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17 Best Toys and Gifts for 1 Year Old Baby Girls

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You wake up one morning and that girl baby you gave birth to is suddenly growing up fast, is pulling herself up to furniture and may even be taking her very first steps. When buying gifts for 1 year old girls there seem to be a plethora of toys to choose from often making choosing the right one overwhelming. You have to find one that is not only fun and that will also aid your child’s physical and cognitive development.


In order to make gift giving easier for children of this age we have created a gift list of highly rated toys and non-toy gifts that will help your child develop their fine and gross motor skills, learn cause and effect, and encourage imaginative play.

To help you save time and find the right gift for that baby girl in your life we have divided this gift guide into 2 main sections.

Section 1: 12 Best toys for 1 years old girls


Section 2: 5 great non-toy gifts ideas for baby girls who are turning 1

Helpful Tips for Choosing Good Gifts for 1 Year Old Girls

  • Keep in mind that any toy will offer your little one a learning experience and most will help them to develop either fine or gross motor skills or both, so don’t become overly stressed about the educational value of children for this age.
  • Choose toys that can grow with your child and that they can use for at least a couple of years.
  • Don’t forget the fun factor when buying for a young child. Oftentimes simple toys are more fun for children of this age than those toys that have multiple lights and sounds.

12 Best Toys for 1 Year Old Girls

1. A Cute Stuffed Animal

This Cute Fluffy Chicken  makes the perfect Christmas, 1st birthday, or Easter gift for a little girl on your shopping list. This chicken is so cuddly that your child will want to take it everywhere with them and this chicken is soft enough for them to sleep while giving them something to cuddle.

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2. Tea Party Set

This Musical Tea Party Set by Fisher Price  is an ideal gift for small children. Not only is this tea fun and allows your child to hear and learn songs, but will also help them learn different colors, counting, and matching the treats to the slots in the serving tray. Best of all, this toy will grow with the child for the next two or three years.

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3. Busy Baby Deluxe Walker

Walkers make great gifts for young children who are not yet walking on their own. Not only does this Deluxe Walker by Fat Brain Toys  offer the baby a stable base they push along in front of them while they take those tentative first steps. The front of the walker has a number of activities to keep that beginning toddler playing happily. This walker has blocks to spin, an xylophone, beads to slide and so much more. In addition there is even a net so your little one can carry their favorite toys along with them while they stroll around the house.

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4. Hide and Squeak Eggs

This Set of Hide and Squeak Eggs  makes a great gift for little ones as they will love cracking the eggs open to get to the colorful chicks inside. In addition, these eggs can help your child develop their coloring matching skills and will be able to fit the different shaped bottom of the eggs to the appropriate shapes on the bottom of the egg carton. Children can count the eggs as well.

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5. Stacking/Building Toy

This 18 Piece Stacking and Sorting Cup Set  is the perfect gift for a little girl and gives them multiple ways to play. They can sort these cups by size or color, use them to begin counting and color identification, nest them, build with them and even use them as a bathtub toy. This toy will grow with your little one and can even be used as a beach or sandbox toy. Building and stacking toys helps to develop hand/eye coordination as well as problem solving skills.

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6. Baby Stella Doll

All little girls love to have a doll to play with and this Baby Stella Doll  is perfect for young girls age 1 since it has safe embroidered features and is cuddly and huggable. Dolls will help young toddlers engage in imaginative play, and give them something to hug when they need to self comfort.

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7. Baby Balance Bike

This Indoor and Outdoor Balance Bike  for young children will help them develop balance and develop their gross motor skills. Your little one can push herself forward and backward and even turn 135 degrees. This bike is designed so that your child won’t tip over sideways making it a safe toy for them to enjoy.

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8. Pound A Ball Toy

This Pound A Ball Toy  is a fun toy for toddlers and will help them to understand cause and effect as well as help with their arm muscle development. This set comes with 4 balls and a mallet as well as ramps that the balls run down and children will love to watch as the balls roll down the ramp and come out the bottom. A simple toy your child will play with over and over again.

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9. Bus Climber and Slide

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If you are looking for the perfect outdoor toy to give as a gift to a young toddler then this No products found. is a perfect choice. The slide and the step to get into the bus and over to slide is low enough that there is little danger of a child getting hurt and they get the added benefit of being able to pretend they are driving a bus. Best of all during the cold winter months this outdoor toy can be brought inside for year round fun.

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10. Pull Along Dog

Pull along toys are a great way to encourage young toddlers to walk and this Cute Little Pull Along Dog  is no exception. Children love the clicking sound this dog makes as it rolls along and love watching the ears swing back and forth. It’s durable enough to handle the rough play of toddlers as well.

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11. Wind Up Penguin Bath Toy

Make bath time more fun for that toddler with this Penguin Bath Toy . You just wind up the arms and this cute penguin will actually swim through the water keeping your little one amused in the tub or a pool. Makes for a great stocking stuffer or Easter basket gift.

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12. Pull Back Vehicles

This Set of 4 Pull Back Vehicles  makes a great toy for young toddlers makes a great gift. Little girls love the pastel colors of these vehicles and they will have a great time playing with these toys along or with their siblings.

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5 Non-Toy Gift Ideas for One Year Old Girls

1. Good Night Moon

This beloved Good Night Moon Story Book  is the perfect to read to your toddler as the little bunny says good night to everything in his room. Books are one of the best gifts you can give any child, and this childhood favorite will likely be a favorite of that little girl on your shopping list.

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2. Cute Outfit

Toddlers grow so fast that clothing always makes a good gift and this Three Piece Pants Outfit with Headband and Ruffled Shirt   will be adorable on any little girl. The outfit comes in several different colors so you should find one that looks perfect on that little girl on your shopping list.

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3. Headband Set for Toddlers

This Cute 10 Piece Headband Set  will give that toddler a headband for almost every outfit in her closet. That little girl will feel like a real princess with these cute bows and flowers for her hair.

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4. Toddler Socks

This Set of Cute Toddler Socks  will keep that little ones feet warm and look great putting the finishing touches on any outfit. Although this is a useful gift these 12 pairs of socks are so cute that toddler will be anxious to wear them.

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5. Toddle Dish Set

This Cute Little Toddler Dish Set   is the perfect size for those toddlers who are just starting to feed themselves. And the fact that the little girl on your shopping list has her own set of dishes will make meal time more fun. This set comes with a sectioned plate, bowl spoon and fork. Great for both snacks and dinner with the family.

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What Are Unique Gift Ideas for a 1-Year-Old Girl Who Has Everything?

With so many great toys and gifts for children this age sometimes parents and other gift givers go all out and buy the child tons of stuff actually overwhelming the child with too many items for them to play with or use. If this has happened to you then it may be at a loss on what to get that small child who seemingly has everything. Here are some alternative gift ideas you could try.

Consider a Special Toy Toy to Keep At Your Home – If the child spends time at your house (such as a grandchild or a niece) then you may want to consider getting a fun toy that can be kept at your house that the child can enjoy when they are with you. Make sure it is something different than they have at home, so they will be excited to play at your house.

Consider A Gift the Child Can Use in the Future – If the child has too many clothes right now consider getting an outfit a size larger that the child can wear once they have outgrown the clothing they have in their closet. Buying a size up will give the child a gift they can use in the future.

Start a Savings Account – While a savings account may not seem like an exciting gift for a 1 year old, investing in their future will make for a great gift for any child who has most everything they want or need. Best of all you can add to the account for other holidays so by the time the child is ready to go out on their own and go to college they have a nice little nest egg.

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Hopefully this gift guide will help you to find the right gift for that 1 yr old girl in your life and streamline your shopping experience. 


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