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10 Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for Coworkers

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In the spirit of the holidays many companies have a Christmas gifts exchange. Whether that gift exchange comes in the form of drawing a name out of a hat, a secret Santa exchange, or the white elephant game one rule of these gift exchanges is always the same.


Find a gift your coworker will like that falls within a set price rang. The price is usually pretty low to ensure that every employee can afford to buy a gift.

As a result if this  we put together our list of the best inexpensive Christmas gift ideas for you to give your coworkers this holiday shopping season.

All of our gifts are highly rated and useful as well as affordable.


Small Christmas Gifts for CoWorkers

1. Scented Candle Gift Set

This Set of Aromatherapy Candles  comes in beautiful containers with lids and makes a great gift for any female coworker on your shopping list who enjoys relaxing after a long day at work. After the candles are used up, you can clean the containers and use them for decorative storage containers.

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2. Christmas Coffee or Tea Cup

This Cute Penguin Christmas Coffee and Tea Cup  will make a great gift for any coworker on your shopping list. This cup will keep a bit of holiday cheer in the office all year long and put a smile on your coworker’s face. Combine the cup with a box of Christmas cookies and this will be a great inexpensive Christmas present.

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3. Desk Organizer

This Handsome Leather Desk Organizer  makes a great gift for any coworker who has a business or home office. This makes a wonderful inexpensive gift for both men and women and best of all it is an extremely useful gift.

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4. Magnetic Photo Frames

The Magnetic Photo Frames  make great inexpensive Xmas gifts since almost everyone on the planet has memories they would like to record in pictures. In fact, if you have pictures of the coworker you are gifting the frames too why not put them into the magnetic photo frames and make this inexpensive present gift more personal.

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5. Clip on Book Light

If you have a coworker that spends a good deal of time reading then this Clip On Book Light  will make a great small Christmas gift for coworkers. This book light easily clips onto any book you are reading and focuses the light on the page you are reading.

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6. Coffee Bean Grinder

If you have a coworker that loves fresh ground coffee why not give them the gift of their very own Small Coffee Bean Grinder  as an inexpensive gift. Include with the gift some Premium Kion Coffee Beans  that will get them started with their new grinder and you are sure to have a hit gift on your hands.

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7. Handy Household Tool Set

If you are looking for cheap Christmas gifts for coworkers this Handy Household Tool Set  will make a great gift. The set comes with 20 pieces and has everything most people will need to make small household repairs. This tool set makes a perfect gift for either a male or female coworker and is something they will find useful.

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8. Manicure Set

Another inexpensive gift for a female coworker is a Nice Manicure Set . This manicure set comes in a nice soft brown case and has everything you need to keep your fingernails and toenails neatly trimmed and looking their best.

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9. Elegant Christmas Ornament

If you are looking for a cheap gift for coworkers that will remind them of you year after year then what could be better than gifting an Elegant Christmas Ornament  they can put on their tree year after year. This lovely porcelain Santa will make a lovely gift for any coworker on your shopping list.

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10. Gourmet Popcorn Set

Popcorn tends to be a favored treat at Christmas time and this Gourmet Popcorn Set  makes a great gift for a male coworker who loves his snacks. Your coworker will enjoy decorating their Christmas tree or watching movies while enjoying some of these great flavored popcorn seasons.

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What are Some Gift Ideas for those Hard to Please Coworkers?

It’s happened to all of us, you draw the name of a hard to please coworker who simply doesn’t seem to like any gift they are given. If this happens to you, here are some alternate gift ideas that are sure to please that difficult coworker.

1. Gift Certificate to Their Favorite Restaurant

If all else fails then why not get that hard to please coworker a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant. Most restaurants will give you a gift certificate for any amount you wish so it will be easy to stay within the budget set for the gift.

2. Donate To A Cause Your Coworker Believes In

If your coworker has a cause they feel passionate about, why not donate to that cause in their cause in their name. Since Christmas is the season for giving donating to a cause in your coworker’s name just may be the ideal gift for that hard to please coworker.


We hope that these suggestions for inexpensive Christmas gifts for coworkers will help you find the right gift for your next gift exchange.



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