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11 Best Gift Ideas for 16 Year Old Boys

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Most 16 year olds are either in the last half of their sophomore year or are already into their junior year of high school. At this age boys are beginning to become much more responsible, often taking on a summer or after school job, getting their driver’s license and thinking about life after high school.

While boys of this age still enjoy spending time with their friends, engaging in sports or various clubs their tastes are also maturing so here are the best gifts for a 16 year old boy that reflect their growing maturity.

Helpful Tips for Choosing Great Stuff for Guys Who Are 16

  • Discover what your teen wants to do in the future and purchase practical gifts that will help them to reach their goals. Encourage their interests whether in sports, arts, or other activities.
  • Choose gifts that will both encourage your teens sense of growing independence and to present them with ways to spend time with the family.
  • Focus on things your teen really wants, not just those items that they need. Sometimes the best gifts are those that are longed for, but never ask for.
  • Stay within your budget when purchasing gifts for a 16 yr old. It’s important that your child (grandchild, nephew etc.) understand that love is not conditional on the amount of money you spend on them. They will also learn that with a little thought that you can find great gifts for a reasonable price.

11 Popular Gift Suggestions for 16 Year Old Boys

1. Smart Watch Fitness Tracker

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Many sixteen year olds are either into sports or simply are concerned with staying in shape and taking care of their looks. Having a Smart watch not only allows the teen to tell time, but also monitors heart rate, tracks steps, counts calories and more. This watch even connects to your smart phone so you can have GPS as well.

User reviews are quite good for this No products found. allowing you to see texts and whose calling as well as providing tons of fitness benefits and allowing you to tell the time.

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2. Face Shaver

This may be the age when a teenager begins growing facial hair so a nice shaver like this Philips Norelco Shaver 4500 . If you have a teen that is starting to grow facial hair buying them their own electric razor will make a great gift. This battery operated razor has self sharpening blades and the flex heads move in four directions to provide a really close shave. While your teen may only have to shave once a week, or even once a month having their own battery operated electric shaver allows them to keep their growing chin hair neatly shaved.

Pro Gift Giving Tip: Complete this gift by including a good smelling After Shave Balm .

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3. A Stylish Wallet

Most sixteen years old boys need to carry money with them for dates, to pay for school lunches, sports tickets, movies, and gas for their cars, which makes giving them a nice stylish wallet as a gift an excellent choice. This TRAVANDO Slim Wallet  with an addition money clip and an RFID blocking card is a great wallet for any teen. The wallet is perfect for carrying their school ID, driver’s license. Reviews for this wallet are excellent with most users finding that this wallet is slim enough to fit in a front pocket keeping it safer from pickpockets.

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4. A Versatile Blazer

If you are looking for a great gift for a 16 yr old male then getting them a nice versatile blazer that can wear for job interviews, eating at quality restaurants with family or the girl friend’s family or for other events that require more formal wear that a T-shirt. This Benino's Slim Fit Casual Blazer  looks equally well with blue jeans and casual dress pants.

This blazer gets good reviews with most users finding that this blazer is very nice looking for the money.

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5. Swiss Army Knife

Any teen boy who spends time outdoors camping, fishing, or hiking, having a good multitool like the Victorinox Swiss Army Pocket Knife  makes a great gift. This knife includes a bottle opener, knife and Phillips screwdriver and it is actually made in Switzerland and comes with a lifetime warranty. Reviews for this knife are exceptional with users really liking this knife and using it almost daily.

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6. Warm Winter Jacket

If you are looking for a great Christmas gift for that active 16-year-old boy then a good warm winter jacket like this Eddie Bauer Down Winter Jacket  is a gift that will cherish every time they venture out into the snow and cold. It’s waterproof and well insulated perfect for keeping that young man both dry and warm regardless of the weather.

This coat runs from small to XXX large and even has a 2tall option.

Reviews for this parka are great with most users finding this coat exceptionally warm and comfortable and less bulky than they imagined it would be.

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7. Car Emergency Kit

For any 16-year old who has their own car, gifting them a car emergency kit is a great idea. This HAIPHAIK Emergency Roadside Tool Kit  has everything your teen will need for those little roadside emergencies. This kit includes gloves, jumper cables, traction ropes, tire repair tools, traction ropes and so much more. There is even a multipurpose shovel in case you get stuck in a snowbank. All the tools come neatly packed inside a handy carry case.

Add a gas card to this handy kit and your teen will be thrilled with this kit as a gift for them and their car on their sweet sixteen birthday!

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8. Long Sleeve Tee-Shirts

Sixteen year olds can never have enough tee-shirts and these Comfort Color Long Sleeve Tee-Shirts  not only make a great gift for any teenage boy, but they are inexpensive enough that you can gift them several in different colors. These crew neck long sleeved Tees are comfortable and durable and are nice enough to wear for almost any casual occasion from attending school to weekend activities.

Reviews for these tee shirts are extremely good with most users finding that these shirts wash well and look great. They come in a large variety of sizes and colors.

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9. Versatile Sneakers

Getting a teenage boy into a pair of dress shoes is an almost impossible task, however gifting them a Pair of Versatile Sneakers  that can be worn as every day sneakers with jeans or for casual dress with a pair of khakis for dresser occasions. These sneakers by Sketchers comes in a wide variety of sizes and several colors (The light brown looks really classy) making these sneakers perfect for most teenage boys.

Reviews for these sneakers are great and most users stated that these shoes are comfortable and good looking enough to wear when many different occasions.

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10. Inflatable Kayak

If your 16 year old likes spending time in and on the water then this Inflatable Kayak  makes a great Christmas or birthday gift. Colored bright yellow so that it is highly visible to other water craft this kayak comes with pedals and a pump so you can inflate and deflate this kayak as the need arises. The shell of this kayak is tough and it comes with two seats that can be removed.

The kayak will hold up to 400 pounds of weight.

This kayak is perfect for first time users and allows them to get some kayaking experience before purchasing a more expensive model.

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11. Pandemic Game

Every teen needs a little down time and this Pandemic Board Game  is the perfect game for any 16 year old to play with family or friends on a quiet afternoon. The object of this game is for everyone to work together to stay ahead of various diseases and race to find a cure before they wipe out the world.

What makes this game great is because it is a cooperative game and helps teens build skills in communication and working together that they will need later in life when they have coworkers and bosses.

Win or lose many of the reviews state that this game is addictive and they love the fact that everyone playing (1 to 4 players) win or lose together.

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