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Dream Tent Review: As Seen On TV Pop Up Tent

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Young children love having their own special place that they feel is their very own. However, not all families can provide their child with their own room or play house. However, thanks to Ontel and their dream tents line, your child can have their own private little tent where they can read, sleep and let their imagination soar.


My Dream Tents Review

What is a DreamTent?

The Ontel dream tent is a canopy like tent that fits over the head of your child’s bed. This tent is quite small covering a little more than the pillow area, but is tall enough to allow most children to sit up and read while surrounding your child’s head and shoulders (and perhaps a little more) when laying down.

Further Dream Tent Details

  • Comes with two plastic sliders that you place under the mattress on either side of the bed
  • Opens up and snaps onto the sliders holding the tent in place
  • Has two tie back curtains (Velcro) that your child can close for more privacy
  • Comes in a pancake shaped carrying case that also works as a storage case so you can store the tent or pack it when traveling
  • Easy to take down and store, for traveling or simply to make the bed
  • Pocket inside the tent so your child can store small objects
  • Measures 18 inches long and stands about 18 inches high
  • Comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Recommended for children 3 years and up
  • Reviews suggest many children enjoy using this tent up until the age of about 10 years
  • You can use two or three tents on one bed and make a tunnel tent so your child can use this tent for a playhouse

One thing you’ll want to note is that although the package claims that the tent comes with a free light, you actually have to send away for the light and pay shipping and handling to get the light.

This light also requires 3-LR44 batteries.


Materials Used

Each tent is made of a Polyester type of material. One user compared the material to being like a material used in wind breakers. Although the material is thin is does seem to be quite durable.


Originally these tents were made for twin sized beds only. According to the official website www.mydreamtents.com the tent now comes in full and queen size, but you will cost you $10.00 more per tent.

Note: We could find no reviews for these larger size tents so we can’t be 100% sure of their availability.

Tent Themes

The DreamTents come in 6 different themes making it possible to find a great tent for both boys or girls. Girl themed tents include Winter Wonderland, Unicorn, and Fairy Tale Forest. Boy themes are; Dinosaurs, Space Adventures and Under Sea World. However, some boys may prefer a theme like the Winter Wonderland and girls may find one of the boy themes more appealing! There also appears to be a new Paw Patrols Dream Tent by Ontel.

Dream Tent Accessories

If you are looking for Accessories to go with your Dream tent, you can visit the Dream Tent Store and find the following accessories.

  • Clip on Reading light (the light is free but you do need to pay for shipping and handling which comes in at about $5.00)
  • Glow in the dark star shaped stickers (to add on the inside the tent to make it more fun for your child.
  • 2-in-1 clip on reading and night light.

What is the Dream Tent Deluxe?

The Deluxe version comes with everything you get with the regular tent, with the exception that it comes with a color changing light and 3 LR44 batteries are included with the tent.

Dream Tent Reviews Found Online

The Internet has several different sites that offer dream tent reviews for the twin size tents. We could find no reviews for either the new full size tents or the new Queen size tents. It generally gets good reviews running between 3.5 stars and 4 stars with the majority of reviews giving this Ontel As Seen on TV tent 4 stars. Here are the Pros and Cons as stated by those people who actually purchased the product.


  • Comes in a number of different themes
  • Folds up nice and small making it easy to store or travel with
  • Most kids really love this tent
  • Inside pocket is quite handy
  • Parents reported that their children were more willing to sleep alone in their own bed


  • Parents didn’t like the fact that the light does not come with the tent as promised. While they can order a “free” light they have to pay $4.99 shipping and handling, meaning the light isn’t actually free.
  • Some parents found that tent was smaller than expected
  • Some people found that the sliders the tent attaches too either did not hold the tent well or broke easily.

Buying Guide

About the Company

Ontel was founded in 1994. The company is composed of many different individual products each with their own brand. These brands are focused on making life easier, more comfortable and fun for members of the public. Ontel’s products range includes kitchen gadgets, tools, cleaning products, toys, and even exercise equipment.

Other toys offered by Ontel include the Magic Tracks and Magic Pad.

Ontel products are easy to identify due to the fact that all of their products carry the legend “As Seen on TV” label which is how this company introduces new products to the public.

To get an overall view of all the products by offered Ontel you can visit www.ontelproducts.com.

In addition to the company website each product has its own website from which you can order the product. The website can be found at www.mydreamtents.com.

Dream Tent Store Website Policies

Before ordering you should know what the policies are governing the purchasing of this product. Here is a look at those policies.

Customer Service Information

You can contact My Dream Tent customer service department with any questions regarding the product by calling 1-800-882-1334 or by emailing dreamtents@rephelpdesk.com. You can check the status of your order here: https://dreamtents.worldpackusaorderstatus.com/index.php/product.

Shipping Policy

Your order will ship within 30 days after your order has been processed. It will be shipped via FedEx Smart Mail. To check on your order you need to check with with the customer service department.

Return Policy

Each order comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, minus shipping and handling. In order to return this product you need to get authorization by calling customer service at 1-800-882-1334.

You must return the product via USPS and include your full name, address, daytime phone number and email address inside the package.


Q. Where can I buy the Dream Tent?

A. You can purchase your Dream Tent from the official website. In addition, they can be found on Amazon, Target and a number of other stores. Just look for the As Seen on TV sticker on the package.

Q. Does the light come with the tent or do I need to order it separately?

A. The light does not actually come with the tent, with your purchase you get a form to send to get your free light, but be aware you will have to pay $ 4.99 shipping and handling.

Q. Do Dream Tents fit full size beds?

A. According to the official website where you can now order Dream Tents for both full size and Queen size beds for an additional $10.00 over the cost of the twin size version.

Q. How old does my child need to be to enjoy a DreamTent?

A. It is recommended that your child be at least 3 years of age and up to 10 years old.

Q. Would my 8 year old like the Dream Tent?

A. It depends on the child, however several reviewers stated that they purchased this tent for children as old as 9 or 10.

Q. How large is the dream tent?

A. Each twin size tent measures 18 inches long and 18 inches high.

Q. Are Dream Tents safe?

A. They are safe to use, however, due to how the tent is folded and packaged when you open the storage case the tent will pop out rather quickly, so your child should not open the case unsupervised.

Q. Where can I get a replacement glider (the part that fits under the mattress)?

A. The accessories section does not list the gliders, so you will have to contact customer service at 1-800-882-1334 and find out from them whether or not you can get a replacement glider.

Q. Are These Tents difficult to setup?

A. No, you simply place the slider under each side of the bed, and then snap the tent into the hooks of the slider.

Q. If I am not happy with my purchase how long do I have to return it?

You have 60 days to return your dream tent, but the company does keep some of the money for shipping and handling.

Q. Can the Dream tent be put up on the floor?

A. It can, but you may have to tape the sliders down in order to keep the tent from toppling over.

Q. By the time you pay shipping the Dream Tent seems to be expensive. Is there anyway to get a reduced price?

A. Many of the websites and stores offer the tent at a lower price. You may just need to shop around to get the best price.

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