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All About Official Baby Yoda Merchandise

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There have been over 2 million tweets about this little being and countless Internet searches. It has been deemed the cutest baby ever, but what in the world is a Baby Yoda and Where did it come from? While it is possible to answer both of these questions, neither can be answered fully or to most people’s satisfaction.

What is Baby Yoda?

One look at “the Child” and it is clear that he is from the same race as the old Jedi Master Yoda, hence the name Baby Yoda, but since no one knows what race Yoda was, Baby Yoda’s race is a mystery as well. In fact, we don’t even know if Baby Yoder is a male or female. However, when you stop to consider that there have been two adult Yoda like creatures Yoda and Yaddle, and now a Baby Yoda, it is probably safe to assume that somewhere out there in space there is an entire planet of Yoda like creatures.

Where Did Baby Yoda Come From?

In the world of reality Baby Yoda comes from the Disney+ Star Wars Series the Mandalorian where he appeared at the end of the very first episode and is referred simply as the child. However, in the Star War world, no one knows what planet or even galaxy this little green child with a fuzzy head and big eye and ears comes from.

What We Know About Baby Yoda?

When you stop to think about it, we actually know very little about Baby Yoda. We know he is little and cute. We know he coos, is 50 years old and that he has some force powers. We also know that from the moment he appeared on screen he captured the hearts and imagination of millions of Star War fans and that references to him have broken the Internet.

Now everyone is looking for plush Baby Yodas and Baby Yoda action figures to give as Christmas gifts, but there are no official baby Yoda toys to be had anywhere this holiday season (2019) leaving people to wonder why?

Did Disney Miscalculate Baby Yoda’s Appeal?

Since Disney is known for their fast merchandising of just about everything from their movies and shows, people are wondering if Disney made a mistake by not having Baby Yoda merchandise on the market before the airing of the first episode of the Mandalorian. But according to Mandalorian creator Joh Favreau, Disney made no mistake. Favreau, who was afraid that if Baby Yoda merchandise came out before the first episode aired that it would spoil the surprise for the audience asked Disney to hold off producing any Baby Yoda toys and Disney agreed. Since the Mandalorian did not air until after the middle of November, this left no time to produce Baby Yoda toys prior to the holidays.

While Disney is producing Baby Yoda toys they won’t be ready by this holiday season. So there simply will be no official Baby Yoda toys available until 2020.

Baby Yoda Hits the Black Market

*Out of respect for Disney we have chosen to remove links to the Black Market products that were originally listed below

With the demand for Baby Yoda plush dolls and other toys growing daily and nothing official being available in time for the holiday individuals have taken advantage of the void and are hoping to cash in on parents desperation to place a Baby Yoda under the tree for their hopeful children are cashing in on this latest sensation and have created a thriving black market of Baby Yodas for sale.

Amazon has one such Black Market offering although this Baby Yoda has very little takers and has gotten scathing reviews.

Etsy has a number of Baby Yoda dolls for sale as well as patterns to create your own. Many of these dolls are getting good reviews. Although none of the black market options are nearly as cute as what parents are hoping the official toys will be, they are at least meeting the immediate need for younger children.

Official Baby Yoda Toys Are Coming!

Word regarding official Baby Yoda toys fits into both a good news and bad news scenario. The good news is that official Baby Yoda toys are definitely coming. The bad news is that none will show up in time for Christmas. The good news is that some should be here in time to find their way into your child’s Easter Basket!

With more Baby Yoda toys coming in late spring and early summer. Walmart is taking pre-orders for a couple of these toys right this minute. Like the Funko Pop The Child figure which is due to be available in late may. Walmart is also taking orders for a plush Baby Yoda as well with the Plush doll due to be in available on March 30th just in time for Easter. Target is also taking pre-orders for Baby Yoda stores as well as Disney’s own online store.

With such a high demand for these toys and the fact that stores are taking pre-orders 3 to 5 months in advance, those who want to take advantage of the early run of these toys should probably pre-order now since it looks as though by the time “The Child” arrives at its various locations they will have already sold out.

Other Yoda Baby Stuff

Currently there is other Yoda Baby merchandise available such as tee shirts and sweatshirts, socks, baby sleepers, Christmas ornaments and key rings that can be found around the Internet, for those who want something Baby Yoda under their Christmas tree.

Baby Yoda FAQs

Q. Where Can I Find an Official Baby Yoda Plush in time for Christmas.

A. You can’t by all accounts the Official Baby Yoda plush won’t arrive until spring 2020.

Q. With all things Star Wars being so popular why didn’t Disney foresee how popular Baby Yoda would be and have him all ready in stores?

A. According to the creator of the Mandalorian series, he asked Disney not to make any Baby Yoda toys before “The Child” was revealed on the series in order to keep the characters appearance a surprise and Disney agreed. That meant that production of couldn’t even begin until late November after the show aired.

This may or may not have been a mistake on Disney’s part. It means they have missed out on a lot of holiday sales. On the other hand, with demand for these toys growing sales this spring and summer are expected to go through the roof.

Q. Will I Be Able to Buy any Baby Yoda Action Figures?

A. There are strong indications that there will be some Baby Yoda action figures, but there has been no official word that any are currently in the works.

Q. I have been seeing that various stores are taking pre-orders for Baby Yoda toys should I pre-order or wait until they are in stock?

A. The choice is really yours, however with Baby Yoda being in such demand, by the time that the stores fill all of their pre-orders there may not be any stock left to put on the shelves. Pre-ordering gives you the best chance of getting one of the first toys as soon as they come out.

Q. Once Baby Yoda toys do hit the market do you think there will be a shortage of supply to meet the demand?

A. No one knows for sure, with all the stores taking pre-orders this will give manufactures of these toys an idea of the demand. However, since Baby Yoda’s fan base is continuing to grow, it may well be that this toy will be in such high demand it will almost be impossible to keep it on the shelves. Only time will tell.

Just as Baby Yoda’s role in Star Wars Mandalorian is at this moment uncertain, so is the future availability of Baby Yoda Toys. However, given “the Child’s” breakout role both in the show and the hearts of Star Wars fans it is pretty safe to say you’ll be seeing more of him both in the series and on store shelves.

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