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16 Best Toys and Gifts for 5 Year Old Girls

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By the time your little girl turns 5 years old she has mastered a host of new skills such as printing their name and perhaps other letters of the alphabet, coloring within the lines, using safety scissors and other other skills. The best toys and gifts for 5 year old girls will improve these new skills, improve their fine and gross motor skills and cognitive abilities while allowing them to have fun at the same time.


This gift suggestion list offers a range of toys and non-toy gift ideas that will provide your 5 year old with the fun factor she wants, by helping them further develop their physical skills while encouraging both mental growth and creativity.

In addition, we have chosen only toys and gifts that receive high ratings from actual users, so you rest assured that these are the best gifts for a little girl of this age.

We have divided this list into 4 sections these sections include:


Section 1 – Tips for picking out fun and exciting gifts for 5 yr old girls

Section 2 – The Top 11 toys for Little Girls Age 5

Section 3 –  Five excellent non-toy gift ideas for 5-year-old girls

Section 4 – What gifts to give a 5 year old girl who has everything?

Helpful Tips for Choosing Good Gifts for 5 Years Old Girls

  • Consider toys and games that a young child will find exciting for a 5th birthday if your little girl is having a bunch of friends over for a birthday party.
  • Look out for stuff that is useful and not just toys. Sometimes a stylish and cool winter coat is just what your girl needs for Christmas.
  • Consider stuff that your daughter can enjoy with her siblings or even her parents. Family time is very important in your girls development at this age
  • Don’t shy away from traditional ‘boy toys’ as girls can really enjoy them if you foster their interest in them.

11 Best Toys for 5 Year Old Girls

1. Flower Garden Building Set

This Build A Flower Garden Building Set  is perfect for little girls. This building set not only helps children develop their fine motor skills it also helps them develop their problem solving skills and encourages their creativity. Children can also use this set to learn the different parts of plants. Young girls will have a great time building their garden and then taking it apart and building again changing the flowers in their garden.

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2. Disney Princess Doll Set

What little girl doesn’t love Disney Princesses and this Set of Twelve Princesses  will make any young girl jump for joy. Some of the princess in this set include: Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Jasmine, Mona and more. This doll set is sure to fuel any girl’s imagination and there are enough dolls that she can even play with her friends.

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3. Rainbow Musical Hand Bells

These Musical Hand Bells  are a great way to get a young child interested in music and they will love learning how to play different songs from the included song sheet. The song sheet includes young children’s favorite songs such as “Old McDonald,” “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” and six other songs. There are 8 bells in the set and parents or siblings can even join the child in duets and making music together.

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4. Stepping Stones

This Set of Stepping Stones  provides children with a chance to engage in active and imaginative play while helping them improve their balance and gross motor skills. These stepping stones can be used indoors or out. Kids can pretend that they are stepping stones across a pond, or they can be used as part of a fun obstacle course in combination with tunnels, monkey bars, and other outdoor toys the child’s family may have.

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5. Quad Seesaw

This Quad Seesaw  is the perfect outdoor gift for any girl to share with siblings or friends while helping develop their gross motor skills. Not only can the child use this as a teeter totter, but they can also use it to spin in circles, a bit like a merry-go-round. This seesaw will make the perfect spring or early summer birthday gift. It also makes a great Christmas gift, if the child can wait until spring to use it or if there is space to set it up in the child’s house.

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6. Operation Game

The Operation Board Game  has been around forever and generations of kids have enjoyed playing doctor and operating on this patient who has a variety of problems that need to be resolved. Not only is this game a lot of fun, but it helps children develop their fine motor skills as they try to remove various parts without making the buzzer go off and the poor guys nose turn red.

Best of all it will bring back memories for parents, who will want to play with their child to see if they still have the patience and skills to be “the doctor.”

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7. Flexible Flyer Snow Saucer

Sledding is a winter pastime most kids love and this Metal Snow Saucer  makes a great gift that kids will be able to use for years to come. Kids love spinning around as they go down those sledding hills and hearing their peals of laughter will make the day of the giver of this gift. If you don’t live in an area that gets much snow, you don’t have to worry because this flying saucer will also work great on sand dunes as well.

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8. Pony Ride On

If you know a little girl who is crazy about horses or dreams of being a cowgirl someday, then this Medallion Ride On Pony  will provide your child with hours of indoor or outdoor fun. This is a Fun Riding Toy that is different from bikes, scooters and even battery operated vehicles. Best of all little girls will get tons of exercise while learning how to make this Ride On Pony go forward and even turn.

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9. Toysical Kids Make Up Kit

Most little girls like experimenting with make and this Non-Toxic Make-Up Kit  is perfect for little girls who love to play dress up or simply want to have their own make-up. Everything comes in a cute little pink case. The kit comes with blush, lip gloss, fingernail polish and even fake nails as well as a manicure and pedicure kit.

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10. Chasing Butterflies Tea Set

Tea parties seem to be part of most little girls childhood and this Ceramic Tea Set  will allow any little girl to enjoy being able to have real beverages in the teapot and cups. Tea parties are a great way for young girls to learn manners and etiquette as well as have fun entertaining friends or family members. Tea sets can provide hours of fun for any little girl on your shopping list.

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11. Talking Microscope

If you are looking for a great way to interest the little girl in your life in science then this GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope  will make a great gift. With over 60 slides that fit into a little compartment right at the base of the microscope. The voice of Bindi Irwin gives your child information and your child can even take quizzes to see how much they have learned.

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5 Great Non-Toys Gifts for 5 Year Old Girls

1. What Should Danny Do?

Encouraging children to read is important, which is why books make for great gifts for young girls who are just beginning to read. The What Should Danny Do? Interactive Book  is not only a good book for beginning readers, but kids love seeing what happens in the story depending on the choices they make. This is a great way to teach children that what they choose to do can make a difference in what happens. It shows kids there are consequences to the things they choose to do.

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2. Nightgown

Little girls love comfortable sleepwear and this Pretty Little Nightgown  will make a great gift for almost any little girl. You can choose a long-sleeve nightgown for those colder nights or a short-sleeved nightgown for the warmer nights.

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3. Skater Dress

This Cute Little Skater Dress  is perfect for school, Christmas, or church. Most little girls will feel like a princess in this dress and will love wearing it with tights and a nice pair of shoes. This dress will make a great gift for any little girl on your shopping list.

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4. Surprise Inside Bath Bombs

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Make that little girl’s bath time a little more special by giving them these Bath Bombs With A Cute Little Surprise Inside. You can choose between farm animals, Safari and Sealife. Kids will love watching these bath bombs fizz away and will be thrilled when they receive the prize inside. This is a great way to make bath time more fun.

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5. Gold Heart Initial Necklace

Why not give that little girl in your life her first real piece of jewelry with this Heart Initial Necklace . The necklace is dainty enough it won’t overwhelm a little girl, and is simple and pretty. Most little girls will love having this necklace to wear for special occasions or for every day.

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What Are Unique Gift Ideas for a 5 Year Old Girl Who Has Everything?

Some five year old girls have everything they could want or need at the moment, which could make gift giving to these lucky little girls a bit difficult. If you happen to be in this situation then here are a few suggestions for alternate gifts that may help.

Consider A Gift They Can Use In the Future – Instead of purchasing a toy or other gift that they can use right now why not purchase an outfit that is a bit too big that they can wear once they outgrow the clothes they have right now. Or consider purchasing a toy that is a little advanced for their current skills, but that they will grow into in the coming months.

Consider a Companion Gift to a Toy they Already Have – For example, if the child has a doll why not purchase a dollhouse or clothing to go with the doll. Or why not give a matching hat and mittens to go with the child’s winter coat.

Give A Gift of Experience – Most children of this age are just beginning to explore the larger world in which they live, so why not aid in that exploration by giving them a gift of experience whether that means gift certificates to the local bounce house or zoo or take them for their train ride or having their hair done at a beauty shop. Young children enjoy the feeling of being special and certainly enjoy doing something that is different than what they do on a daily or even weekly basis.

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