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10 Gifts Germaphobes & Clean Freaks Will Love

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With the Coronovirus recently having shut down many places around the world the number of germaphobes or clean freaks has almost certainly grown exponentially. More and more people are looking for ways to kill more germs, bacteria and viruses in order to maintain their health making gifts for germaphobes and clean freaks appreciated by almost everyone on your shopping list.

We have paid careful attention to create a short easy to follow gift list in order to help you make a quick gift buying decision without overloading you with too many ideas.

Below are some highly rated and great cleaning gifts that the germaphobe and clean freaks in all of us will love.

Terrific Clean Freak & Germaphobe Gifts

1. UV Light Wand

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This No products found. comes with its own USB charging cable and carry back promises to 99.9% of known pathogens making it perfect for safely sanitizing everything in your home and on the go. The wand even lets you know how long you need to leave the light on each area in order to make sure it is sanitized properly. This wand will sterilize just about everything including car seats, clothing, phones, keyboards, toilet seats, pillows, your kitchen cupboards and so much more. A great gift for anyone on your shopping list.

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2. Automatic Soap Dispenser

Washing your hands several times a day is essential to prevent various illnesses, but handling the same soap dispenser or bar of soap that several other people handle won’t leave a germaphobe feeling to safe and comfortable, which is why this Automatic Soap Dispenser  is one best germaphobe gifts you can give. Just set the amount of soap that will dispense each use. Then just place your hands under the dispenser and you can get the right amount of soap to wash your hands without touching anything.

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3. Germ Guardian True HEPA Air Purifier

A great gift for those clean freaks on your shopping list is this Small Air Purifier . This air purifier will kill various viruses, germs, dust, pollen, mold spores and allergens. Along with the HEPA filter this air purifier also has a charcoal filter to help remove odors from the air of a medium size home.. Cleaner air will make everyone in your home breath easier.

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4. Over the Shoes Dust Mop Slippers

If you are looking for gifts for neat freaks that are both fun and useful then these 5 Pairs of Dust Mop Slippers  will make a great gift. Think of how clean your friends or relatives floors will be since they will get dusted each and every time that they walk across the floor. Best of all with 5 pair of dust mop slippers you can wear one pair while another pair is in the wash.

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5. Automatic Touch Free Garbage Can

Garbage cans are one of the most germ laden items in your home so a great gift for your germaphobe friend is an Automatic Touch Free Garbage  can that automatically opens to allow you throw trash away without touching the garbage can at all. This Garbage can is sleek and modern looking and comes in several different colors making this garbage can perfect for any kitchen.

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6. Steam Cleaner Mop

A great gift for those those neat freaks in your life, this 10-in-1 Steam Cleaner  will provide chemical free sanitizing cleaning for just about everything in the home from the floors to curtains and drapes. Steam cleaning will take care of many nasty germs and viruses and leave the entire home feeling and smelling fresh and clean. A steam cleaner can make cleaning your home faster and easier. You may even be able to use this cleaner to freshen your mattress or your pets bed.

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7. A Good Dirt Catching Door Mat

While a Dirt Catching Dirt Mat  may not be the most impressive gift you’ll ever give, it is one of the best gifts for a clean freak who likes their home to remain as neat and tidy as long as possible. A great housewarming gift, this door mat can be washed and dried and is designed to catch dirt and mud so you don’t track it through the house.

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8. Motion Sensor Light Switch

Most germaphobic people prefer not touching anything they don’t have to. So gifting that friend who has a fear of germs a few Motion Sensor Light Switches  will allow them to have light in the room they spend time in without ever having to touch a light switch that may have been touched by other hands. This is a unique gift for birthdays, Christmas, or just because.

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9. UV Cell Phone Sanitation Box

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Cell phones can actually become covered with germ so easily, so gifting someone who hates a germs a No products found. will make the ideal gift. This box not only sanitizes your cell phone, but will sanitize masks, jewelry, keys and more. A great germ killer for small items.

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10. Disposable Rubber Gloves

We all know who cringe at the thought of touching dirty plates and silverware, full garbage bags, or when cleaning their kitchen sink or bathroom. So while Disposable Rubber Gloves  may not be the glamorous gift to give someone, it will be appreciated by someone who hates the thought of germs and viruses.

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Gifts the Organizer in your life will love


If you are looking for a useful and loved gift for that germaphobe among your family and friends then one of these great gifts may fit the bill.  


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