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11 Best Gift Ideas for 13 Year Old Girls

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By the time girls reach the age of 13 most of them have developed an interest in boys, make-up and cool clothing. They are at an age when they are just discovering their feminine side, developing their own interests, and wanting to have fun with friends.


Before we get into our suggestions check out the shopping tips we have provided.

Helpful Tips For Choosing Great Stuff 

Pay attention to those things the girl you’re buying for is interested in – Your daughter likely gives you many hints as to what she wants by merely talking about the things her and her friends are interested in. Listen up to when she mentions the cool stuff all of her friends are getting because it’s likely something she’s interested in too!

Quality is better than quantity – Focus on one or two top gifts that she will really love rather than a bunch of cheap gifts that she may only be sort of interested in.


Check out the reviews – Read reviews and get an idea of what real users are saying about products before you pull the trigger. You want a gift that will stand the test of time rather than one that will break right away.

10 Gifts Suggestions for 13 Year Old Girls

Below is a look at some of the most popular gifts for 13 year old girls. These gifts are appropriate for girls whether it’s their birthdays, Christmas, Valentines or just because.

1. Initial Pendant Necklace

Dainty and feminine this Initial Pendant Necklace  is perfect for a younger teenage girl. This necklace is hypoallergenic and made with real 925 sterling silver and cubic Zirconia stones. This Initial necklace is pretty and feminine and be worn with both casual and dressy clothing.

This necklace was purchased for both teen girls and grown women and most seemed to really love this necklace and find it as durable as it is pretty.

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2. Leather Writing Journal

Young girls have many thoughts that they need to express and this Leather Bound Journal  is the perfect place to write down private thoughts, the days happenings, and even their own poetry or short stories and even drawings. The leather is soft to touch and will fuel a young girls imagination. The journal looks handmade and earns rave reviews.

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3. Make-Up

By the age of 13 most girls want to start experimenting with make-up, but many parents don’t want their daughters to go full tilt on the paint and powder. However, finding some great nail polish like this Kleancolor Metallic Nail Polish  or a great Lip Gloss Set . These products are a great start for any young teen who wants to wear make-up. Young teens like the taste and the glittery shine of these lip gloss and metallic nail polishes. Combine the two for a really great gift that most young teenage girls will love.

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4. A Cool Shirt

Most 13 year olds want to dress cool like their friends while at the same time developing their own style of this dress. This Sieanear Women's Twist Knot Front Tunic  is a versatile shirt that comes in a variety of different sizes, has both long and short sleeves and looks great with leggings, shorts, or jeans. It can easily be dressed up or down and is perfect for both school or weekends. This shirt gets great reviews and most teens and women find it soft and extremely comfortable.

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5. Kindle Fire HD 8

The Kindle Fire 8  with screen protector is ideal for teens. This tablet is perfect for any young girl since they can use this one tablet to watch movies, listen to music, read books, or listen to audio books. This handheld tablet can go with your child anywhere and makes the ideal birthday or Christmas gift for any 13 year old girl.

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6. Adidas Sneakers

Sneakers are almost part of the any teenagers uniform. Worn for school, sporting events, and on weekends. A good pair of comfortable sneakers in a great color and style makes a perfect gift idea for your 13 yr old. These Adidas Women's Cloudfoam Running Shoes  is a great sneaker that comes in a wide variety of sizes and colors and judging by the reviews is also quite popular.

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7. A Sassy Little Skirt

Every young teen wants to have a sassy little skirt for those days when she feels like dressing up a little more and this Braces Skirt  is the perfect addition to any teen girl’s wardrobe. This skirt comes in a couple of different sizes and several really pretty colors and can easily be worn with a simple T-shirt or something more dressy. This cute suspender skirt can be worn as it, with leggings or with a pair of sneakers or cute boots. It is the perfect skirt for a young girl to allow their personality and own sense of style shine.

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8. Hair Care Products

Once girls reach their early teens they become obsessed with their appearance, which makes giving any hair care product a great gift for a 13 year old girl. A hair dryer such as the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Hair Dryer  is an excellent way to help that young girl get through their morning routine faster. This smaller travel size version works just like the larger version, and it is easy for any girl to take along to those overnight sleepovers or when traveling with friends or family.

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9. Crafting Supplies

Teen age girls love expressing themselves through making a variety of different crafts. Giving your girl a gift like this 82 Piece Deluxe Art Set  will allow them to draw, make their own cards and do a variety of other craft projects. There is a ton of drawing and painting supplies as well as two sketch pads with this set and judging by the rave reviews this artistic set is a great gift for 13 years old girls who loves to draw.

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10. Karaoke Machine

Teenage girls love to sing when they get together and having a Fun Karaoke Machine  will make those sing a-longs so much more fun, not to mention make any girl owning one the hit of any slumber party. It is also great for any musically inclined girl to use on their own. Your daughter will feel like a music star when she turns on this machine and starts singing away. Don’t be surprised in the entire family decides to join in the fun of some of these sing a-longs.

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11. Jewelry Box

Thirteen year girls are becoming more and more interested in jewelry and having a nice  little jewelry box to keep their jewelry organized and neatly stored together will allow them to keep track of their favorite pieces. This Jewelry Box by Kloud City  comes in several different colors and is perfect for young girls.

Reviews show that this is a popular jewelry box and users find it really easy to keep their jewelry organized and easy to find.

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We hope that you like our list of suggested for gifts for teenage girls age thirteen and that we have inspired you to your own creative thoughts when it comes to the buying a gift process!

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