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10 Best Gifts Ideas for 13 Year Old Boys 

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Finding the right gift for a 13 year old boy can sometimes seem like an impossible task. Boys this age tend to want to be cool and enjoy activities they can do with their friends as well as needing time to pursue their own individual interests.


Before getting into the stuff we suggest first check our our tips to help you shop!

Helpful Tips For Choosing Great Stuff 

Pay attention to those things your child is interested in – Does he spend a lot of time talking about what he likes to do with his friends? Has he mentioned some item a friend has that he thinks is really cool? More often than not your boy is constantly giving you clues to what they are interested in.

Choose quality over quantity – Teen boys would rather have one gift they really want rather than a dozen gifts that only have a mild interest in.


Read the reviews – For any stuff you plan to buy for your thirteen year old boy checking reviews is a must to ensure that you are purchasing well made items that are built to last.

10 Gifts Suggestions for 13 Year Old Boys

Here we have written about some great gift ideas for 13 year old boys that they are sure to love. Every gift we choose is selected based on hours of expert research to ensure that we include only gifts that have a large number of reviews and get excellent ratings.

1. Spike Ball

Spikeball  is a popular game and it’s quite addictive. It can be played in the backyard or easily transported to a friends house, the beach, or on any camping trip. The game is easy to play and tons of fun for any active teen on your shopping list. Reviews for this game are excellent as of this writing with it earning a rating of 4 stars from us!

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2. Kindle Fire 7

The Kindle Fire 7  may not be the latest generation of Kindle, but this device gets high ratings and will allow your child to watch movies, listen to music, read, take pictures and play games. This hand held tablet even comes with Alexa making it a great gift for any teenager.

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3. Lego Architecture London Skyline 

If your teen is into models and building, then this Lego Model of the London Skyline  offered by Lego Architecture kits would make a great gift for most any early teen boy. The kit is quite difficult and contains 468 pieces. It comes with a booklet that contains information about both the architecture and the history of the building. This specific set earns a very high rating and sells for a very reasonable price relative to some other Lego sets.

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4. Group Laser Tag Set

While this set is recommended for children ages 8 years and up older kids and even many adults enjoy playing this Laser Tag Set . It comes with 4 different weapons, a pistol, shotgun, submachine gun and a rocket to makes the game more fun and interesting. Players can play in teams or each person can play on their own. You don’t need vests or any other special equipment, just the guns.

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5. Catan the Board Game

One of the most popular board games for teens these days is Settlers of Catan . Kid’s enjoy building a civilization from scratch, trading resources and trying to expand their settlements and turn villages into cities while trying to be the very first person to get 10 victory points. Best of all there are add-ons to this so your child won’t get bored too easily. While he will enjoy playing this game with his friends, it is also a great way to encourage your young teen to spend time with family as well.

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6. Nike Men’s Club Pull Over Hoodie

Hoodies are practically a uniform for most teen these days and this Nike Pull Over Hoodie  will keep your teenage boy feeling as cool as he looks. This hoodie comes in sizes medium to X-large and your choice of several different colors. Comfortable and warm this hoodie receives rave reviews from us and users alike.

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7. Lightening Reaction Reloaded

Boys aged 13 and up like to think of themselves as brave and Lightening Reaction Reloaded  brings this to life. This game is designed to be fun and to test a players nerve as you watch the red light blink to the to music that builds suspense. Once the light turns green you need to press the button as quickly as possible. If you are not fast enough you get a little shock (more of a tingling or vibration). Jump the gun and you will get shocked as well. The game is tons of fun and 13 year olds seem to love the anticipation of it. However, it may not be suitable for boys with ADHD.

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8. Penny Board

The Rimable Complete 22” Skateboard (a.k.a. The Penny Board)  is easy enough for younger children, but durable enough for college kids and even adults. This skateboard is great for kids who walk to school and is small enough to fit into a locker. The skateboard is designed to hold weight almost up to 200 pounds. This skate board earns great ratings from both us and it’s users.

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9. Quadcopter Drone

With teens being so much more tech savvy than their parents This Quadcopter Drone  makes for a great gift for any 13 year old that is interested in technology or simply wants a fun toy. It’s good for boys this age and girls too. This drone comes with its own video camera capable of taking decent pictures and can be connected to your teens phone so you can “see” what the drone is seeing as it is viewing each object or area. The headless mode options for this drone makes it easy to control up about 100 yards and flights last about 8 to 9 minutes per charge. This drone earns a solid rating and sells at a price that makes it a great budget drone.

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10. Adidas Cloudform Ultimate Sneaker

Among the stuff that boys who are turning 13 want is cool clothing so they can dress like their friends while being cool, comfortable and active. These Adidas Sneakers  come in a wide variety of colors and sizes which makes them a perfect choice for most well dressed teens. These shoes are cool enough looking to wear to school and comfortable enough for that after school pick up game of basketball. These shoes earned a great rating from us for both style and functionality.

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We hope you enjoyed these suggestions for gifts for 13 year old boys and that they will help inspire your creative thought in your own teen gift buying adventure!

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