Good Organizational Gifts for OCD People

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People with obsessive compulsive disorder often tend to have an internal need to have everything in its place and organized in accordance with some internal idea of organizations. They may also have an overwhelming and uncontrollable need to avoid germs and dirt often washing their hands, or cleaning items in their home over and over again. This can cause these people to feel constantly anxious and unable to relax.

When choosing gifts for OCD friends you want to find those gifts that will help them relax and perhaps even allow them to laugh at their condition a little bit. 

To help you in your search for that perfect gift we have split this guide up into 3 sections.

Section 1: Good Gifts for Organizers 

Section 2: Best Gift Ideas for OCD Friends To Help Them Relax

Section 3: Funny OCD Gag Gifts

Here is a look at some good gifts for people with OCD. As always we are careful to select only the very best gift ideas with the highest ratings!

Best Gifts for Organizers and People with OCD

1. Laundry Organizer

If you are looking for OCD gifts for someone who has a compulsive need to stay organized then this Handy Laundry Organizer  makes a great gift that allows the receiver of this gift to keep their whites, lights, dark clothes and towels neatly sorted when they are waiting to be washed. By reducing the stress in this one small area you can ensure that your friend feels a little less anxious.

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2. Stackable Can Organizer

For those friends who feel an overwhelming need to keep their cupboards neat, tidy and strictly organized then giving them one or two of these Stackable Can Organizers  can make it possible for your friend to keep their can goods neatly organized with very little effort saving them from having to constantly organize their can goods over and over again.

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3. Cutting Board With Containers

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If you want a gift for OCD friends who have an obsessive need to keep their food separated from touching one another then this No products found. will make a great gift. Your friend will be able to cut each food item on the cutting board and then slide the cut food into a container via the slot in the bamboo cutting board before cutting the next vegetable, fruit, meat slices or cheese. The containers even come with a handy lid so your friend can store any left over food.

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4. Invisible Shelving

This Invisible Shelving Set  makes a great gift for organizers. For someone with OCD invisible shelving will help them keep things neatly organized, which may help reduce some of the stress they feel when things are out of place.

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5. Drawer Organizers

If you have a friend who feels panicked if their underwear touches their socks, or their shorts touch their T-shirts then why not present them with a Gift of Drawer Organizers . If you have a friend who actually feels the need to have everything organized drawer dividers makes a great organizational gift and will help anyone with OCD feel more in control of their environment.

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6. Pull Down Spice Rack

This Pull Down Spice Rack  will make finding any needed spice simple and easy. Cooking in an disorganized kitchen can be difficult for most people, but for those who can’t function when things are out of order cooking when the spices they need are difficult to find can derail their entire night’s of cooking. 

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7. Door Shoe Rack

If that pile of shoes on your friends closet floor is causing them stress then why not give them a Gift of a Door Shoe Rack  so that they can arrange their shoes neatly into pairs and keep them off the floor of their closet where they are easy to find and reach.

This is a great gift for people with OCD or some who is simply an organizer!

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8. Stackable Fridge Food Organizers

If you have a friend that is always compulsively checking and rearranging the food in their fridge then why not gift them with this Handy Set of Stackable Fridge Food Organizers  so that they can see at a glance that everything in their refrigerator is neat and tidy.

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Gift Ideas for OCD Friend to Help Them Relax

1. Eucalyptus Candles

The scent of eucalyptus is known to help relieve stress and most people with OCD suffer from a good deal of stress, so giving a Gift of Some Eucalyptus Candles  may help your friends reduce some of the stress that their condition causes, allowing them to relax for at least short periods of time.

The lovely scent of these candles will gently relax the mind and allow for a sense of calmness.

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2. Relaxing Epsom Salt Infused Bath Bombs

If you are looking for some great gifts for OCD friends to help them relax enough to get a good night’s sleep by helping to reduce stress and anxiety before bed, then these 12 Lovely Bath Bombs  may do the trick. A warm scented back combined with essential oils and Epsom salt can be the ultimate healer for stressed muscles and a stressed mind so that whoever you’re buying for can rest better at night and feel less anxious. 

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3. Toothbrush Sterilizer

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If you know someone suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder that is overly concern with germs and ends up washing their hands a dozen times or constantly cleaning their toothbrush or razor this No products found. may help slow their compulsion to continually clean their toothbrush and razor giving them more time to relax and easing some of their their anxiety.

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4. Meditation CD

This Meditation CD  offeres 12 tracks of exercises to help relax the mind and the body and may help reduce some of those OCD tendencies. Studies show that meditation can actually help people reduce or overcome their OCD tendencies so what could make a better gift for someone who is dealing with OCD than a mediation CD that offers short meditation exercises that are easy to follow.

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5. Healing Nature Sounds CD

This Healing Nature Sounds CD  is the perfect OCD gift for friends who need to relax and get a good night’s sleep. Thunder, the sound of rain or ocean waves can be extremely relaxing to most people. These nature sounds are perfect for reducing stress and easing people into a good night’s sleep.

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Funny OCD Gag Gifts for a Close Friend

1. OCD T-Shirt

If you have a friend who has OCD and a sense of humor, this Funny OCD T-shirt  should make them smile. The shirt comes in a number of different colors and allows your friend to see the humor in their compulsive need to have everything in a set order. Being able to see the humor in their disorder will help you friends or family members view their disorder from a different point of view.

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2.Humorous OCD Coffee Cup

If you have a friend or relative that is able to see the humorous side of their compulsive behavior then a Funny OCD Coffee Mug  is sure to put a smile on your friend’s face. This cup will make morning coffee more enjoyable knowing that you see their behavior as humorous rather than frustrating.

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OCD is a serious condition so finding a great gift that will make a person with compulsive tendencies stay organized, relaxed or laugh at their condition, may make life a little less stressful for those suffering from this condition. It is our hope that one of these gift suggestions will help to make life a little easier for your OCD friend or relative.

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