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Magic Tracks Review: A Cool Glow in The Dark Race Track Toy

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In this day and age of modern technology it can be almost impossible to find toys that can keep your child’s interest long enough to turn their focus away from cell phones, computer screens or video games. However, every so often a toy comes along that is so unique and so fun that your child actually rejects that virtual world in exchange for some good old fashioned hands on play, all while letting their imaginations soar!

This is where the Magic Tracks race car sets come in to play. Kids have so much fun playing with these light up race car tracks and in our review below we cover everything you need to know about the all of the different Magic Tracks sets and also everything about Ontel, the company behind these awesome glow in the dark race track toys!

Magic Tracks Overview

magic tracks extreme

Magic Tracks are re-imagined race tracks that feature unique flexible glow in the dark tracks that can be bent or flexed into just about any shape your child can imagine. Along with the track itself you get one or more LED light up cars that come with stickers so that your child can customize their car to their liking. The light up Magic Tracks car can be raced around the track in the dark lighting up the glow in the dark track in an eerily magical way as it swiftly goes around bends, passes through tunnels, and races over bridges towards the finish line.

Best of all, children can have fun with a single set, or combine multiple sets and take the Magic Tracks adventures to the extreme!

Home Made Video of Someone Who Made a Crazy Long Track By Using Many Sets

While these sets are designed for children as young as 3 years old, children in the tween age range love this track, as do some adults. There are a number of YouTube videos showing huge tracks going over pools, hot tubs and running through a house built by older children and adults.

Our Magic Tracks Reviews

In this section we are going to take a deeper look at the different race tracks that are available from Magic Tracks so you can decide which of these will provide your child with the most fun.

1. Magic Tracks Extreme

The Magic Tracks Xtreme Race Car and Track is one of the smallest sets offered for sale. The track is shorter than many of the other sets and ti comes with less accessories. It’s a great started kit if you’re just introducing your child to this type of toy.

What Comes in the Box

  • 10 feet (200 pieces) of snap together glow in the dark track
  • 1 LED race car (either red or blue)
  • Sheet of peel and stick car decals (to customize your race car)
  • Instruction guide


When you first pull out the bag containing the pieces of glow in the dark track you may be somewhat disappointed to find that all of the pieces of this track are straight. However, your disappointment will soon vanish when you discover that each piece of this track can be curved or bent in any way you choose. The flexibility of this neon colored track allows your child to configure and reconfigure the track in any manner they choose, limited only by their imagination.

The pieces of the track snap together easily, making it possible for even 3 or 4 year olds to set up this track with very little difficulty.

Best of all, when your child has finished playing with the Magic track flexible track, they don’t need to take their track apart since it can simply be rolled up cinnamon roll fashion for easy storage.

The LED car that come with this set lights up and can be customized to your child’s taste using the included stickers that come in the box. (You can also purchase some fun stickers from you local dollar store for even more customization) The car does need 3AAA batteries to run and the batteries are not included with your purchase.

This Magic Track like all the Magic Trax sets is compatible with all of the other sets so you can add as many cars and more race track as your heart desires.

What Reviews Had to Say

The Ontel Magic Tracks Extreme gets good reviews overall with approximately 3/4 of users on Amazon giving this race car set 4 stars or more.

What Users Liked

  • The track is well made and easy to assemble
  • Kids love the fact that car lights up and the track glows in the dark
  • Small children love the fact that these cars go fast
  • These sets are so much fun that adults often play with children making for great parent/ child bonding time.
  • You can keep adding sets making your tracks bigger and bigger and also add more cars for more fun and excitement.

What Users Don’t Like

  • Some users found that their cars either stopped working shortly after getting the set or failed to work right out of the box.
  • A few users felt that this set uses up batteries pretty quickly.

2. Magic Tracks Turbo Remote Control Race Cars

The Turbo RC Race Cars Set is another Glow in the dark option with a smaller track that most of the other Magic Tracks sets. However, it is only a foot or so shorter than some of the other sets that are available.

What’s in the Box

  • 10 feet (200 pieces of neon light up track)
  • 1 Remote controlled car (red)
  • A sticker sheet to customize your car
  • Ramp Attachment
  • The remote for the car
  • Instruction booklet


The 200 pieces of track that comes with this set can be arranged in any manner you please and can be bent and curved to build your own unique race track. This track is so flexible you can even build a hamster wheel to place your car inside of and watch the track and the car roll across your floor. The set works equally well on carpet or solid floors, but carpet fibers can get wound up in the axles eventually stopping the wheels of the vehicle from moving.

When you are done using the track instead of taking it part, you can just straighten the curves and bends and roll the track up and store it away.

The RC race car that comes with this set looks a little plain when it is not lit up, but you can use the accompanying stickers to give your car it’s own personality. The car does need 3 AAA batteries to run, but the batteries don’t come with set so you’ll want to have some on hand.

The remote control for this Magic Tracks RC set takes 2 AA batteries, but it makes the entire race car set more fun since you can use the control to make the car stop and go, drive in reverse, honk it’s horn, flash it’s light or go into turbo mode speeding around the track.

What Reviews Had to Say

This Ontel set gets very good reviews with the majority of the Amazon reviews giving this toy 4 stars or better.

What Users Like

  • The track is easy for young children to put together with little or no help
  • The set is sturdy enough for the rough play of younger children
  • The batteries last a long time
  • The remote has a lot of fun features
  • The flexible track has endless possibilities
  • You can combine this Magic Track set with any or all of the sets for unlimited fun and imaginative builds.

What Users Didn’t Like

  • This race car set only comes with 1 car
  • Several users had difficulty getting to remote control to work at all
  • A couple of people had their control button break off

3. Magic Tracks 11 Foot Speedway

The Magic Tracks 11 foot Speedway is designed to provide children with an exciting alternative to other race track toys. While this set is designed for children 3 years and up, children as old as 12 enjoy playing with this speedway.

What’s In The Box

  • 220 pieces of track that when all joined together is 11 feet long
  • 1 LED light up car in either red or blue
  • 1 Sheet of peel and stick decals (78 decals)
  • Instruction guide


This track like others has a glow in the dark track that comes in red, yellow, green and blue. The pieces snap together easily and are super flexible, meaning they can be configured in a variety of different ways, so your child can make a new style track each and every time they play. The track itself does not light up, but rather when using it in the dark the lights the race car makes small areas of the track glow in the dark as it passes over the track.

As with other sets, storage of this one is very easy since the track can just be rolled up instead of needing to be taken apart.

The LED car has 5 LED lights that can light up sections of the glow track as the car speeds around the track. The car comes in either red or blue and 78 different decals with which you can decorate the car. While the car runs well on the track it can also run off the track on hard surfaces such as tile or wood. The car does takes 3 AAA batteries to run and no batteries comes with the track set.

What Reviews Had to Say

Users say that this is the same Magic Tracks As Seen on TV set from the official commercials and give this 11 foot speedway set good, but not great reviews with approximately 2/3 of the reviewers giving this it 4 stars or better on Amazon.

What Users Like

  • Tracks are easy to snap together
  • The track is super flexible and you don’t need special curved pieces in order to make a circular or curved track.
  • Track is easy to store away
  • The cars are fast and can be run on surfaces other than on the tracks
  • Children can use their imagination using objects to make tunnels and bridges to use with the track.

What Users Don’t Like

  • Users find that cars are not well made and quit working within hours of first starting to use.
  • Some users complain that the tracks for this one don’t actually light up.

4. Magic Track Crash Set

The Ontel Magic Track crash set adds a new dimension of fun to glow in the dark race track sets by including 2 crash walls and several other accessories.

What’s In The Box

  • 10 feet (200 pieces of track)
  • 2 LED light up cars (1 gray and 1 yellow)
  • Remote control
  • Sticker Sheet
  • Crash X track
  • 1 brick crash wall and 1 stone crash wall
  • 6 red signs
  • 4 road cones
  • Instruction booklet


The 10 foot flexible track that comes with this crash set is made more fun and exciting by the addition of the 2 hinged crash walls, the X track so the two race cars can pass in front of one another and the signs and cones that can be placed at various places along the track.

This is the same flexible track that you find in all Magic track sets so your child can configure the track in a variety of different ways. This one is also compatible with other Magic track sets as well as most Neon tracks sets.

This crash set also comes with 2 LED cars with 5 lights each so your child can race with a friend, sibling or even you. There is one gray and one yellow car and each car needs 3 AAA batteries to run. There are no batteries included in the box.

This set also comes with a remote control that requires 2 AAA batteries and the remote runs both cars.

What Reviews Had to Say

Most users really like this Magic Track Crash set with over 3/4 of parents giving this set 4 stars or more on Amazon.

What Users like

  • Users love that this set comes with 2 cars instead of just 1
  • The track can be configured in any manner that pleases your children
  • The hinged crash walls add more fun and excitement to this glow in dark track
  • This set makes a great addition to other sets

What Users Don’t Like

  • Some users got cars that were exceptionally loud
  • If a car happens to jump the track it keeps going and users have to chase it down.

5. Magic Tracks Rescue Set

Speeding to the rescue day or night is the Rescue Vehicle set. It features two iconic vehicles a fire truck and police car as well as other fun features.

What’s In The Box

  • 10 feet of track (200 pieces total)
  • LED fire truck
  • LED police car
  • Police station with built in jail
  • Fire station with built in garage
  • 4 road cones
  • Decal sheet containing 110 decals
  • Fun guide


The Ontel Magic Tracks Rescue set is easy enough to use for 4 year olds, but also fun enough for children up to the age 11 or 12, making it great toy for siblings of various ages to play with together. The 10 foot neon glow in the dark track is made a bit more interesting and exciting by the firehouse and jail and the addition of the four road cones that can be scattered around the course.

Like all Magic tracks you can bend or curve each piece of track in any way you wish so you can configure the track in a variety of different ways.

Both the fire truck and police car have 5 LED lights and can be customized by using the decals on the decal sheet that comes with the set. Each car also requires 3 AAA batteries. The cones are a nice addition to the entire set.

What Reviews Had Say

Overall users seem to like the set with around 3/4 of them giving this toy 4 stars or better on Amazon.

What Users Like

  • Has a lot of value for the price
  • So much fun watching the cars run by themselves
  • Kids love the police car and fire truck
  • Older and younger children enjoy playing together
  • Makes a great gift for any child who loves cars

What Users Don’t Like

  • Most of the complaints about this rescue set is that the vehicles don’t work very long

6. MagicTrack Racer Cars

Will the red or the blue racer be the first out of the starter gate? Which car will be the faster to cross the finish line. The Magic Tracks Racer pits two race cars head to head in a race to the finish.

What’s in The Box

  • 12 feet of flexible glow in the dark track (240 pieces)
  • 2 LED race cars -1 red and 1 blue
  • Starting Gate
  • Light up Finishing Gate
  • 4 road cones
  • Decal sheet with a 132 decals to customize your race car
  • Fun guide


With the race car set your child can spend a day (or evening) at the races. Since you build side to side flexible race tracks the course is going to be shorter at only about 6 feet for each car so action will be fast and furious. At the word “GO” be the first to start your racer and get it off to a blazing start and you will have a good chance to cross the finish line first and take home the prize as well as bragging rights. The finishing gates actually lights up as your car zooms to victory (or 2nd place).

Each of the race cars takes 3 AAA batteries so stock up for all those races ahead. You can decorate your car in a number of different ways by using the decal sheet with 132 decals that comes with set. Turn all the lights off before the race starts amd you will see is bright little lights flashing down the track.

What Reviews Had To Say

While most users really like the idea of this drag racer set they find that the set itself doesn’t quite live up to it’s hype as only just over 50% of reviewers give this set 4 stars or more.

What Users Like

  • Cars can run on the track or on the floor
  • Kids love how fast the cars are
  • Assembling the tracks are easy
  • Easy to just roll up the tracks and store

What Users Don’t Like

  • A few users felt that the tracks for this set simply don’t fit with other Magic tracks sets
  • Users experienced broken tracks and broken starting gates
  • Other users found that their cars did not work right out of the box

7. Magic Tracks Mega Set

The Magic Tracks Mega Set gives kids a more flexible glow in the dark track and more accessories than any other of sets. For those who believe that more is better this set is certainly be worth looking into.

What’s In The Box

  • 18 feet of flexible neon track (360 pieces)
  • 1 race car
  • 1 police car
  • 1 bridge
  • 6 road signs
  • 3 palm trees
  • 4 road cones
  • Decal sheet with 88 decals
  • Cross over piece for crash course


The Magic Tracks Mega set comes with the longest track among all the Magic Tracks sets, which allows your child to configure the track in more ways. This flexible bendable glow in the dark track with the accompanying crossover piece and bridge allows for even more imaginative building fun. Your children (especially the young ones) will have fun placing the road signs and palm trees around the course and setting up the scene for the fast running cars and the likely crash.

This set features a race car and a police car that your child can customize using the included decals. The cars do take 3 AAA batteries each. However, the batteries are not included so you will need to make sure you have some on hand before gifting this set to your child.

What Reviews Had To Say

Overall the majority of users who purchase the Mega Xtreme set liked it with roughly 2/3 of the users on Amazon giving it 4 stars or higher.

What Users Like

  • Tracks can be configured in a number of ways
  • Tracks are easy to put together and bend
  • Cars are speedy
  • Cars grip the track well
  • The glow in the dark feature is fun
  • Easy to change batteries
  • Kids love watching the cars crash

What Users Don’t Like

  • Several users believed that received knock off sets since the tracks were not as well made as the tracks in other sets they purchased.
  • Several users got sets with missing pieces
  • Cars break down after only a short time of use.

8. Ontel Magic Tracks Mega RC Set

The Mega RC set is designed for two players with two remote control cars and two controllers. This set is loaded with accessories and is sure to provide hours of fun.

What’s In The Box

  • 16 feet (320 pieces) of track
  • 1 Turbo race car
  • 1 Turbo police car
  • 2 remote controls
  • Jump ramp
  • Bridge
  • Crash X tracks
  • 6 sign posts
  • 3 palm trees
  • 4 road cones
  • Sticker sheet with 91 decals
  • Fun guide


The Mega RC Set comes with 16 feet of easy to roll up bendable glow in the dark track pieces as well as loads of accessories so that your child can configure the track in almost endless ways and then set up the signs, cones and palm trees where ever they like.

Both the police car and the race car have 5 LED lights so the cars light up as they race around the track and can be customized using the included Decals. Each car needs 3 AAA batteries in order to run. The remote for each car also needs 2 AAA batteries. The remote is used to start and stop the car, throw it into reverse, honk the horn and flash the car lights.

Kids love watching the cars go over and under the bridge, over the jump and crash into one another.

What Reviews Had To Say

Overall users tend to be dissatisfied with this set with only about 1/3 of actual users giving this set 4 or more stars or more on Amazon, earning this set the lowest ratings of any of the Magic Tracks set we’ve reviewed.

What Users Like

  • They like that this set comes with remote controls
  • The track is easy to assemble

What Users Don’t Like

  • It is difficult or impossible to pair the remote with the cars
  • Cars stop working minutes after using
  • Several users had problems with the bridge
  • Whole set is poorly made

Buyers Guide

Special Offers from Magictracks.com

In addition to the various sets available through Amazon and other stores, the official Magic Track site has a special offer that you can’t get in any store. This offer is allows you to purchase the basic Magic Track set and then get a second identical set for only $5.99. You can check out this special offer at www.magictracks.com.

With so many different options to choose from most some people tend to like one set better than others, while other people tend to buy multiple sets.

Magic Tracks Accessories and Add-Ons

Ontel itself doesn’t offer a lot in the way of replacement or add-ons for the Magic Tracks sets which often leaves people feeling frustrated that they have to purchase a whole new set to get an additional car or other accessories. The Magic Tracks Store does have a few accessories available which consists of

  • 11 extra feet of track
  • The Cross over Track
  • Tower Bridge
  • Your Choice of 6 remote controlled cars

If you’re in need of more accessories there are some companies that make ones that are compatible with Magic Tracks. Here is a short look at what we found to be available.

  • Rachpel offers a 4 piece vehicle set that includes an auto bus, Rescue Vehicle, Police car, and Auto Truck.
  • Hzmeng offers a 3 vehicle set that consists of red and green car and police car.
  • Mindscope has an add on package that includes a small bit of track (about 2 feet) Bridge/tunnel combo, 2 track splitters, rotating signs and stickers.

Alternatives to Magic Tracks

  • USA Toyz makes a race track toy that is very similar to Magic Tracks and it is also very highly rated.
  • Mindscope makes a few really cool tracks that again are similar to the ones Ontel offers.

Additional Information and Tips

During our research we pick up a few bit of information and some tips that may help improve your child’s experience when playing with their Magic Tracks set.

Keep in mind that this is mostly random info and not all of it may be useful to your situation.

  • If you or your child is planning to make a mammoth Magic Track course and have long straight areas then placing some duct tape on the back of these sections of track (once it is put together) will help keep the track from separating. You can also try small pieces of tape on the back of curves. Just remember that you will need to peel the tape back before changing your configuration.
  • When running Magic Tracks in the dark keep in mind that with some of them only a small section around the running vehicle actually glows in the dark. If you want the entire track to glow, you can try putting the track pieces in the sun for several hours before using it or try adding black lights to your set up.
  • To help prevent hair from building up around the car wheels and preventing the car from running check the axles after each play session and use a pair of tweezers and a sharp narrow blade to cut and remove the hair before it builds up.
  • Don’t let your child put a running car near their own head or someone else’s as the car can tangle in their hair ruining the car and possibly forcing you to cut a chunk of your child’s hair out.
  • If your car does not work, some reviewers state it may be the batteries. A few reviewers claim that Energizer batteries work best and report the cars not starting at all when Duracell batteries were used (this seems odd but we saw it multiple times in our research).

About the Company That Makes Magic Tracks

The Magic Tracks race track toys are produced by a company called Ontel, which was founded by Chuck Khubani. The company makes a variety of different products from toys to household items and even fitness equipment.

From it’s inception Ontel has jump started the marketing of all of their new products through television commercials, which is why you see the “As Seen On TV” label on their products. While Ontel has a number of different stores that sells all of their products, they also have various websites each one dedicated to one of their products. You can visit Ontels’ official website to view their various products.

For specific information regarding Magic Tracks you can visit their website at www.magictracksstore.com. You can also contract their customer service with any questions by calling 1–800–793–5469.

Shipping Information

Order ships within 30 days by Fed Ex. Orders typically ship much faster than 30 days is the absolute maximum it should take. 30 day is a LONG time for something to ship so be sure you plan in advance of Christmas or your kiddos birthday!

Should you have any questions regarding the shipping of your order then call their customer service at 1-800–793–5469.

Return Policy

The company offers a 60 day money back guarantee minus shipping and handling fees. You do need to contact their customer service department at 1–800–793–5469 to get directions on how to properly return your merchandise for a refund. Return shipping is through USPS.

You will need to include the following inside the return package

  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Daytime Phone Number
  • Email Address


Q. What Are Magic Tracks?

A. Glow in the dark flexible lightup racetracks that can be curved and bent in any way. They also come with vehicles with LED lights.

Q. Where Can I Buy Magic Tracks?

A. You can visit the Magic Track Official site at www.magictracksoffer.com to purchase a set for your son or daughter. You can also find them for sale on Amazon as well as several other stores and sites including KB Toys, Kohls, Target, Walgreens, Bed, Bath and Beyond and Walmart.

Q. How Do You Turn on the Magic Tracks Cars?

A. There is a raised button on the top of your car that you press to start and stop the car.

Q. Where Can I Get Magic Track Replacement Cars?

A. Finding replacement cars for Magic Tracks is not easy. The Magic Tracks Store does carry about ½ dozen remote controlled Magic Tracks cars. There are other companies that do make Magic Track compatible cars that you can purchase.

Q. Are There Other Magic Tracks Accessories I Can Purchase?

A. Yes, but the accessories are limited. Besides the Remote Controlled cars The Magic Tracks Store does offer 11 feet of expansion track, The Cross track and the Tower Bridge

Q. Are These Compatible With Twister Tracks?

A. Yes, most of the flexible track sets can be used together. However, not all brands have glow in the glow in the dark features.

Q. What is the Life Span of Batteries In Magic Tracks Cars?

A. Various users have had different experiences with regards to how long the batteries last, but most users found that the batteries lasted for a fairly long time.

Q. Why Won’t My Car Turn On ?

A. Some users find that Duracell batteries do not work well with Magic Cars and recommend Energizer batteries. This seems a little bit odd but we saw it this in multiple reviews left by actual users.

Q. Are Magic Tracks Car Recommended For Small Children

A. Magic tracks are suitable for most children ages 3 and up. However, if your child still puts objects in their mouth close supervision will be required since these sets do have small pieces.

Q. Can I Get Replacements for Damaged Cars or Tracks?

A. If you ordered a set and find that there are damaged parts right out of the package you can contact them at 800–793–5469 or magictracks@rephelpdesk.com.

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