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10 Best Gifts for 17 Year Old Boys: Age Seventeen

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Poised on the verge of young adulthood, most seventeen year old boys have started their senior year of high school and are constantly vacillating between fully embracing and enjoying their last year of high school with friends they have known most of their lives and planning for their future. Choosing gifts for a 17 year old guy can often be difficult but there are some great gifts available older teens will love.

Helpful Tips for Choosing Stuff for a 17 Year Old Boy

Here are some tips that can make choosing great gifts for your child easier.

  • Most 17 yr olds are not shy about telling you what things they like and don’t like to listen to your child and buy something he has been mentioning for months.
  • Listen to him when speaks about his future plans and consider buying practical things that he will need once he graduates high school.
  • Always consider your child’s interests and passions. If he is into art, music, sports, fishing, etc. No matter what his interest is, there is always something you can give your boy to encourage his interests and please him when given as a gift.

10 Cool Gift Suggestions for 17 Year Old Boys

As always, this list of gift ideas has been well researched and only includes the most highly rated gifts. After the list we even included some Unique Gift Ideas if you’re son already has everything on this list!

1. A Great Looking Hooded Sweatshirt

This Mooncolour Hooded Sweatshirt  is soft, thick enough to offer some warmth, but thin enough to not feel bulky. So it’s great whether your teenager enjoys going for those early morning runs, needs something to wear to those early fall football games, or is just hanging out kicking it with his friends this hooded sweatshirt will provide him the versatility he needs.

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2. Cookbook for Men

Whether your teen is planning on going off to college or moving in with friends after graduation, being able to cook a few healthy meals will make living out on his own simpler and easier. This cookbook called A Man, A Pan. A Plan  offers great one pan meals that are simple to make and there is even a section on what tools are needed so that there is no guesswork when cooking.

You can even make this gift more elaborate by including a cast iron skillet, hot pad and cooking tools and part of the gift.

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3. An Apple Laptop Computer

Most teens can make good use of a decent laptop for school work, sending emails to friends, or browsing the net and posting on social media. This Apple Air Computer  is perfect to meet the basic needs of most students. According to the reviews this laptop has a good battery life and it fairly easy to sync with your iPhone.

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4. A Cool Pair of Shades

Whether going to the beach, hanging out with friends, or simply spending a day hiking or biking a Great Pair of Sunglasses Like These Woodies  makes a great gift for any seventeen year guy. These glasses have polarized anti-reflective lens and are nice enough looking for your teenager to feel good wearing them.

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5. Resistance Band Set

If you have a soon that is into fitness this Resistance Band Set  will allow your teen to workout wherever they go. This set includes a pair of cushioned handles, 5 resistance bands, a door anchor, and two ankle straps as well as carrying bag. You can stack these bands for added weight. These bands are versatile enough to allow for various exercises to help improve fitness and build strength.

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6. A Good Belt

Older teens often need to dress up a bit for dances, job interviews, dinner with their girlfriends parents, dances etc. Having a nice looking belt that can complete a more dressed up adult look is something that all young men need. This Real Leather Slide Ratchet Belt  is perfect for those casual dress occasions. This belt is 1 ¾ inches wide and fits waists ranging from 28 inches to 52 inches. The ratcheting feature allows for the perfect comfortable fit.

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7. Sonic Alert Alarm Clock

If your 17-year-old has a hard time waking up in the morning, then this Sonic Alert Alarm Clock  will get them out of bed. This alarm clock is not only loud enough to wake even the deepest sleeper, it also has a shaker that when the clock is placed under the mattress or pillow will shake you out of bed. This is a perfect gift to ensure that your son makes it to class on time or isn’t late for that new weekend job.

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8. Basic Tool Kit

Any teen considering moving out on their own in the near future will need a lot of items to set up their first apartment. A Basic Tool Kit  is a must for hanging pictures and making minor repairs. This handy little tool kit makes a great gift. This kit comes with 39 tools all packed into a handy case. Tools included in this case is a small claw hammer, screw drivers, tape measure, pliers, scissors, utility knife and more. There are all the tools needed to do small household repairs, which makes them perfect for anyone just setting up their own home.

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9. Button Down Shirt

No teenager ever has enough clothes so clothing always makes a great gift. This Hurley's Textured Shirt  is a great button down casual shirt suitable for both schools and school dances and even dates. This shirt will look great with jeans or dressier pants. The shirt is stylish and comfortable and comes in sizes from small to XX large. A few users suggest ordering one size larger than usual.

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10. A Nice Piece of Men’s Jewelry

Men of all ages today enjoy wearing nice pieces of men’s jewelry. This Feraco Anchor Neck Pendant  is a nice looking piece of masculine jewelry. The chain length is 21.6 inches which will fit around most teens necks. Although this anchor pendant is inexpensive it is well made and attractive.

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What Are Unique Gifts for Seventeen Year Old Boys Who Have Everything?

There are many Alternative Gifts for Young Men that aren’t on our list, but will also make great gifts for any teenage boy. We simply couldn’t include everything in a short guide like this.

Other stuff that your 17 yr old will love for his birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s include the following:

Cash card, gas cards and other various Gift Cards as well the gift of an experience such as bungee jumping, zip lining or a day of paintball playing. If giving an experiential gift, make sure you include at least one friend with it so your teen can have someone to share the fun with.

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It can sometimes be difficult for us to believe that cute little baby boy we once knew is almost a man and will soon be out on his own. However, you should be proud of yourself for raising such a great teen who is so mature and be proud to give him gifts that are befitting his new found maturity.


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