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10 Best Gift Ideas for 20 Year Old Males

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Most 20 year old young men are either in their sophomore year of college or have a full time job. Many guys this age are actively dating and have a busy social life and some are even married.


Choosing gifts for young men of this age can sometimes be difficult since different individuals have different interests and tastes. We have comprised this list of the best gifts for twenty year old males based on the common interests shared by most guys. As always we have chosen only those gifts with high ratings so you can rest assured you are buying quality products.

To make using this guide as easy as possible for you we have divided it into 3 sections.

Section 1: Tips for choosing gifts for a 20th birthday


Section 2: 10 Best gifts for males aged 20

Section 3: What are some great gifts for guys that didn’t make our list?

Helpful Tips for Choosing Good Stuff for 20 Year Old Boys

  • Consider whether the guy you’r’e buying for is in school or working for a living, where he lives and what his interests are.
  • Pay attention to what the older boy in your life says he would like,but cannot afford
  • Consider the guys needs as well as his wants

10 Best Gifts for Males on Their 20th Birthday

1. A good Dress Shirt

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This No products found. with French cuffs and a cutaway collar makes a great gift for any boy who has an active social life. The shirt comes in a variety of colors and sizes and is perfect for dates, job interviews or other dressy occasions.

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2. Space Pen

If you are looking for a great unique gift for that young adult on your shopping list then this Fisher Space Pen . This pen may be slightly small in stature, but big in performance since it will write in zero gravity, underwater, upside down, through grease and in a wide range of temperatures. Young men will love it for its cool factor alone. A great stocking stuffer, birthday or Easter gift for any boy on your shopping list.

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3. GoPro Hero

If the guy in your life lives an active life then the the GoPro Hero  will make a great gift that allows him to record all of those exciting moments, whether he is an avid skateboarder, skier, wake boarding or just enjoys those pick up sports games and wants to record all the action of his friends and himself.

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4. Personal Docking Station

Help that young man in your life keep all of his small things organized with a Cool Looking Docking Station . This docking station makes a great gift and will easily hold a young man’s watch, cellphone, jewelry, keys, spare change and other small items neatly and within easy reach.

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5. A Great Muscle Massager

Anyone who has an active lifestyle is bound to get sore muscles from time to time and a great muscle massage like the Zyllion Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager  is sure to make a great gift for any boy who suffers from calf, neck, shoulder, neck or any other muscle pain and wants to massage those aches and pains away.

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6. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Whether living in a noisy dorm or living in an apartment with roommates being able to enjoy the music he likes is important to a young adult male and these Noise Canceling Headphones  will allow him to shut out the outside world and enjoy his music in peace. With 20 hours of listening before the headphones need to be charged so that young men can listen to music to their heart’s content.

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7. Flat Screen TV

Make sure that the young adult on your shopping list can enjoy watching sports, movies or playing games in style by giving them a Samsung Flat Screen TV . A great gift for young men who are out on their own or soon will be this TV will last them for many years to come.

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8. Toiletry Bag

Whether that male on your shopping list enjoys traveling in his free time, lives in a dorm with a shared bathroom, or lives in an apartment with roommates this Handy Toiletry Bag  will make a terrific gift for keeping on his toiletries neatly together. Best of all it can hang on the back of a bathroom door keeping everything at hand during his morning shower or when getting ready for a date.

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9. Men’s Grooming Kit

Young men are very much into keeping themselves well groomed and looking their best and this All-In-One Grooming Kit  is sure to make the perfect gift for any 20 yr old male. This grooming kit will allow a young man to save money on haircuts and even let him cut the hair of his friends and roommate.

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10. NFL Snack Helmet

While a twenty yr old may not have a man cave, he still wants to have manly snack disks when hanging around home with his friends. This NFL Snack Helmet  will make a great gift for any young man. Great for watching sports, movies, or game night this snack helmet makes a unique and fun gift.

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What Are Some Alternative Gift Ideas for a 20 Year Old Guy Who Has Everything?

Not every great gift for young adult guys made our short list, but if you are looking for some alternate gifts then here are a few more suggestions.

  • Tickets to a favorite sporting event or an upcoming concert
  • Gifts card to a favorite store or restaurant
  • Provide them with a gift certificate to a local 4-wheeler rental, wall climbing wall, or day of zip lining

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We hope that this gift list for 20 year olds makes shopping for that young man in your life simpler and easier while giving him some great gifts that he will enjoy.


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