11 Great ‘The Office’ Themed Gifts for Diehard Fans

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During its 9 year run the television show “The Office” had somewhat of a cult following, Many of these people still lament the end of the show and watch reruns of the series over and over again. 

It is, by many accounts, one of the best Television Shows of all-time making it a favorite of among people and merchandise related to the show is often a great gift idea for fans.

If someone on your shopping list was and still is, a big fan of TV show then why not get them a fun office themed gift!

Best Gift Ideas for ‘The Office’ Super Fans

Below are some great “office” themed gifts. Like all of the gifts we select for our guides the products on this list are highly rated and loved by their recipients!

1. Office Trivia Game

True fans of the show will love this The Office Trivia Game  based on the show. This game is perfect for true fans of the series and will test their knowledge of the show and all of its characters. Winners of this game will enjoy bragging rights for being an expert of the show. In addition, players will love reliving their favorite episodes of the show as they play the game.

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2. Dundee Award

The Dundee Award  will make a great gift for that person who is a fan of “The Office” and just got a promotion at their place of employment. A cute little statute and a great conversation piece. The award makes a perfect gift for anyone who works in an office.

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3. Dwight Schrute Throw Pillow Covers

Looking for a great housewarming gift for fans of The Office? If so then you may want to give these Dwight Schrute Throw Pillow Covers . Since these are just the covers you may also want to buy the inserts to put inside so the gift is a complete pillow. These pillow covers also make a great gift for a man cave as well.

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4. Prison Mike Dress Socks

If you are looking for a great “Office” inspired birthday or Christmas gift for a gentleman on your shopping list then these Prison Mike Dress Socks  will make a fun gift. What fun would it be to be all dressed up in that business suit and these socks showing that even people in the business world have a sense of humor.

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5. The Office Dunder Mifflin Scranton Branch Building Set

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This Lego like building set is a No products found.. This comes with 3 fan favorite figurines Jim, Dwight and Michael and their own work spaces. This set even has Pam watercolor painting to add to the realistic look of this model office. Fans will love building and then displaying their own office based on their favorite show.

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6. Jim and Pam Keychains

This Pair of Jim and Pam Key Chains  will make a great fun gift for those fans of the “The Office” who are getting married, or celebrating an anniversary as well as a Christmas gift for a couple. Put the two key chains and they form a heart and the saying on each “You are the Pam to my Jim.” and “ You are the Jim to my Pam” is both funny and sentimental.

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7. Dwight Schrute Bobblehead

A fun gift for a gift exchanged or simply for someone who is an extreme “The Office” fan this Dwight Bobblehead Figurine  will look great on a desk or sitting on a shelf in the home. At 7 inches tall this figurine is sure to get noticed and everyone is going to want to get Dwight’s head bouncing around.

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8. The Office Mug Set

This The Office Mug Set  is made up of three coffee mugs with famous sayings from the show “The Office” One mug bears the legend “That What” The second mug bears the legend “ World’s Best Boss” and the third bears the legend “Bears, Beets Battlestar Galacttia.” These coffee mugs makes a great gifts since that ‘Office’ fan can enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or when watching reruns of the show.

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9. Schrute Farms Women’s Shirt

This Schrute Farms Women's Sweatshirt with Pockets  comes in sizes small to extra large and 6 different colors. This shirt shouts “The Office” fan to everyone who sees it and looks great with jeans or shorts. The shirt is cute and stylish. The shirt is also very comfortable which will make it a favorite to wear.

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10. Funko Pop Jim Halpert

This Funko Pop Jim Halpert Figurine  makes a great stocking stuffer as a gift for anyone who likes the show. You can combine this figurine with the other ‘Office” figurines as well for an even larger gift as well. These cute little figurines look great on a desk or in a display case.

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11. The Office Complete Series

Probably the greatest gift for a huge fan of the show is to present that them with The Complete 9 Season Series of The Office . This is a gift that any fan of this show will treasure forever and watch over and over again.

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There are just some shows that fans hate to see end and “The Office” is one of those shows. This gift guide will help you to choose a fun and funny merchandise for those who simply can’t forget the joy or laughter this TV Show has brought to them.

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