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15 Great Gifts for Golf Lovers: Gifts Both Men & Women Love

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Most golfers are passionate about their sport, talking and even dreaming about the perfect day at the golf course and achieving their best score of all time. If you have a golfer in your life, then finding a unique golf gift for the golf lover you love will earn you more appreciation than you could probably ever want.

Here is a look at some great golf gifts for men and women that range from extremely useful to fun and quirky.

Best Gifts for Golfers

1. Golf Swing Warm Up Stick

This golf warm up stick  is one of the best golf gifts to give to a golf lover to help them improve their game by allowing them to build their strength and flexibility. With just 10 to 20 minutes of swinging this stick a day most people’s golf game improves.

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2. Gopher Golf Club Cover

If you are looking for a cute and useful golf gift idea for a woman or a man then this cute little gopher golf club cover  will be a good choice. This gopher is made using high-grade materials and made to fit fairway woods, putters and hybrids. It is one golf club cover that is sure to make any golfer smile. Present them with 2 or 3 of these cute covers and they will have a family of gophers living in their golf bag.

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3. PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer

This putting trainer  is the ideal gift for any golfer looking to improve their putts. Designed to simulate the exact conditions of putting into a real hole it’s a great tool for improving your putting at various distances. This trainer will fold and fit easily into your golf bag.

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4. Remarkable Golf Courses

Just like surfers like reading about interesting areas to surf and skiers love reading about great skiing mountains, golfers like reading about great and unique golf courses  around the world. From some of the oldest golf courses to some of the most difficult and unusual holes this book is filled with stories, pictures, and golf courses that any golfer will love.

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5. M6 Driver

Every golfer wants to have the very best golf clubs at their disposal and this M6 driver  will be a club any golfer will treasure. This club is made using the best materials and its aerodynamic design increases club head speed for great distances.

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6. Golf Towels

Golf towels  come in handy for cleaning balls, golf club heads and even eyeglasses while out on the course. Giving that golfer a golf related gift like these microfiber towels will make a handy tool for any golfer who hits the links. These towels 16 inch by 16 inch size is perfect for a morning or afternoon out on the links.

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7. Golf Laser Rangefinder

This laser rangefinder for golfers  makes a great golfer Christmas gift. This rangefinder measures the angle of incline and decline, confirms the distance to the flagstick and allows golfers to see multiple distances to multiple targets at once. This laser rangefinder gives golfers accurate information to help them improve their golf gaming.

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8. Golfing Water Bottle

Golfing can be thirsty work and this golfing water bottle  comes with a laser engraved golfer and can be personalized with the golfers name. This golfing water bottle is great for the golfer to carry around water, juice or Gatorade when golfing on those warm days.

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9. Garage Golf Bag Organizer

If you are looking for a cool golfing gift for the golfer who seems to have everything consider this garage golf bag organizer . Golfers take excellent care of their clubs and having a place to store all of their golf clubs and golfing supplies together helps keep things from getting damage or loss. This durably constructed golf bag organizer holds 2 golf bags and also has shelves for extra equipment.

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10. Desktop Golf Game and Pen Set

If the golfer in your life spends time in an office then this desktop golf game and pen set  makes a lovely Christmas or birthday gift. This gift comes with e golf club shaped pens (red, blue and black) in a cute case where one half of the case is made like a mini putting green. Two mini golf balls also come with the set.

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11. Caddyswag Golf Bag Cooler

This golf bag cooler  is made from durable 300X600D polyester and measures 19 inches long and 8 inches wide. This cooler bag is not only insulated, it also comes with a freezer pack. This cooler is designed to be placed in either the golfers golf bag or in the golf cart and will keep their drinks cold hole after hole.

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12. Emoji Golf Balls

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If the golfer in your life has everything a golfer could need and also has a sense of humor then these No products found. will make a hit of a gift. These practice golf balls will add color and fun to those practice golfing sessions. Not only do these emoji golf balls make a great personal gift for your favorite golfer they also will make a hit as part of a prize at golfing tournaments or other golfing occasions.

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13. Golf Club Cleaning Set

A clean golf club aids the golfer getting optimum spin on the ball. This golf club cleaning set  makes a great Christmas for the avid golfer. This golf cleaning set comes with a golf club cleaning brush, matching divot tool and a sharp pick. Best of all this cleaning set attaches right to the golf bag so it is always handy whenever it is needed.

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14. Putting Green

All golfers like having putting greens in their home and this kidney shaped putting green  will make a great gift for beginner or even experienced golfers. This putting green is 3 feet by 9 feet and kidney shaped. It has non-skid backing, a high quality putting surface and built in sand trap cutouts. Best of all this putting green is made in the USA.

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15. Play 9 Golf Card Game

Even the most avid golfer can’t spend 24 hours a day on the links, so why not give them this great golf card game  so they can “play golf” with their family or friends when spending time at home. It gives golfer family members a chance to join in the game even if they are not golfers themselves.

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If you are looking for some fun, useful or unique golfing gifts for the golf lovers in your life then one of these gifts from our lists should thrill the golf lover in your life.

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