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10 Lovely Gift Ideas for Crocheters

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Crocheting is a hobby that many people enjoy. It is a hobby that allows many women and more than a few men to create personal clothing, items for the home, and even some toys and decorations. It is a great past time that crochet lovers to take great pride in!


If you have an avid crocheter in your life then you may be looking for some creative crocheting gift ideas for those who are passionate about crocheting. Here is a look at the best gifts for crocheters.

Best Gifts for People Who Love To Crochet

1. Crocheting Yarn

One thing that no crocheter ever has enough of is crocheting yarn. This Set of Crochet Yarn  comes in 15 pearl balls in colors that include blues, greens, purples, orange, yellow, pinks, and red. Buying a double set of this yarn will ensure that the crocheter in your life has enough yarn for several different projects.

This yarn is also perfect for other types of projects such as string art or cross stitching making it suitable for someone who is into a number of yarn type hobbies.


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2. Yarn Drum

For those crocheters who like to take their projects with them when traveling, having a Handy Yarn Drum  to keep the yarn neat and clean will make a great gift for people who crochet. This yarn drum will hold up to 8 full skeins of yarn which you can access from a slot in the top of the drum. There is a mesh pocket to store patterns, needles, scissors and other useful items. There is also a top carry handle as well as shoulder strap.

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3. Yarn Bowl

An Attractive Yarn Bowl  with a lid makes a thoughtful and beautiful Crocheting Christmas gift for someone you care about. This yarn bowl is made from 100% bamboo and has a nice glossy finish. There is a lid to put on the bowl when the yarn is not being used to help keep it clean. This yarn bowl is perfect for leaving the yarn sitting out.

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4. Crochet Needle Kit

This Crochet Needle Kit  makes a great gift for crocheters. This kit features a beautiful flowered case with 9 needs of various sizes. The needles have soft ergonomic rubber handles that help prevent hand strain and deep needle points that help to keep yarn from sliding off while you are crocheting.

The kit also includes a small ruler with holes telling you the different needle sizes, stitch markers, yarn needles and more.

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5. Yarn Ball Winder and Yarn Swift

This Ball Winder and Yarn Swift  makes winding those skeins of yarn into usable balls quick and easy. Both will attach to any straight table edge that is 1 ¾ inches thick. Both the yarn ball winder and the swift are easy to set up and take down and they collapse so that they are easier to store. This combo is a great crocheting gift idea for anyone who loves to crochet.

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6. Yarn Cutter Necklace

If you are looking for a Yarn Cutting Pendant Necklace  to give as a stocking stuffer to the crocheter on your shopping list then this clover pendant cutter is a great choice. This cutter has a zinc body with steel blades and measures 2 by 1 ½ inches. You can simply place the pendant on a ribbon and wear it around your neck allowing you to cut your crochet yarn wherever you happen to be.

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7. Crochet Stitch Bible

TheCrochet Stitch Bible  makes a great gift is one of the best crochet gifts for both beginners and those who have been crocheting for years.

This Bible contains information on choosing your yarn and needles, reading patterns, checking gauges and joining pieces as well as a ton of additional information.

Then there are 500 crochet stitches with pictures and patterns with instructions and photographs and so much more. It’s a reference book that any one who crochets will treasure.

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8. A Crocheting T-Shirt

If you are looking for a more unique gift for that crocheter in life why not give that crocheting friend or relative this Cute Crochet Themed T-Shirt . The T-shirt comes in sizes small through 3X and several great colors. This shirt will look great with jeans and will declare the wearers love of their favorite hobby.

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9. African Animals Crochet Kit

Most crocheters love making gifts for kids and so if you are buying a gift for a crocheter who loves using their hobby to make gifts then this African Animals Crochet Kit  is great. This kit has patterns to make 12 different animals. Plus all the material needed to complete a warthog and Lion. Any child and more than a few adults will be thrilled with receiving one of these animals and any crocheter will be thrilled with getting this kit to make this cute little zoo.

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10. Crocheter Lovers Mug

Put a smile on that crocheting friends or relatives face by giving them a Humorous Crocheter's Mug  so they can enjoy a hot drink while they are stitching away. You can add a bit to the gift by filling it with yarn markers or their favorite hot drink mix.

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What Do You Give A Crochet Lover Who Seems To Have It All?

In some cases, the crocheter you want to give a gift to may have everything they seem to need to continue their hobby for many years to come. If that is the case, then here are some alternate gifts that you can give to that crocheting friend or relative.

1. A Gift Certificate

Why not consider giving a gift certificate to your crocheter’s favorite store that sells crocheting supplies. A gift certificate will allow the receiver to buy yarn, needles, pattern books or whatever else they need.

2. An Advanced Crochet Class

If the crocheter in your life is a beginner or intermediate crocheter why not pay for them to take an advanced crocheting class where they can join with others who share their interests while learning new stitches and patterns.

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