15 Best Toys and Gifts for 10 Year Old Girls  

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10 year old girls have a tendency to be curious and creative and always ready to play and try new things. They enjoy spending time with their friends, but still want to spend quality time doing things with their family. While they are more adept at resolving arguments with other children on their own, they still want and seek parental comfort and advice.

In order to make finding the right gift for a ten year old girl easier for you, we have divided the gifts in this guide into 3 sections. The first section is the best toys for young girls, the second section is the best non-toy gift ideas and the last section offers alternative gifts for young ladies who have everything they could need or want.

We have spent a good deal of time choosing the very best toys and gifts for girls of this age making sure that every toy we have selected is highly rated.

Helpful Tips for Choosing Great Stuff for 10 Year Old Girls

  • When choosing gifts for girls of this age you want to choose gifts that will stimulate their curiosity in the world around them and give them the opportunity to express their creativity in a variety of ways.
  • You also want to include some toys that are pure fun for your child.
  • Keeping in mind that every child is different and has different interests

10 Exciting Toys for 10 Year Old Girls

1. Wood Cross Stitch Jewelry Kit

This Mindware Cross Stitch Jewelry Kit  is a great kit to encourage your child’s creativity and teach them the basics of cross stitch. One of the nicest things about this jewelry kit, is that although it is designed to make pendants there are 4 pieces that can easily be turned into bracelets instead.

Everything you need is included right in the kit including the needles and embroidery floss.

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2. Octopus Kite

If you are looking for a gift that is pure fun for that 10 yr old on your shopping list then this Pair of Octopus Kites  will certainly fit the bill. These easy to fly kites are perfect for encouraging a child to get out in the fresh air and since there are two kites she can share the experience with a friend or family member. This is a great toy for the beach, a park or an open field.

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3. Wicket Kick

Most 10-year-olds like games they can play with others and this Wicket Kick Game  is the perfect game to play with one or more people. Best of all you can play this game according to the rules or make up your own rules for even more fun. This is a great backyard, park or beach game and perfect for your child to take along on those camping trips.

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4. Gel Pens

If the ten year old in your life likes to color, draw, make cards or write then these Colorful Gel Pens  will make a great gift and encourage her to let her creativity flow. With 120 different colors to choose from she will be able to make her work more colorful and fun.

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5. Flybar Pogo Ball

A great alternative to a pogo stick is this Pogo Ball  which should be lots of fun for any active child. The fly ball comes with grip tape so your feet won’t slip on the board and it is able to bear weight up to 160 pounds. This is a great toy to burn off energy and your child may even learn how to do tricks using this bouncing board.

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6. Bath Bomb Making Kit

Girls around the age of 10 love taking baths in sweet smelling water and this Bath Bomb Making Kit  will allow your child to make their own bath bombs they can actually use while at the same time learn a little bit about science. The kit comes with an instruction book and it’s a great project for your child to tackle on their own or with a friend.

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7. Jacks Game

If you are looking for an inexpensive old fashioned but fun gift for ten year girls then a Set of Jacks  is the perfect game. This game has been around for generations and requires some skill to play. It is a great game for playing alone or with friends.

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8. K’Nex 3-in-1 Building Set

Girls like to build as much as boys do, but most building sets are more geared towards boys. However, this Thrill Rides Building Set  which features a cute Ferris wheel, a boom ride or a swing ride. With 744 pieces this building set will be fun to build and challenging enough to hold a young girl’s attention. It should take a few days to complete and will make a great decoration for a young girl’s room.

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9. Hookey Ring Toss Game

The Hookey Ring Toss Game  makes a great gift for a young girl as they can attach this game to the back of their bedroom door and practice their ring toss skills when taking a short break from studying or when simply wanting some time alone. In addition, they can play games with friends when friends come over or are spending the night. The game is fun and takes skill so this will be a game that a young lady can play for a couple of years.

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10. 3D Wooden Puzzle

If the young lady in your life likes doing puzzles then the Rolife 3D Animal Puzzle  will be the perfect gift for them. Best of all these puzzles are relatively inexpensive, so you can give that young girl 3 or 4 of them if you are looking for a larger gift. There is a selection of 5 different animals, and one or all of these puzzles will be great when completed and displayed.

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5 Best Non-Toy Gifts for 10 Year Old Girls

1. Unicorn Hood Bathrobe

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10 yr old girls still have enough “little girl” in them to enjoy this No products found.. This bathrobe is colorful and warm and made from extra soft flannel. The hood comes complete with eyes, horn and even a nose. This robe will make the perfect Christmas or birthday gift for any little girl who loves unicorns.

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2. “The Secret Zoo”

One of the best gifts you can give any child is the gift of reading and The Secret Zoo  is a great book for any young lady who loves animals. This story is a little bit mystery and a little bit fantasy and a whole lot of fun for anyone to read. This is a great addition to any girls library and the perfect book to encourage a reluctant reader to give reading for pleasure a try.

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3. A Cute Dress and Sweater Set

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By the time most young girls reach the age of 10 they are beginning to take an interest in clothing and enjoy having pretty outfits to wear. This No products found. is pretty enough to wear to church and easy enough to care for to wear to for school pictures or just when a girl feels like dressing up a little. The dress can be worn without the sweater on warmer days or with the sweater when the days are a bit more chilly.

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4. Instanx Mini 9 Instant Camera

Young girls of this age love taking pictures of their friends and family and this Instant Camera  with 120 film pack will make a great gift for any girl. This camera will make a great gift and with proper care will last for several years of picture taking.

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5. Mermaid Tail Blanket

Young girls love curling up under a warm blanket and reading, listening to music or watching television and this Mermaid Tail Blanket  is both cute and warm and large enough to go from the feet to the chin for most young girls.

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What to Get a 10 Year Old Girl Who Has Everything?

Does the girl you’re shopping for have a room overflowing with toys and craft projects? Is her closet overflowing with more clothes than she can possibly wear? If so here are some ideas of gifts you can give to a young girl who seems to have everything.

Give A Gift of Adventure – While young boys seem to have plenty of opportunities to experience a sense of adventure such as a rock climbing wall or zip lining, many people think young girls are too delicate to enjoy such an adventure, so why not provide that young girl in your life with the opportunity to enjoy the same adventurous activities as her male counterparts.

Plan A Weekend Trip – All girls love to travel and try new things so why not plan a weekend trip with the young lady in your life. Choose a place they have never been too that has some activities that they may enjoy. This could be a weekend in the mountains with a sleigh ride or skiing lessons, or a trip to the ocean with some whale watching or a sailboat ride.

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We hope this gift guide for girls who are already or turning 10 will help you to choose a good gift that the young lady in your life will truly love whether it be for Christmas or a birthday.

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