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10 Best Gifts for 17 Year Old Girls: Age Seventeen

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Poised on the edge of womanhood, 17 yr old girls seem to be a mature adult one moment and giggly young girl the next. Normally at the age of 17, most girls are starting their senior year of high school and enjoying time with friends and family as well as growing independence. It is also a time when most teenage girls begin thinking about their future plans whether they are planning on moving out on their own or want to go to college. The best gifts for girls for 17 year old girls are of items they can use now as well as practical gifts that will come in handy in the future.


Helpful Tips for Choosing Stuff for a 17 Year Old Girl

  • Know your daughter. By the time your teenager reaches a certain age they start picking out their own clothes, pay attention to the styles they like so when buying them any clothing you can choose the items they love. The same holds true for paying attention to what your child and their friends like to do in their free time and what they talk about wanting to do in the future.
  • What does your girl do for a hobby, does she play sports, is she drawing, music or creating her own her own jewelry? Whatever her interest you can usually find gifts that will encourage her interests and add to her enjoyment.
  • Has your teen mentioned something they really, really want and can’t afford to purchase on their own? If so purchasing the item as a gift for them will certainly please them and make them happy.

10 Fun Gift Suggestions for 17 Year Old Girls

We hope the list below inspires further thought and more unique ideas for girls. After the list we have included a short explanation about what get if you’re seventeen yr old already has everything!

1. Travel Jewelry Case

Teens of this age often spend the weekend at friend’s houses, spend weekends on ski trips, and travel with family. Taking some of their jewelry with them is important to them so they can look their best and this Teamoy Travel Jewelry Case  is a great gift to give that teenage girl who loves traveling. Although small it is large enough to hold those favorite pieces of jewelry that a girl wants to have on hand wherever she goes.

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2. Skin Care Kit

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Teens are all about looking their best so a skin care kit makes for a great gift for any young lady. This No products found., with its own travel bag makes a nice gift for any girl who wants to look their best. Perfect for all different types of skins this skin care kit can help prevent acne breakouts according to reviewers.

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3. A Good Pair of Winter Boots

If you live in an area with cold winters and lots of snow, then a good pair of attractive snow boots will make an ideal gift for any teenager. These Arctic Shield Women's Winter Boots  are cute and stylish as well as waterproof and insulated. These boots run in size of 6 to 11 and looks great with jeans and skirts. Reviews for these boots state that the boots are not only toasty warm, but also have great grip preventing slippage when walking on snow and ice.

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4. Game of Phones

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Your teens cell phone never seems to leave their hand, so giving them a game that uses their phone can be great fun for your teen to play with their friends. Game of Phones is like a scavenger hunt where players need to find different things on their phone depending on what card they draw from the Game of Phones deck. The game has over 112 prompt cards and instructions.

Every time you play this game it is slightly different, which makes the game much more fun.

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5. Versatile Shirt

Two things that teenage girls never seem to have enough is clothing and jewelry, which makes gifting that teen a versatile shirt a great idea. This Scoop Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt by O Thread & Company  comes in sizes small through XXlarge and a wide variety of colors. This tee shirt is versatile enough to wear with jeans, dress slacks, or even a skirt and jacket. Best of all this shirt is inexpensive enough that you gift that teen three or four shirts in different colors to help fill out their wardrobe.

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6. Unique Necklace

If your teen loves unique jewelry, then this Betsy Johnson Snake Choker  may well be the perfect gift for any teen who loves specialized jewelry. Although there are not a lot of reviews for this necklace, it is clear to see that this is a very piece that will great with either casual or more dressy clothes.

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7. Skinny Jeans or Leggings

All teen age girls love a pair of good looking skinning jeans or jeans type leggings and these Democracy Women's Leggings  makes for a great gift for a 17 year old girl. These jean type leggings will look especially good with an extra long shirt or sweater making them perfect for school or weekend activities.

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8. A Comfortable Pair of Pajamas

Teen girls like everyone else love being comfortable and these Pajamagram Button Up Pajamas  come in sizes Small to XL and several different colors and designs. Whether having a sleepover with friends, or simply enjoying a lazy Saturday morning, these Pjs are as comfortable for lounging around as for sleeping. The brushed cotton Jersey is ultra soft and the bottoms have an elastic waist with a drawstring. Their lightweight yet warm and made extra large for a more comfortable fit.

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9. Hair Straightener Brush

Many of the hair styles young ladies like these days calls for extremely straight hair. This EZ Basics Hair Straightener Brush  is the perfect gift for any teen girl who wants to experiment or wear a straighter hair style. This brush leaves hair not only straight, but sleek and shining as well as designed so that it doesn’t damage their hair. It helps prevent accidental burns as well according to many of the reviews.

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10. A Great Umbrella

Older girls spend a lot of time on their hair and make-up so don’t like getting wet when they have to go out on rainy days so having a cool umbrella is a must for the active teen. This Reverse Upside Down Umbrella  opens easily at the press of a button and the design is inside where it will brighten up even the cloudiest day. The umbrella is large so it sure to keep you dry even in a downpour. It makes a great gift especially for those spring birthdays or Valentine’s day.

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What Are Unique Gifts for 17 Year Old Females Who Have Everything?

It is impossible to include all the great stuff for a teen on a short list, so here are some alternative ideas for giving that teenage girl on your shopping list.

A gift certificate for a manicure and pedicure for the teen and friend makes a great gift and will leave your teen feeling pampered. Cash is always a nice gift as is gift cards for gas, or their favorite boutique or bookstore. Concert tickets also make great gifts for any teen that loves music.

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While it may seem that teens are difficult to find gifts for, the simple truth is that buying the right gift is simply about paying attention to their likes and dislikes and using a little imagination.


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