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Popular Gift Ideas for 80 Year Old Man: Gifts for Grandpas

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By the time a gentleman has lived 8 decades he has accomplished a lot in life and wants nothing more than to enjoy his golden years relaxing. Anything that will make life easier, simpler and more enjoyable for a man of this age will make a great gift.


We have chosen high rated gifts for an 80 year old man that are comfortable and can make his life easier, while still being useful.

To make using this gift guide as easy for you as possible we have divided this guide into 3 sections.

Section 1: Tips for choosing the perfect gift gift for an 80 yr old man


Section 2: List of Popular 80th Birthday Presents for men

Section 3: What Are Some Unique Gift Ideas for man age 80 That Did Not Make Our List?

Helpful Tips for Choosing the Perfect Gift for an 80 Year Old Man

  • Whether it’s your dad or grandpa consider the health and the activity level of the person you are selecting a gift for. You want the person who is receiving your gift to be able to enjoy it.
  • Be sure to choose a gift that matches the interest of the older gentleman who you are shopping for.
  • Always consider the personality of the person you are buying a gift for.  If the octogenarian has a sense of humor then perhaps a gag gift might be appreciated. A more serious man may prefer a useful gift as oppose to a humorous one.

10 Great Gift Ideas 80 Years Old Men Will Love

1. Massage Recliner

You don’t get to be 8 decades old without having some aches and pains, which is why this Massaging Recliner  makes a great 80th birthday gift for the older man in your life. This recliner has 5 per-programmed massagers, and massages the upper and lower back, thighs and calves.

Made of faux leather this chair has a soft back cushion and comfortable arm rests.

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2. Coffee Mug Warmer

By the time a gentleman reaches his golden years he has the time to actually sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. This Coffee Mug Warmer  will ensure that that hot beverage stays hot so that he can sip his beverage as slowly as he would like. In addition, this mug warmers has an automatic shut off.

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3. Comfortable Sweater

Older people tend to have thinner blood and therefore they tend to get chilled very easily. Having a Nice Cardigan Sweater  that they can throw on whenever they feel chilled will help to keep them feeling comfortable. This Merino wool sweater is made in Ireland, is soft and warm, and looks great as well.

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4. Book Light

If the older gentleman in your life enjoys reading, then why not get him a Handy Book Light  so that he can read wherever he happens to be. Although made for reading in bed, this light attaches right to the book allowing anyone who needs a bit more light for reading. The LED light gives you the option of three different light modes so that he can choose the brightness he needs.

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5. Flannel Shirt

Older men want to be comfortable, but still look well put together and a Nice Flannel Shirt  will provide them with the comfort they want while still allowing them to look good. These flannel shirts are so affordable, you can give two or three of them as a gift to that favorite eighty year old father or grandfather in your life.

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6. Lap Tray

This Reversible Lap Tray  makes a great gift for someone who doesn’t want to eat every meal when sitting at the table. This tray is also great for holding a laptop or a book for reading or browsing the Internet. Since the tray is reversible when turned upside down it makes a great serving tray. The tray can be used when sitting in a chair or when in bed.

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7. Bathrobe and Slippers

Many people in the golden years often don’t or can’t live on their own, so if that older gentleman in your life lives with family members or in a retirement home so a Comfortable Robe  and No products found. for evenings and early mornings will make a perfect gift for an older gentleman.

Combining a bathrobe and slippers into one great gift will make the ideal gift for those gentlemen who want to be warm and comfortable.

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8. Jar and Bottle Opener Set

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By the time someone you love has lived 8 decades, they tend to lose some of the strength. Lack of hand strength can make opening jars and bottles frustrating and difficult. Giving this No products found. as a gift for anyone with arthritis or who is losing their hand strength can help make their life easier and help someone maintain more of their independence.

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9. Electric Blanket

Older people often have a difficult time sleeping at night and an Electric Blanket  that will keep them warm and snug may help them get a better night’s sleep. This electric blanket has 3 heat settings for maximum comfort and it also has an automatic shutoff for safety. Best of all this blanket can be washed into a washing machine.

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10. Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

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As men get older it seems like the hair in their nose and ears grow faster and longer than on young men. This No products found. will help any older man keep those fast growing hairs in their nose and ears at bay.

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What Are Some Great 80th Birthday Gift Ideas for Dads That Did Not Make Our List?

1. Time With Family

As people get older family and friends mean so much more than to them. So one of the best 80th birthday ideas for men is to spend quality time with your loved one. Time is valuable to someone of this age so make the time to visit them on a regular basis or spend time in conversation with that older individual you love.

2. Encourage Their Interest

Does that older father or grandfather in your life have a hobby that they are interested in? If so then encourage their interest by giving them a gift that goes with their hobby. For example, if they enjoy fishing why not get them some new fishing lures, or take them on a weekend fishing trip.

3. Give Them A Good Book to Read

If that elderly gentleman in your life likes to read, why not give him some books by his favorite author or in his preferred genre. That way he can enjoy the gift again and again.

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