10 Best Ride On Toys for Toddlers

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Toddlers are most often considered to be any child from the age of about 1 to 3 years, although some sources still consider 4 year olds to be toddlers as well. For the purpose of this list we are going to stick with ages from 1 to 3, so all of the riding toys on this list will be ones that have a maximum recommended age of 3 years and alone only those rideable toys with extremely high ratings.

We have also elected to forgo recommending any motorized ride on toys for toddlers simply because we feel that we need to take special care when it comes to recommending any toy that may present a safety issue for any child.

Helpful Tips for Choosing Toddler Ride On Toys

  • Consider your child’s gross motor skills and balance when choosing a riding toy for your toddler. Children’s gross motor skills and balance develop at different rates so while one 18 month old may be able to pedal a vehicle another child may need to be 2 or 2 ½ before they manage pedals.
  • Consider the type of toy your child will find most appealing. Some toddlers love vehicles, while other toddlers may be more drawn to animals.
  • Decide whether you need an inside ride on a toy, an outdoor ride on toy or one that can be used inside and out.

10 Fun & Safe Toddler Riding Toys

1. Fisher Price Cozy Coupe

It would be impossible to have a list of the best rides on toys for toddlers without having the Fisher Price Cozy Coupe  topping that list. This car has been around for generations and this 30th anniversary edition of the cozy coupe is even more versatile and fun for your child than ever before. This cute couple with big eyes has a removable floor and handle on the back so this coupe is suitable for younger children.

This little car also comes with a working ignition switch and removable gas cap. There is a small storage space in the back so your child can haul things around. This little car has become a tradition in most families. Children ages 18 months should be able to push this car on their own.

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2. John Deere Sit and Scoot Tractor

It seems like most children are born loving John Deere Tractors so this John Deere Sit and Scoot Riding Toy  of those green machines makes for a great ride on toys for kids aged 1 to 3 years. This tractor can be ridden on by the child, pushed by the child, or ridden while being pushed by a parent.

When the child presses the horn the tractor plays “Old McDonald “ and 4 cute hidden animals under the flip out seat. When the animals are placed in the right place on the tractor the pig, cow, sheep and horse all make the appropriate sounds.

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3. Radio Flyer Scoot 2 Scooter Ride On

The Radio Flyer Scoot 2  is a great riding toy that will grow with your child. Younger toddlers (age 1) can sit on the seat of this scooter and propel themselves with their feet. As a sit on scooter your child can store toys under the seat. As your child grows this scooter can be transformed into your child’s first foot scooter. This scooter can be used inside and outside on harder surfaces.

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4. Radio Flyer Retro Rocket

This Cute Retro Rocket  makes realistic rocket and astronaut sounds. There are flashing lights on the planes dashboard and under seat storage. Sturdy with strong wheels this little ride on a rocket is plenty of fun for children ages 1 to 3.

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5. XJD 3-in-1 Trike

This 3-in-1 Trike  is perfect for children ages 1 to 3 years. This trike functions as a push ride on trike, a pedal trike and as a small balance bike. This trike will grow with children while preparing them for reading a regular two wheel bicycle.

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6. Step 2 Thomas the Tank Engine Up and Down Roller Coaster

This Thomas Ride On Roller Coaster  is designed for toddlers 2 years and up. There is 10 feet of track and the engine is Thomas the tank a favorite of most toddlers. The engine has molded in set foot holders and a roller coast type handle for your child to hold on and go.

There are a couple of non slip steps so children can climb onto the platform and climb onto the train. This roller coaster can be inside and out.

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7. Little Tikes Scoot Around Rino

This Scoot Around Rino  functions both as a walker and a ride on a toy for children. He comes with storage space under the seat and and in the rinos mouth. This rino also comes with 3 rings for your child to stack or toss on the rhino’s horn. Although this rhino is made mainly for indoor use parents say it holds up well when used on grass. It’s a nice riding toy for any child ages 1 to 3 years.

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8. Little Tikes Go and Grow Rollin’ Giraffe

This Cute Little Giraffe Ride On  is recommended for children ages 1 to 3 years. The giraffe comes with stickers so you customize the spots and It has a large rear wheel for added stability. This cute little giraffe can be ridden inside or out. The seat on this can be adjusted as your child grows.

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9. Fisher Price Theme Trike

Designed for children ages 2 through 5 years old this Trikes by Fisher Price  have different themes including Harley Davidson, Barbie, Kawasaki and Thomas the Tank Engine. This trike has large foot pedals, easy to grip handlebars, and a wide wheel base for added stability. The seat lifts up to provide storage.

The tires are durable and this trike works well for riding out of doors.

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10. Radio Flyer The Inchworm

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Designed for children ages 2 through 5 this No products found. is a great toddler ride on toy. It has built in foot rests and your child gets the inchworm to move forward by bouncing. It is durable and can bear weights up to 150 pounds. Until the child learns to bounce they can be pushed by parent or older sibling to ride.

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In the end this type of toy is a great gift idea because a ride on a toy will not only provide a toddler with hours of fun, but will also help strengthen and develop their gross motor skills.

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