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17 Best Toys and Gifts for 6 Year Old Boys  

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Most 6 year old boys are just beginning first grade, and this means huge changes in your child’s life as they are learning to sit in a classroom all day. This change means less free time for your child’s so they need to have toys and games that allow them to relax and have fun while encouraging them in the learning process by trying and discovering things for themselves.

We have chosen this list of the best toys and gift ideas for 6 year old boys based on their fun factor and ability to help children meet their physical and educational goals while fueling their imagination. As always we have chosen only the highest rating stuff for children this age.

We want to make this gift guide easy for you to find the right gift for that young child in your life so we have divided the guide into the 4 distinct sections:

Section 1 – Tips for choosing gifts for boys this age

Section 2 – The 12 best toys for six yr old boys

Section 3 – The 5 Best Non-Toys for Young boys

Section 4 – What do I give the six year old boy who has everything?

Helpful Tips for Choosing Popular Gifts for 6 Years Old Boys

  • Keep in mind that children who are 6 pretty much like everything that seems like fun for them, but often prefer active play to quiet play.
  • Since children this age still enjoy spending time with parents, choose toys and activities that parents can share in with their child.
  • Choose stuff that will strengthen the child’s gross motor skills and help them further develop their fine motor skills.
  • For a 6th birthday consider choosing at least some toys that will allow the child to engage in open ended play.

12 Best Toys for 6 Year Old Boys

1. Marble Run

This Marble Run Game  is a great gift for any 6-year-old boy since it combines building as well as play. Best of all parents enjoy helping their little ones build the runs and are just as excited to see the marbles run through the course as the child is. This toy is suitable for your child to play on his own or to engage in building and play with siblings and or parents.

Children can build the run in different ways allowing them to stretch their creative wings and experiment with simple building forms.

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2. Sand Toys

Whether playing with Kinetic sand, a Sandbox or at the beach most kids of this age love making sand castles and other sand sculptures gifting a child a Nice Set of Sand Toys  they can use for designing and building different sand sculptures can inspire your child’s imagination and makes a great gift for use in the late spring and during the summer months.

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3. Dinosaur Eggs

What young boy isn’t fascinated by dinosaurs? Which is why this Package of 12 Dinosaur Eggs  for your child to open and discover different dinosaurs inside. Along with the eggs that the child “digs” open are 12 cards with facts about the dinosaurs. This is a great gift because it is both fun and educational for children and covers a subject that is of interest to them.

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4. Batmobile Pedal Go Kart

A great alternative to a bike for a 6-year old is this Pedal Go Kart . Now your child can pretend to be one of his favorite superheroes. This is a great gift for any child who has access to a paved driveway or path on which he can ride this go cart. Any child who receives this go cart as a gift will feel like they are riding in style.

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5. Mini Basketball and Hoop

For any young boy who is interested in basketball this Mini Basketball and Hoop  will allow a growing boy to practice his shooting even on those days when the weather keeps him inside. This hoop fits easily over a bedroom door. It is a great way to give a young child something to do when they are feeling a little bored and looking for something to do.

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6. Foam Pogo Jumper

The Foam Pogo Jumper  is perfect for younger children to have fun jumping, while helping to improve your child’s balance. It helps prepare children for using a pogo stick for play. This bouncer is so much fun that it is sure to even get the most reluctant child up and moving. This jumper is so much fun that even adults want to get in on the action.

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7. Magnetic Building Tiles

Giving a young child these Magnetic Building Tiles  is perfect for providing a child with an outlet for his creativity while children effortlessly learn problem solving skills, improve spatial skills and learn a host of other things without even realizing they are learning. Building toys also allow your child to play alone, or to play with other children and adults while doing something fun.

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8. Clay Animals

Your child will have fun creating a dog, pig, horse, sheep and rabbit with  the Hey Clay Animals Set . Best of all once the clay hardens he can display his creations in his room. With the different clay rolling techniques he learns through his kit, he will be able to use to create other clay figures of his own. You can download the free app with instructions so your boy can learn professional clay techniques!

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9. Don’t Rock the Boat

Don't Rock the Boat  is a fun board game that most early school age children will love. The object of the game is for players to take turns placing the pirate penguins and other objects on the ship without causing the ship to tip and spill the pirates into the ocean! Kids will love the penguins and actually love seeing the boat tip and spill everything that has been stacked onto the boat.

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10. Snow Fort Building Kit

What could be more fun for a kid than building their own snow fort to hide in during those snowball fights or playing outside during the winter weather. With this 3 Piece Snow Fort Building Kit , children will have no trouble making the blocks for their castle. These blocks can also be used to make large sand castles during the summer months as well.

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11. Punching Bag

This Punching Bag and Gloves  are great to help your child burn off energy and give them something fun to do. You simply blow up the bag and fill the base with water and then let that boy in your life have a go. Helps in building strong muscles in the arms and shoulders.

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12. Foam Airplanes

Sometimes the simplest toys are the most fun for young children, and these Large Foam Planes  make playing out of doors fun. These planes are easy to fly and can fly both forwards and backwards which makes the even more fun. The fact that two planes come in a single pack makes it perfect if that boy of 6 wants to share his flying adventure with a friend or family member.

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 5 Best Non-Toy Gift Ideas for 6 Year Old Boys

1. Nice Bookcase

Most 6 year old children are starting to get a collection of favorite books so giving a boy His Own Bookcase  to keep his books neat and tidy makes a good gift for a child. Children’s size furniture makes a child feel more comfortable and independent since they can access their possessions without the help of their parents.

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2. The Giving Tree

One of the best gifts that any adult can give a child is the gift of reading. The Giving Tree  is a touching book that children love and will teach them about giving in a way that is meaningful to small children. The book is simple to read, which will give a young child pride in being able to read this book over and over.

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3. Rain Jacket

This Rain Jacket  is a great gift for young boys both to protect them from the weather and also to provide them with lightweight wear to keep them warm during the spring and even summer when the day is a little on the chilly side. This rain jacket comes in a variety of different sizes and colors making it suitable for children of this age.

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4. Cargo Pants

Why not give that 6 year old boy an alternative to wearing jeans to school? These Stylish Cargo Pants  are comfortable and good looking and casual enough to wear to school. These pants are easy to pull on and look great with T-shirts or button downs.

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5. Star Wars T-Shirt

Baby Yoda is the biggest hit of the Star Wars series, and most young boys will be thrilled to have a T-shirt with this image on it. The Baby Yoda T-Shirt  is great for everyday school or weekend wear and young kids will be thrilled with getting this shirt as a gift.

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What To Give a 6 Year Old Boy Who Has Everything?

There are simply occasions when a young boy has all of the toys they currently want and have more clothing than they can wear before they outgrow what they have making you have to use a little innovation when coming up with a gift for that young child. Here are a few suggestions that may help.

Clothing for the Next Season – Six year olds are still growing pretty rapidly, and so any clothing they get for their birthday or Christmas probably won’t fit them 6 months from now, so why give the child an outfit that he will grow into rather than one that fits him now.

Experiential Gifts – Experience gifts can be cheap or expensive and can cover everything from taking the child to a new kids movie, to a huge ball pit, to camping out at a local park or in the backyard. You can also arrange a game night and let the child choose all the games you will play. Or simply take them for a kite flying day in the local park.

A Make it to Play Kit – Why not give your child all the ingredients they need to make kool-aid play dough and the instructions to make it themselves. Young kids love making their own simple play things and gain confidence in making items themselves.

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With so many gifts available for 6 year olds we hope that this guide will help you narrow down your choices and find the perfect gift for that young boy on your shopping list.

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