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17 Best Toys and Gifts for 2 Year Old Girls

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Two year old girls are at the stage where they are typically walking well, and this increased mobility allows little girls to explore more of their world. Children this age are no longer babies, but still need parental support, help and a lot of love to spread their wings. Their fine and gross motor skills still need a lot of developing and they are just beginning to engage in imaginative play.

As such, we have chosen only highly rated gifts that will be fun for your child, help them develop necessary skills, and will allow them to explore their growing independence and the world around them in a safe and healthy way.

In order to make using this gift suggestion list as easy as possible for you we have divided it into four sections.

Section 1: Tips for choosing stuff for 2 yr girls

Section 2: 12 Best Toys for Girls age 2

Section 3: 5 Best Non-Toy gift ideas for two yr old girls

Section 4: What do you give the 2 year old girl who has everything?

Helpful Tips for Choosing Fun Gifts for 2 Year Old Girls

  • Choose gifts that will provide your child with the fun factor since children this age need to play.
  • When choosing toys for your little girl make sure to choose toys that allows your child to play on their own and to interact with other family members.
  • Whenever possible try and choose gifts that can grow with the child.

12 Best Toys for 2 Year Old Girls

1. Berenguer Boutique 15 inch Soft Body Doll

What toddler girl doesn’t love dolls and this Cute Little Doll  will allow your daughter to have cute companions to love and care for while engaging in imaginative play. This doll comes with a soft cuddly body, a sweet face and eyes that open and shut. Your little one will also like the fact that this doll comes with fun accessories like a pacifier, bottle, dishes, and an extra outfit. This beautiful doll makes a great gift for any little girl and will help them develop nurturing skills.

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2. Duplo My First Number Train Set

This Duplo Train Set  gives your child two fun ways to play. First they can build their train set and then once the set is completely built your child can use the train to engage in imaginative play. This set is also good for color and number recognition as well as for sorting and developing fine motor skills.

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3. Playmobil Noah’s Ark

This Cute Little Noah's Ark Set  is a perfect toy for engaging a toddler girl in imaginative play. This ark comes with animals which children love such as elephants, giraffes, zebras, doves and Mr. and Mrs. Noah. This ark comes with a handle and really floats on water. Making this ark a bathtub toy, sand toy, or house toy so that your child can play with the toy almost anywhere. The set can be used all together or used separately and can also be used with other playmobil sets for even more imaginative fun. This is a great gift that will last for years.

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4. Melissa and Doug Peg Puzzle Set

Puzzles help young children develop their matching and problem solving skills. The three puzzles in this Melissa and Doug Puzzle Set  will also allow your child to learn the names of different animals and with a little help from a parent the sounds each animal makes. In addition, because of the pegs that make grasping the pieces easy for your child they will like working these puzzles while further developing their fine motor skills. These puzzles will make a great birthday or Christmas gift for any toddler on your shopping list.

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5. Tricycle

Encourage your toddler’s sense of independence with this Cute Little Tricycle by Radio Flyer . This trike will make the perfect gift for any little girl. This trike is perfect for providing your child with years of fun and will help them strengthen their leg muscles and further develop their gross motor skills.

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6. Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk

Toddlers love playing dress up and with Disney Princes Dress Up Trunk  your little one can enjoy dressing up anytime they want. This dress up set comes with 4 tips, 3 skirts, headbands, bracelets, rings, a necklace and even a soft tiara allowing that little one to dress up for the castle ball or for tea time with her dolls. It will help your toddler practice self dressing skills as well although they may need some help especially with the tops and the jewelry.

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7.Lacing Beads

These Large Lacing Beads  are something young children love and will help them develop their fine motor skills. These bright colored beads are great for sorting, color recognition, and develop fine motor skills. If your child still puts things in their mouth you may want to supervise them when playing with this gift, but doing so will make for some great parent/ child or older sibling/child bonding time.

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8. Step2 Panda Climber

The Step2 Panda Climber  is a great gift for little girls age 2. This climber offers a tunnel, a ladder and a slide so that any young child can have fun climbing and sliding while improving their gross motor skills and being able to spend time playing outside. This Panda Climber has rails so that once your child reaches the platform they are less likely to fall off making this climber safer than many other options.

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9. Learning Resources Farmer’s Market Set

Toddlers love playing in the kitchen with play food and this farmer’s market set is a great way to introduce your child and encourage them to love fruits and vegetables. This Farmer's Market Set  comes with 5 baskets and assorted food in 5 different colors. What makes this a great birthday or Christmas gift is not only does this give your child 25 pieces of food for their play kitchen, but allows parents to help children with their sorting and color recognition skills as well as learning how to recognize various fruits and vegetables.

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10. Beach Toy Set

Young girls love playing in the sand and this Cute Little Sandbox Toy Set  will make playing in the sandbox or at the beach much more fun. Your child can build a sand boat or train, load up the back of the cute pastel sand truck with sand and dump it or use the squirt gun for a little water fun. This toy set makes a great gift for any time of the year, but will cause additional excitement if given as a late spring or early summer birthday gift so the child can use it immediately.

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11.Hopping Pink Unicorn

If you are looking for a gift that is sure to cause a little girl on your shopping list to giggle and laugh for long periods of time then this Hoping Pink Unicorn  will make a great gift. Once this unicorn is blown up all the child needs to do is climb on hold onto the ears and bounce all over. Not only is this toy fun for any child, it will also help them to build stamina, balance and develop their gross motor skills.

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12. Broom and Dustpan Set

Toddlers like copying the actions of the adults in their life. And this Broom and Dustpan Set  will allow your child to help “Mom” or “Dad” with the house cleaning while having fun using house cleaning tools just their size. While using these tools are fun for your child it will also help your child develop their fine motor skills and coordination.

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5 Non-Toys Gift Ideas for 2 Year Old Girls

1. A Cute Toddler Dress

While a 2 years old girl may not appreciate a cute little dress, this type of gift is a still a great idea! With them growing so quickly parents will appreciate having size appropriate clothing given to them as a gift. This Cute Little Jumper-like Dress  makes a great gift because the jumper can be worn with different shirts and the shirt can be worn with a cute pair of jeans.

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2. Little Traveler Board Book Set

This Little Board Book Set  introduces your toddler to food, vehicles, landmarks, and animals in 4 8 page books that are durable enough for your little child to look at themselves. Each page has colorful bold pictures that will hold your child’s attention and hopefully begin a lifelong love for books and

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3. Toddler Backpack

This Fun Little Toddler Backpack  is made for smaller girls and will allow them to carry their own toys and snacks with them when traveling or going to the park. This backpack features a cute little rabbit on the front and there is plenty of room inside for your little ones toys.

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4. Toddler Bedding Set

If the 2 year girl in your life has a toddler bed, then a Toddler Bedding Set  will make a great gift for that child on your shopping list. This bedding set comes with a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, pillow case and reversible comfortable with an elastic bottom will be perfect for keeping that toddler all snug and warm on those cold winter nights.

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5. Toddler Girl’s Pajamas

No girl ever has enough pajamas so giving a gift of this Two Pajama Set  makes a great gift. Made from soft cotton these pajamas are good for both summer and winter wear.

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What Are Unique Gifts for a 2 Year Old Girl Who Has Everything?

Give a Gift of Activity – At such a young age most toddlers can get overwhelmed by getting too many gifts at one time. Rather than give a gift that won’t be used simply because the child has received too much stuff at one time, why not give a fun gift of engaging in a fun activity with the child such as having a tea party, baking cookies, or taking them to a park or sledding?

Consider A Gift the Entire Family Can Enjoy – Instead of giving a gift just for the child, why not give a gift the entire family can enjoy such as tickets to puppet shows, or season passes to the zoo or aquarium.

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It is our hope that this gift guide for 2 year old girls will help you find the right gift for the toddlers in your life.

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