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12 Best Gift Ideas for 19 Year Old Boys

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19 year old guys are no longer children nor are they quite adults. Many boys this age are in college and some are working for a living. When it comes to buying gifts for young men of this age many people feel at loss not sure what to get a boy just beginning life on his own. For those of you who have a difficult time coming up with gifts for 19 year old males this gift suggestion list should be of some help to you.


We choose only the highest rated gifts to be included in our gift list so you can rest assured that the products on this list are of the highest quality.

Helpful Tips for Choosing Good Stuff for Nineteen Year Old Boys

  • By the time most young men graduate high school they have set activities and hobbies they enjoy on a regular basis. Choosing a gift that they can use with these hobbies and activities are always a good idea.
  • If the guy you’re buying for plays a certain sport purchasing them sporting equipment for that sport will make a great gift as will choosing a selection of their favorite type of music or a book by their favorite author.
  • If a young man is settling into his first apartment or attending school then consider giving him a gift for his new home or to make his dorm is more comfortable and appealing.

12 Best Gifts Suggestions for 19 Year Old Boys

1. Folding Lap Desk

Young men are great at multitasking such as browsing or researching on their computer while watching the latest Netflix movie and a Folding Lap Desk  makes for a great desk for those young men who want to make themselves comfortable while watching television and working on the computer.

This folding desk has folding legs for making it easy to store the desk. In addition, there is plenty of storage space under the desk top. This storage space is large enough to hold pens, paper clips, and paper for making notes and writing.


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2. Coin Counting Jar

Many young men keep a jar for coins that they empty out of their pockets so that have money available for those times when they need gas money or money for other minor emergencies. This Coin Counting Jar  makes a great gift because this jar actually keeps track of how much money you put into the jar.

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3. Gaming Headset

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If that 19 years old guy in your life is like most young men of this age then they spend a lot of their free time gaming. Getting them a great gaming headset like this No products found. will make a great Christmas or birthday gift. This headset works for PS 54, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Nintendo 3DS LL/3DS. This gaming headset is comfortable enough to be worn for those marathon gaming sessions that often last far into the night.

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4. Thumb Piano

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If the guy you’re buying for is musically inclined they will love this Cedar Thumb Piano that is perfect for playing all types of tunes. This small hand held instrument is amp-compatible making it even more fun to play.

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5. EMDMAK Survival Kit

Whether the nineteen year old boy your buying for enjoys spending time outdoors hiking and camping or simply does a lot of traveling this Survival Kit  makes a great gift and just may come in handy in an emergency situation. This survival kit comes with a lot of handy items such as a fire starter, emergency blanket, compass, wire saw, and a steel tool card that includes a can opener, screwdriver, ruler, saw blade and more. There are a number of other handy tools as well.

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6. Travel Hammock

If you have a young man who travels a lot this Travel Tree Hammock  will make the ideal gift. This hammock can be used inside or outside and is great for camping or simply for relaxing in the backyard on a warm summer’s day or evening.

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7. iPad

What guy wouldn’t want to receive an iPad as a gift. Compact and thin this Apple iPad  is lighter weight than carrying around a laptop computer. It also works well with the 2nd generation apple pencil. Easy and convenient to use.

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8. Backpack for Young Adults

Whether going to work and traveling on public transport or going to college a backpack for young adult males makes a great gift. This Handy Backpack  is nice enough for bringing into an office, has a special place for that laptop or tablet computer, and side pockets for a water bottle and umbrella. This backpack has a nice roomy interior.

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9. A Nice Pair of Jeans

Many young men operate on a very tight budget and can’t always afford new clothing when they need them. That makes purchasing a Nice Pair of Jeans  makes a great gift for any young man on a budget. These jeans are great for daily wear and may even be suitable for various types of work.

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10. Food Gift Box

Whether that young man in your life is in college or out on their own, chances are they are on a very limited budget and their money may not stretch to those snacks they enjoyed at home. This Food Gift Box from Care Crate  will give that guy plenty of man size snacks to enjoy during those evenings at home.

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11. Pandemic Board Games

Board games give young adults a form of cheap entertainment that allows them to have fun in their own home. This Pandemic Game  is for 2 to 4 players and makes a great game for game night with friends. This will encourage young almost adults to stay at home and spend time with friends or family instead of spending money going out every weekend.

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12. Sneakers

These Men's Skechers Classic Fit Sneakers  are a great sneaker that will be much appreciated by any young man on your shopping list. These sneakers are comfortable enough to wear every day and nice enough looking to wear through work.

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What Are Some Unique Gifts for a 19 Year Old Boy Who Has Everything?

There are some great gift ideas that didn’t make our list that we feel are worth mentioning. If you are looking for some alternate 19th birthday gift ideas then you may want to consider such items as gift certificates to the older teens favorite store, tickets to a sporting event, or a gas card or gift certificate to a favorite restaurant.

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We hope that this gift list makes buying simple and easy when shopping for that 19 year old boy on his birthday or Christmas!



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