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12 Best Gift Ideas for 19 Year Old Girls

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No longer a child and not quite an adult 19 year old girls are usually in college or working for a living. While some girls this age live in college campus housing, others remain at home and still others have their own apartment or share an apartment with friends or roommates.

The majority of older teen girls spend most of their time attending classes or working a job and hanging out with their friends. Although they pretty much know what activities and interests they enjoy they still are open to new experiences. 

In choosing the best gifts for girls aged 19 we looked for the highest rated gifts that will appeal to girls regardless of their current lifestyle.

Helpful Tips for Choosing Good Stuff for 19 Year Old Girls

  • When choosing gifts for girls of this age pay attention to their interests and hobbies. Gifts that connect to activities that older teens enjoy always make great gifts.
  • When choosing gifts such as perfume make sure that you choose the perfume that the teen prefers.
  • Keep in mind that most girls of this age are on a limited budget so choose gifts that they would like, but won’t buy for themselves due to their budget.
  • Don’t forget to take the individual teen girls taste into consideration when purchasing clothing or other personal items.

12 Best Gift Suggestions for 19 Year Old Girls

1. Cute Pair of Sneakers

Teenage girls love shoes and these Yilan Sneakers  are fashionable and comfortable and come in a wide variety of sizes and colors. These sneakers are stylish enough to go with almost any outfit making them a great choice for any active teenage girl.

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2. WaterColor Brush Pens

Whether that teenage girl is into scrapbooking, loves drawing or making her own greeting cards this Set of Watercolor Brush Pens  will make a great gift for any teen who enjoys creating her own art. These pens work great for rendering drawings for the classroom as well as for the teens who enjoy crafts.

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3. Fashion Earrings

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If that older teenage girl in your life loves jewelry (and what woman doesn’t) then this pair of No products found. is sure to appeal to any young woman who loves fashion. The two different shades of blue against the gold background are really eye catching.

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4. Lap Desk

Whether that young woman in your life lives in a dorm room or apartment that lacks space or simply likes to relax while sending emails and browsing the Internet this Handy Lap Desk  will make a great gift for anyone who owns a laptop or tablet computer. Lift up the lid for this desk and there is a lot of storage space for pens, pencils, paper and other material and the legs fold up for easy storage.

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5. Portable Sewing Kit

Every young woman works hard to look well put together, but there are times when buttons fall off, and seams may open a bit and will need little more than a quick fix. This Portable Sewing Kit  is a must have for any young lady out on her own who will need to repair their clothing from time to time.

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6. Spa Bath Set

If the young woman in your life loves to pamper herself then this Ocean Bliss Bath Set  is the perfect gift for Christmas or birthdays. This bath set has everything including bubble bath, shower gel, body spray, body lotion, body cream, slippers, wooden massage stick and so much more. This bath set will leave any young lady feeling pampered and rejuvenating after a hot day of work.

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7. Spa Wrap Towel and Turban

Whether living in a dorm room or sharing an apartment with friends, no young lady wants to get out of the shower and walk out of the bathroom to find an unexpected company sitting around. This Spa Wrap Towel and Turban  will help any young woman maintain her modesty as she walks from the bathroom to her bedroom regardless of how many people are visiting the home. The Velcro wrap holds the towel securely closed and launders well.

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8. Color Block Dress

Every young woman needs a professional looking dress for work, to apply for jobs or for those meetings with college officials. This Homeyee Color Block Dress  comes in a very professional style and can be worn alone or with a blazer.

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9. Electric Scooter

Does that young woman on the shopping list need to get from point A to B and is unable to afford a car? If so then this Electric Scooter  will allow that young lady to get around campus or make those short commutes to work in comfort and style. It also makes a great form of transportation for meeting friends on the weekend to just ride around the park.

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10. Stylish Backpack

Whether going to school or working a Stylish Backpack  that will hold a laptop or tablet computer. This backpack has a USB charging cable and USB port as well as thick foam to protect your electronic devices. There are also pockets for water bottles and plenty of room inside for other items. This backpack is made from canvas to prevent rain from ruining anything inside the backpack.

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11. iPad 10.2 inch 

What 19 year girl doesn’t want and appreciates an Apple iPad  for taking notes, browsing the Net, listening to music and watching movies. With 10 hours of battery life this tablet computer is simple and easy to use and lightweight to bring along when attending classes or traveling.

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12. Terrarium Candles

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Sometimes young women just want something pretty for their home or dorm and these beautiful candles are both lovely and have a pleasant scent. These Beautifully Detailed Candles are sure to capture the attention of visitors and add a touch of elegance to any room, apartment or home.

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What Are Some Unique Gifts for a 19 Year Old Girl Who Has Everything?

If that young woman on your shopping list already has most of the items that are on our gift list, here are some other great gift ideas that simply did not make our list.

  • Music – If you know the style of music and artist that the young lady loves  music always makes a great gift for girls of this age. You can even give concert tickets so she can see her favorite artist or group in person.
  • Books – If that young lady likes reading giving some books by her favorite author will make a much appreciated gift she can enjoy in her free time.
  • Spa Day – Most 19 years old girls live on a limited budget so giving them a gift card for a local spa or massage makes a great gift for a relaxing day that the young lady could not afford on her budget.

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We hope that this gift guide makes shopping for those not quite adult 19 yr old females on your shopping list simple and easy.

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