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11 Best Gift Ideas for 18 Year Old Boys in 2020

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Most 18 year olds are either getting ready for college or for moving into their first apartment or have already done so. Whether the young man is going to be living or is living in a dorm or an apartment there are tons of items that they need for their new living situation. Even if the young man goes to school or works close by and continues to live at home he’ll be wanting to live a more independent life, which makes gift giving for young men of this age much easier than you might think.


Helpful Tips for Choosing Great Practical Stuff for 18 Year Old Guys

By the age of 18, most boys are considered to be young adults and therefore needs gifts that are practical and will encourage their independence, but still express your love and concern for your child. Here are some tips for choosing gifts for teens of this age.

  • Choose gifts that will encourage and aid your teens efforts to be independent by choosing gifts that they will actually use.
  • Consider those gifts that are versatile enough for your teen to use in different situations.
  • Make sure to include some fun as well as useful gifts for the young man in your life.

11 Popular Gift Suggestions for 18 Yr Boys

Here is our list of the best gifts for young adult men. After the list we have included other ideas for if your son already has everything on the list.

1. Shower BlueTooth Speaker

Whether that teens likes to sing in the shower, or simply likes to listen to music or audiobooks while showering or while with friends this Shower Bluetooth Speaker  makes a great gift since it is portable enough to be taken to the beach or to the pool. It easily connects to your bluetooth devices, phones, computers, or radio so your teen can music wherever he goes.


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2. Travel Grooming Kit

Whether that 18-year old boy in your life is sharing a bathroom with a roommate or a bunch of guys living in a dorm, or simply wants to travel or weekends a grooming kit is a good thing that will come in super handy. This Travel Grooming Kit  comes with a nice case filled with name brand grooming products that are all TSA approved travel size so this kit can be taken anywhere. This kit is perfect for any young man living away from home who does any traveling at all.

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3. Duffle Bag

Whether your college age son is traveling home for weekends or holidays, working and wants to travel on weekends or enjoys hiking and camping this Roomy Duffle Bag  will come in extremely handy. This duffle bag has a shoe compartment and multiple other compartments to make packing easier and works best with these Bag Packing Cubes . This duffle bag is great for all kinds of travel and is water and tear resistant.

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4. Pull Over Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt is perfect for attending college classes, going for an early morning run, or simply wearing it when hanging out with friends. The Russell Men's Athletic hoodie  is comfortable and versatile and looks great for casual dress and warm enough that your teen won’t need a jacket during chilly spring or autumn days.

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5. Bedding

Most 18-year-olds don’t put much thought into their bedding. Many teenage boy prefers to just throw a sleeping bag or quilt on their bed and calling it good. As a parent, you want them to live a more normal type life so gifting them A Set or Two of Comfortable Sheets  to put on their bed will encourage them to properly make up their bed. These sheets are extra soft making for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

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6. Dart Board Set

In most cases, young men who are attending college or working out on their own for the first time are normally living on a limited income and cannot afford to go out every night to for entertainment. So having things like this Fat Cat Electronic dartboard  will allow them to save money while still having some form of entertainment besides simply watching movies and listening to music. This dart board is suitable for up to 8 players making it more fun because your teen can play with friends or by themselves.

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7. Laundry Hamper

Laundry is something that every young adult is going to have due, so giving them a Handy Laundry Basket  to put their dirty clothes and carry too and from the laundry mat (if needed) makes for a wonderful gift. If you want to make this gift a little more thoughtful you can fill the hamper with stuff like laundry detergent, fabric softener, and stain remover as well as other household cleaners your teen will need to maintain their apartment or dorm room.

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8. A Quality Pair of Jeans

Teens and young adults can always use new clothing and a quality pair of jeans makes a great gift for almost anyone on your shopping list. These Calvin Klein Straight Cut Jeans  are well made and great looking and are perfect for school, work, or a casual date as well as for everyday wear. Reviews for these jeans state that are well made and comfortable and most younger people who enjoy owning name brand clothing.

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9. A Great Care Package

This CraveBox Care Package  contains 60 snacks most teens will love. This is a perfect gift, whether you are wanting to give or send your college freshman a gift of snacks to see them through midterm or final examinations! If you want a gift a young man can enjoy and share with roommates or simply want to supply them with the snacks they have difficulty supplying for themselves on a limited budget, it’s also great too. This care package makes a great birthday, Christmas or just because gift for those teens that are out on their own for the first time.

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10. Bounce Battle Game

Whether living in a dorm, apartment or in your home this Bounce Battle Game  is a great form of entertainment. This game has several different games rolled all into one, which makes it perfect for any teen to play with friends or family members.

This game is challenging and fun and is perfect for people who are living on a budget to have fun without having to spend a good deal of money.

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11. First Aid Kit

No matter how careful you are, accidents happen. Gifting your eighteen yr old son with a first aid kit to keep in their car, their dorm room, their apartment, or take along on hiking or camping trips will assure that they can take care of most minor injuries. This OSHA First Aid Kit  contains 250 pieces including ice packs, ointment packs, burn creams, bandages, sterile pads, eye pads, gauze rolls, finger splints, scissors and so much more. This kit is the perfect first aid kits for anyone going out on their own and everything is packed into a nice case that keeps everything organized ready to use.

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What Are Unique Gifts for Eighteen Year Old Guys Who Have Everything?

There are several other unique gifts that most teen boys would love including a car if they don’t already have one. Giving them stuff like concert tickets to their favorite group is also a great idea as well as a ticket to see their favorite sports team in action or gift cards for places to dine. Even a gift card for their favorite hobby shop is a great idea too!

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It is our hope that this list of gifts for a newly fledged young adult will help you to find some great gifts for your own older teen.



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