14 Fantastic & Unique Gift Ideas for Knitters

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Not only is knitting a relaxing hobby, but the end result is you end up with many useful articles of clothing, blankets and other items. Knitters are passionate about their hobby and most constantly have one or more projects going continuously.

If you have a knitter in your family or circle of friends, then choosing a gift close to a knitter’s heart will please them to no end. In this list we have chosen only highly rated gifts for knitters because they deserve the best! Here is a look at the best knitting gift ideas.

Best Knitting Gifts

1. Yarn

There is no such thing as a knitter having enough yarn so giving a knitter a gift of some Beautiful Yarn  to use when creating one of their projects. This yarn comes in 3 skein bundles and a choice of multiple colors. This yarn is ultra soft and perfect for sweaters, hats and scarves and even sweaters..

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2. Knitting Bag

Another great present for knitters is getting them a sturdy knitting bag. This ArtBin Needle Arts Caddy  will help you keep your needles and yarn well organized and ready to be used. This caddy has a foldable design making it great for travel since you can just fold it and go. The needle holder rolls up keeping your needles organized and safe.

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3. Yarn Ball Winder

One of the least enjoyable parts of knitting is winding that yarn into balls. If you want a unique gift for knitters then why not consider this Handy Ball Winder . This ball winder has an unbreakable metal crank and makes winding that skein of yarn into a neat and tidy ball for knitting simple and easy and actually fun.

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4. Magical Woodland Knits Book

Avid knitters are always looking for new ideas for knitting projects so why not take a page from their book and present them with some new and interesting knitting gift ideas by presenting them with knitted woodland critters knitting book.

Any passionate and skilled knitter will love this Magical Woodland Knitting Book  and be thrilled to create gifts for children and adults of one of these cute little animals.

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5. Pom Pom Maker

If you are looking for small gifts for knitters as stocking stuffers then these Pom-Pom Makers  will make an ideal gift for any knitter who makes stocking caps. These pom-pom makers come in 4 different sizes making it possible to make pom poms of various sizes to meet every need.

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6. Blocking Mats

These Blocking Mats  make a great present for knitters. These blocking mats have grids to help you match up your blocking and hold your knitting taut. These mats come with blocking combs that have either 4 or 8 pins making it easier to attach your knitting to the foam blocking board.

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7. Stitch Markers

Though not expensive Stitch Markers  make a great gift for knitters. Being able to mark rows of stitches with these colorful markers makes knitting much simpler and easier. These stitch markers make a great small gift on their own or you can include them as part of a surprise knitting basket with some yarn, a knitting book, pom pom makers and even some knitting needles.

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8. Interchangeable Needles

These Interchangeable Needles  are sure to delight any one who loves to knit. These needles come with 9 tips from US 4 through 11. There are 4 cords 24X1, 32X2 and 40X1. It also has size markers. End caps, cord keys and carrying case.

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9. Knitting Needle Case

This Knitting Case  holds up to 11 inch needles and is perfect for storing all of those extra straight and circular needles that most knitters seem to accumulate. The case has a durable nylon exterior and top flaps to hold the needles in when opening the case. The case has 12 pockets of different depths.

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10. Yarn Cutter Pendant

This Yarn Cutter Pendant  makes a great gift for anyone who enjoys knitting while traveling. The body of the pendant is zinc and the cutting blade is steel. The pendant measures 2 by 1 ½ inches and can be hung on a ribbon and worn around the neck where it is handy to cut the yarn as needed. It does a great job at cutting yarn.

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11. Lace knitting to Go

This is 25 Lace Knitting Patterns  each on individual cards so the knitter can select the lace pattern they want to work on and pull the card instead of struggling with a large and bulky book. Each pattern comes with detailed instructions and color photographs with stitch charts to provide a reference for the project.

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What Are Unique Gift Ideas for the Knitter Who Has Everything They Could Possible Need?

If you friend or relative has been knitting for many years then may be a position where they have everything they could need or want for their special hobby. If that happens to be the case, there are some alternative gifts you can consider to show them that you understand their passion.

1. A Coffee or Tea Mug

What knitter doesn’t work with a cup of tea or coffee by their side at least some of the time so why not give them a Knitting Inspired Mug  in which to enjoy a warm drink as they work.

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2. A Yarn Inspired T-Shirt

Let that knitter in your life declare her hobby with pride with this “Yarn Whisperer” T-shirt . The T-shirt comes in sizes ranging from small to 3XL. It makes a great gift for Christmas, a birthday, Mother’s day etc.

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3. An Adorable Pin Perfect for Knitters

A truly unique gift for knitters is this Adorable Llama Sweater Pin  to put on their knitting bag or on their jacket. This cute little spin is sure to make anyone who works with yarn smile and they will appreciate the thought of such a fanciful gift.

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