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The Best Gifts for an 80 Year Old Woman in 2022 (80th Birthdays)

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By the time a woman turns 80 years old she has everything she needs in life, which makes giving her a gift much more fun since you can choose gifts that make your mother or grandma’s life easier and possibly even present her with something she really loves but wouldn’t purchase on her own.


The stuff we have chosen as 80th birthday gift ideas are great for all women in their 80s and for all occasions, so don’t shy away even if you’re after an 85th birthday or Christmas present!

We took special care in making sure that all of our gift selections are highly rated and include both useful and symbolic for women on their 80th birthday.

Helpful Tips for Buying Gifts for an 80 Year Old Lady

  • 80 year olds have lived a lifetime and need to enjoy their golden years. So consider buying a gift that your grandmother really would really enjoy.
  • As people age they can’t do all of the things they could do when they were younger, so think of what gifts will make their life a little bit easier without them losing their independence.
  • Women this age want to feel comfortable, so when choosing clothing for them choose stuff that is both comfortable and stylish.


Best Gift Ideas for the 80 Year Old Woman You Love

1. A Nice Piece of Jewelry

As women reach the age of 80 years old family and history means more and more so giving them a lovely piece of jewelry like this Tree of Life Abalone Necklace . The tear drop shape makes for a lovely pendant, and the rose gold or silver wire tree really stands out against the colorful abalone shell background. For those women who have a large family, it is a beautiful reminder of their family tree with so many different branches.


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2. Warm Bathrobe & Comfortable Slippers

As women age their blood tends to thin so choosing a nice Cozy Warm Bathrobe  for your grandma will help to keep her snug and warm in the evenings and early morning. Pair the robe with a Comfortable Pair of Slippers  and you’ll have a great gift for that older lady on your shopping list.

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3. Jar Opener

If the older lady your buying for has arthritis or simply a weak grip this Handy Jar Opener  will make a useful 80th birthday gift that an older woman is sure to use a lot. This simple tool makes a great gift for those feisty women who still want to be as independent as possible.

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4. Electric Body Massager

What 80 year old woman doesn’t suffer from aching muscles? That’s why this Hand Held Electric Body Massager  makes such a great gift for those women who suffer from aches and pains. With the different heads that come with massager this will provide relief for those aching muscles no matter where they are.

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5. Warm Cardigan

What 80 year old woman doesn’t like a pretty, warm and comfortable sweater that they can throw on when they are feeling chilly. This Merokeety Chunky Sweater  is stylish without looking too young for an older lady. There are several colors to choose from so you are sure to be able to find a color that is flattering to your grandmother.

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6. Spa Gift Set

By the time a woman reaches her 80th birthday she wants and deserves to pamper herself, so giving her a Nice Spa Gift Set  for her birthday is a great gift allowing her to pamper herself whenever she would like. The lotions in this set will help her keep her skin moisturized.

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7. Electric Egg Poacher

Making life as easy as possible for your octogenarian grandma is something you really want to do and this Electric Egg Poacher  will do just that. With this handy little appliance she can poach, boil, scramble her mornings eggs with very little effort on her part. Making cooking easier and less time consuming.

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8. An Elegant Glass Tea Mug

Why not give an 80th birthday gift to an old lady that is both youthful and beautiful. This Elegant Glass Tea Mug and Matching Spoon  is absolutely gorgeous and will make drinking her morning tea even more relaxing and enjoyable. Better yet buy a set of two of these glass cups and have tea with your grandmother or mom every so often.  Add your grandma’s favorite tea as part of the gift and this can make a super gift.

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9. Pretty Fashion Scarves

A lot of older women enjoy wearing fashion scarves as accessories to their clothing so presenting them with two or three Pretty Fashion scarves  will allow them to dress up even the most casual outfit in a way that is comfortable to them.  It is a great way to give an older woman a gift that they can use for their own personal style.

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10. A Keepsake Music Box

This Keepsake Music Box  makes a wonderful birthday gift for a woman of any age. This beautiful and elegant music box features cardinals and plays “The Wind Beneath My Wings.” The 22 K gold highlights really make the artwork on this music box stand out.

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What Are Some Great 80th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women That Already Had Everything?

1. A Day At A Beauty Shop

A great gift for an older woman especially those on a limited budget is giving them a day at their favorite beauty shop. Women of all ages like to look good and 80 year olds are no exception.

2. Time Spent With Family

Another good gift idea is something that money can’t buy and that is being able to spend some time with family. Take the time to have lunch with your grandmother once a week or every other week so that she knows she is an important part of your life.

3. Symbolic Gift

Giving that older lady a symbolic 80th birthday gift that is meaningful in another great idea.

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