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10 Best Gift Ideas for 14 Year Old Boys

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You’re son is growing up. You wake up one morning and suddenly find you are living with a 14 year old boy that is beginning high school and starting to look like a grown man more than a boy. However you need to remember that at this age boys are still concerned with fitting in with peers, having fun with friends, and navigating their first year of high school successfully. Findings good gifts for fourteen year old guys can seem tricky because you need to strike a balance between the child they still are and the young man they are becoming.

Helpful Tips for Choosing Great Stuff for Boys Who Are 14

  • Pay attention to their developing interest. At this age most boys want to look cool, so pay attention to what both your son and his friends enjoy wearing.
  • Make sure they are still having fun. A teen males may sometimes act jaded, but they still find wonder in the world, and buying them toys for birthdays, Christmas and just because will encourage them to enjoy the end of their childhood.
  • Watch what your child shows an interest in. If your child shows an interest in science, technology, or music encourage that interest by giving them gifts that encourage that interest.

10 Gift Suggestions for 14 Year Old Boys

Here is a look at some awesome gift ideas for boys age 14. These gifts are great for any occasions whether it’s your sons birthday, Christmas time, Valentines day, Easter or even to reward your teen for excelling in school!

1. Razor Ripstik Caster Board

More fun than a caster board, this Razoz Ripstik with 360 Degree Casters  makes this caster board great for doing tricks and is the perfect gift for any teen boy looking to impress his friends. The ripstik will hold up to 220 pounds and has both a front and rear kickboard. Reviews for the Ripstick are excellent with most purchasers stating that although it does take a little time to master, most kids find the Ripstik much better than a skateboard.

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2. Coleman Sundome Tent

If your teenaged boy enjoys camping having their own tent when camping with friends and family. This Coleman Tent  will make a great birthday or Christmas gift for a boy who is a teenager providing them a little privacy even when they are camping. This tend has cord access that allows you to run an extension cord into the tent, and there is even a 4 level vent for better airflow. Reviews for this tent are terrific and most users state that this tent holds up extremely well in windy conditions.

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3. Coleman Brazos 20 Degree Sleeping Bag

Perfect for camping or sleepovers at a friend’s house, this Coleman Brazos 20 Degree Sleeping Bag  is a great gift for any 14 yr old boy. Sleeping bags come in handy for sleepovers as well spending time out of doors. This sleeping bag can also be unzipped and used on the bed as a comforter.

Reviews for this bag are good and the bag is warm enough for most uses.

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4. Chromebook Laptop Computer

A great 14 yr old boy gift that will help them with studies, watching movies and playing games is this Acer Chromebook Convertible Laptop . This laptop computer is well made and affordable and perfect for any teenager who wants a computer. This laptop can be used both as a laptop and as kind of a tablet. It does have a smaller screen than most laptops, but it also makes this computer more portable.

This Chromebook is perfect as a first computer for a teen.

User reviews for this laptop are good, with most users liking the touch screen and find the light weight of this computer is perfect for those who want to carry their computer with them.

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5. High Top Sneakers

Having a pair of high top sneakers should be part of every 14 yr olds wardrobe. These Jooma Men's High Top Sneakers  comes in a wide variety of sizes and colors. These are great looking sneakers that look well with jeans and are also quite durable and great for playing sports or just hanging out with friends.

Looking at the reviews, most people who purchased these sneakers find them both comfortable and stylish.

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6. Beanie with Headphones

If you are looking for a useful gift for a fourteen year old boy this Wireless Bluetooth Beanie with Headphones and Mic  may just be the idea gift. This beanie is far more comfortable than wearing bulky headphones and you don’t have to worry about keeping earbuds in your ears. Best of all you can listen to music while biking, skateboarding, skiing, running, and performing a wide variety of outdoor activities.

Reviews for these headphones are good, with most reviewers stating that the sound from these earphones are great. They also find the beanie comfortable to wear.

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7. Warm Calvin Klein Coat

This Calvin Klein Faux Leather Jacket  is perfect for any fourteen year boy who wants to look good and stay warm at the same time. This jacket has plenty of pockets, and both the lining and the outer jacket zips up for added warmth.

Reviews for this jacket are good, with users stating they like both the fit and the quality of this jacket. They also find it comfortable when layered over a heavy sweater on colder days.

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8. Relative Insanity Game

If you are looking for a great gift that will encourage a teenage boy to spend more time with his family then the Relative Insanity Game  is an excellent option. This is a great game to play with family and/or friends and makes a great way for a teen to bond through laughter as this game is so much fun!

Reviews for this game are exceptionally good and most reviews talked about how much they laughed playing this game. It should be noted however, that this game is probably not suitable for children younger than 13 or 14.

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9. Loose Fit Jeans

Most boys aged 14 like those baggy jeans and feel they are an essential part of their teenage wardrobe. These Loose Fit Jeans by YoYeah  are a blend of polyester and cotton, machine washable, and just the style that most teens will love.

User reviews for these jeans are extremely good and users find these jeans good looking, comfortable, soft and most importantly durable. A couple pair of these jeans will make a great back to school, birthday or Christmas gift for your 14 year old son.

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10. 3D Doodler Pen and Refills

Fire up your sons imagination with this 3D Doodler Pen . This pen comes a refill pack of 15 plastics and is great for allowing your child to create anything they want that 3 dimensional. This will be great for science projects, or for just expressing their own ideas in a visual way. Best of all, they can share their projects with friends online. You may want to make sure you get a couple of extra refill packs because your child is going to want to share this neat tool with their friends.

Reviews for this pen is good, and everyone seems to find that it actually encourages creativity.

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We hope that these cool gift ideas for 14 years old boys are useful to you or at least inspires you to some ideas of your own.

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