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10 Great Retirement Gifts for Dads & Men

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Your father has worked hard all of his life and still managed to give you time and love as you were growing up. Now that you are an adult and your father is coming to the end of his working career and you are looking for the best gift money can but that not only to acknowledges his retirement, but to thank him for all the love and support he has given you over the years.


For those of you who are looking for a special retirement gift for your dad here are some of the best gift ideas your father will love as he retires.

To make finding the right gift for dads who are retiring simple and easy we have divided this gift guide into three distinct sections.

Section 1: Tips for choosing a good retirement present for your father


Section 2: 10 top retirement gifts for dads

Section 3: What to give the Retired man who has everything?

As always we have chosen only the highest rated gifts to ensure that each gift is of the highest quality.

Helpful Tips for Choosing the Best Retirement Gifts for Men

  • Has your dad mentioned something special he wants to do once he retires or shown an interest in starting a specific hobby? If something associated with his interest will be appreciated.
  • If your dad still enjoys being active look for gifts that will encourage him to continue to be active for years to come.
  • Many people view their retirement as being put out and feel as though they are no longer wanted or needed, if this is the case with your dad, consider giving him a gift that reminds him how much he is still needed by you and your family.

10 Best Retirement Gifts for Dads

1. Pocket Watch

A Pocket watch is a classic among retirement gifts for men, and this Stunning Pocket Watch  will make a great gift for your father’s retirement. You make the gift even more special by including a heartfelt note or letter letting him know that now he has the time to pursue those hobbies he never had time for when he was working a full time job, as well as having more time to spend with you and your family.

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2. Gardening Tool Set

This Handy Gardening Set  is a great option if you’re looking for gifts for a retired dad with no hobbies! Many men turn their attention to a new hobby such as gardening on a small or large scale once they retire and this  makes the perfect gift for anyone who wants to try their hand at gardening. Throw in a few packets of seeds or starter plants and with this retirement gift your dad will have everything he needs to get started on an interesting hobby.

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3. Ereader

If your dad is an avid reader at retirement then a Top Quality Ereader  will make the perfect retirement gift for men. Your dad can take his Ereader anywhere and have access to thousands of books and magazines.

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4. A New Wallet

Since your dad is starting a new chapter in his life, then why not have him start it with an elegant new wallet. This Calf Leather Coach Wallet  will hold everything your father needs to carry with him and make him feel proud each and every time he pulls it out of his pocket to pay a bill.

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5. A Funny Coffee Mug

If your dad has a sense of humor then a Funny Retirement Coffee Mug  will make a great gift especially if you include a can or bag or his favorite coffee to go along with the cup. This mug will remind your dad that he can enjoy his morning cup of coffee without worrying about watching the clock.

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6. Recliner

Your dad has worked all of his life so after retirement he deserves to relax in style and a Recliner with Heat and Vibration  to massage sore muscles is the perfect place for him to relax and read or even take a nap.

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7. Camera

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Whether your dad just enjoys a photography hobby or plans on traveling with his new found free time after retirement this No products found. will make a great retirement gift. It contains everything to allow your dad to take photos of almost anything that he imagines.

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8. Slippers

Once on retirement your father will probably spend more time working around the house and so a Pair of Comfortable Slippers  will be appreciated. These slippers come in several different colors and will provide both warmth and comfort for your dad’s feet.

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9. Samsung LED Screen TV

Whether your father enjoys watching the latest movie on Netflix or nature shows, he will really enjoy watching his favorite shows on a large LED television. This Samsung Television  has been purchased by thousands of families and will produce a clear picture that your dad will enjoy for years after retirement.

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10. Foot Massager

After years of working to support a family, running after kids and grandkids, your dad needs to be pampered after he retires and this Foot Massager  will not only pamper him, but will keep his feet healthy for a long time to come.

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What Are Unique Gift Ideas To Give the Retiree Who Already Has Everything?

In many cases your father may already have everything he could ever want or need when he retires, so here are some alternate gifts suggestions for retirement for your dad who seems to have everything.

1. Give Him the Gift of Travel

If your dad already has everything he could want to be comfortable at home in his retirement years, why not give him and your mother the gift of travel. Buy tickets for them to visit old friends they haven’t seen in years, or to some location they have been talking about visiting, or a nice week long cruise where they can meet other retired people and enjoy a little adventure.

2. Give Him the Gift of Your Time and Company

One of the things retirees look forward to the most is spending more time with their family. Why not plan some things you and dad can do together or that he can do with your entire family. He’ll likely enjoy being invited to dine at your home, or go on a family camping trip or even enjoy being included in family game night. The time you spend with him may be one of the best gifts he will ever receive.

3. Throw a Surprise Retirement Party With His Best Friends

One great gift idea is throwing a retirement party for your father and inviting all of his best friends and co-worker who have been there through the year. A retirement party is pretty traditional when someone retires so you could really make your dad happy if you plan this out well!

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