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15 Best Toys and Gifts for 12 Year Old Boys

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While all children mature at different rates, for many 12 year old boys this age seems to mark the end of true childhood, where toys, and games are still the most sought after objects kids this age want to own. So our list of the best toys and gifts for boys age 12 embraces these last days of true childhood. We’ve spent hours researching the highest rated gifts that these young pre-teen boys will enjoy.


To make finding the right gifts on the list easier for you, we have divided the gifts into sections.  In the first section we have the best toy gift ideas. The second section covers the great non-toy gifts for 12 year old boys and the last section are some alternate gift ideas. Just go to the section that interests you the most to discover the best gifts in the relevant category.

Helpful Tips for Choosing Great Stuff for Tween Boys

  • Remember that this is normally the last year that your child will truly be a child in every sense of the word (in most cases). So choose gifts that allow them to enjoy these days of childhood.
  • Take note of how your pre-teen spends his free time. Does he prefer to hang out with friends every chance he gets, does he like to draw, build things, or engage other solitary activities part of the time? Consider buying gifts that will encourage your child’s interest.
  • Pay close attention to the clothing trends of boys this age. Children want to fit in with their peers and clothing helps them to fit in.

10 Best Toys for 12 Years Old Boys

1. Table Tennis To Go

Rainy days can be like a punishment to pre-teens. Boredom quickly sets in and their natural energy needs some type of outlet, which is why gifting your almost teen this Table Tennis To Go Game  may be a great idea. This game can be set up on any size table and your child and a friend or a family member can burn off energy playing several games of ping pong. It’s the perfect solution for homes that aren’t large enough to have a dedicated table tennis table. In addition, this game is portable so your child can take the game with him to sleep overs and play with his friends.

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2. Portable Basketball Hoop

Providing your pre-teen with outdoor activities is extremely important. Not only do outdoor activities get your child away from those countless computer games and out into the fresh air, they give your child an opportunity to learn through new skills while having fun. This Portable Basketball Hoop  is a perfect gift for any growing boy who likes playing basketball and wants an activity he can share with his siblings and friends. This basketball net does not require any cement, you simply fill it with water or sand and you are good to go. Great for practicing shots from different locations and a fun activity to share with others. Best of all, this Basketball system can give your child many years of use.

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3. Build A Robot Kit

As your child gets older they enjoy toys that they can make themselves so this Build A Robit Kit  is a great option. Robots are fascinating to many children so your 12 year old can really enjoy building his own solar robot and then “teach” it to accomplish certain tasks. Kids can really use their imagination using items found around the house to create their own customized robot. This is one of the best toys for preteens because it is both educational and allows them to develop their imagination and problem solving skills.

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4. Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII

Nerf guns and Nerf battles are popular with tweens, and this High Capacity Nerf Rival Nemesis  is great for those war games. This gun holds 100 Nerf balls so you have plenty of ammo before your gun needs to be refilled. This gun does require 6D batteries and the batteries results in the ability to rapid fire so you can keep your “enemy” pinned down. This gun is also easy to load since you can simply scoop up the balls and refill the gun to continue playing. This Nerf weapon is best suited for outdoor play.

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5. Lego Star Wars Building Kit

This Lego Star Wars Building Kit  is perfect for any tween who loves building with legos and likes the Star Wars movies. With over 1350 pieces this kit is challenging enough for more mature children and when finished will make an awesome display for a pre-teens bedroom. It makes a great activity for anyone who likes building models and if your child desires, this kit can even be played with once it is completed since it comes with several Star wars characters.

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6. Family Charades

Family Charades board game
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A great game for tweens to play with family or at parties this Family Charades Game is a fun game that is sure to keep everyone laughing and enjoy spending time together. This game is divided into different categories for different age groups, so your child can play a game that is challenging to their acting out skills or play with several people of various age ranges and skills.

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7. Snow Sled

Sledding parties can be great fun for kids and adults alike and a snow sled makes a great gift for kids who enjoy being outside during the cold winter months. This Flexible Flyer 47 Inch Foam Sled  is designed for fast downhill sledding. It is also a cool enough looking sled that your tween will feel confident when taking it sledding with friends as well as family members.

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8. Sony Playstation PS4

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Every tween or teen loves computer game systems and a No products found. makes a great gaming system for any young man on your shopping list. This system comes with a new slim 1TB PlayStation and a DualShock 4 wireless controller. It does not include the mount and you will have to purchase various games to play on the playStation.

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9. Slackline Kit

I don’t know a kid who doesn’t dream of walking a tightrope across a canyon, between buildings or simply as a circus performer. So why not allow your child the experience of walking a tightrope in your own backyard by gifting them this Flybold Slackline Kit . Your child will love balancing on this line and trying to make it across 40 or 50 feet of space. This Slackline does help build core strength and improves your child’s balance as well as provide a cool outdoor activity for your child and friends. Do make sure that you place the Slackline over a grassy or sandy area to help avoid serious injury in case of a fall.

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10. Perplexus

Perplexus Beast  is a 3D sphere maze puzzle that is challenging and fun and makes an ideal gift for most tweens. With over 100 challenges to complete this game can keep your child entertained for hours at a time. Perfect for Christmas, Birthday, or Even to place in an Easter Basket this puzzle is sure to be a favorite gift for your child.

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5 Useful Non-Toy Gifts for 12 Year Old Boys

Not every person in a 12 year olds life wants to spend their money buying toys as gifts for tweens. So here are some useful non toy gifts that most pre-teens will appreciate and use.

1. A Versatile T- Shirt

T-shirts are almost a uniform for most tweens and considering how fast boys of this age can grow, T-shirts always make great birthday and Christmas gifts. This Tommy Hilfigiger T-shirt  comes in a variety of colors and is reasonably priced so that you can gift more than one T-shirt in different colors if you choose.

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2. Blue Jeans

Blue jeans are another article of clothing that make up part of a tweens daily wardrobe. These Levi's 511 Jeans  make a great gift for growing pre-teens. Especially those who love engaging in rugged play and tend to go through several pairs of jeans in a year’s time.

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3. A Cool Pair of Sneakers

Nowadays tween boys seem to love collecting sneakers and often have ½ dozen pairs of more to wear daily or for special occasions. These BRONAX Graffiti Personality Sneakers  should be something that any young man will love. These sneakers come in a wide variety of sizes, colors and even a couple of different styles making choosing the right pair of pairs of sneakers to fit an individual boy’s personality simple and easy.

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4. Treasure Box

Tween and teens tend to collect a lot of small items, such as ticket stubs, photos, interesting rocks or objects they find interesting, and so much more. Giving your teen this Treasure Box > to keep their special items in can make a great gift and will help a tween keep their room neater without worrying about losing any of those special items.

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5. Flying Dragon Craft

Tweens tend to make paper airplanes when they are bored and are looking for something to do. Instead of making a paper plane why not encourage your child to learn more by providing them with this Flying Dragon Craft Kit . Although this craft book is recommended for children ages 8 and up, It is actually more suitable for older kids who can complete each of the crafts themselves. This craft book will make a fun gift for any young man who enjoys making things with their hands.

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What Are Unique Gift Ideas for a 12 Year Old Boy Who Has Everything?

Parents and grandparents tend to purchase tons of gifts for the children in their life until all of a sudden it occurs to you that your 12 year old seems to have everything they need or want and your home is beginning to look like a toy store. So we thought we would include some unique gift ideas for your tween who already seems to have everything.

Give Them A New Experience

Sometimes doing something new with your child is the best gift they can receive. Sharing an experience with your child, such as rock climbing, an art or pottery class, A riding class or some other activity makes for a really great gift your child will treasure.

Give the Gift of Reading

Encourage your child to read more by giving them a gift certificate to the local book store so they can choose some books that they want to read. Reading is a great way to allow them to explore different ideas and even different worlds.

Fast Food Coupons

When tweens are hanging out with their friends they often want to stop at the local fast food restaurant and get something to eat or drink so why not give them a fast food coupon book they can use when they are out and about.

Start or Add To A Savings Account for Your Tween

Tweens tend to live in the moment and don’t tend to think about the future, so why not start or add to your tweens savings account as a gift for them today and an investment in their future. Then each holiday you can add $5.00, $10.00 or more to your child’s or grandchild’s saving account and then give them a card telling them about the gift for their future. Your child will be excited when they see the money in their savings account grow.

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It is our hope that this list of gifts for 12 year olds will make gift shopping for any tween in your life simpler and easier. You can choose from this list, or simply use it as inspiration for your own gift giving.

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