are not the cheapest toys you can purchase for your child, these toys will often last your child for 2, 3, and sometimes 4 or more years of play time fun while encouraging their independence and helping them develop hand/eye coordination and safety skills.

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