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11 Highly Useful Gifts for Expecting Dads in 2020

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Being a father is one of the greatest experiences of most men’s lives. Unfortunately, while most expecting mothers get a lot of attention, expectant fathers are often almost completely ignored.


However, giving that dad to be a gift that acknowledges the fact that he is about to begin a new roll in life and shows him you’re thinking about him too! He will appreciate you very much for thinking of him and not just mommy. 

As always the items in this gift guide are selected for their high ratings as well as for their usefulness to expecting Dads.

11 Helpful Gifts for an Expecting Dad

1. Unisex Baby Sling

The picture might show a woman but make no mistake this 9-in-1 Carry Sling  is a great gift for dads to be. The sling is perfect for baby and dad bonding while allowing dad to attend to tasks since his hands are free. For dads obviously be sure to choose a neutral color.


Dad can carry the baby either with the infants face towards their chest or facing outwards so they can look about them. This is the perfect tool for walks in the park with a newborn and up or for shopping or simply for keeping baby close while watching television.

2. Dad’s Diaper Bag

This is a Great Diaper Bag for Dads . With 11 pockets including a personal pocket, this diaper bag has plenty of pockets to store whatever dad and baby needs when they are out and about. The bag can also be attached to a stroller. There are side pockets for bottles and sippy cups.

This plain colored diaper bag allows Dad to take their baby places while still feeling masculine. No flowery or cartoony looking diaper bags for the Dad in the family and best of all once the baby has grown a bit the bag can be used for other things as well.

3. Daddy Doo Doo Apron

If you know a dad to be who is dreading changing diapers then this  Daddy Doo Doo Apron  is the perfect gift. This apron contains pockets that hold a disposable diaper, clear googles, A face mask and gloves. While this is meant to gag gift this apron can be useful simply by placing a small package of wipes, diapers and other essentials in the apron’s pocket.

4. Pacifier Medicine Dispensary

Most new fathers hate fighting with their infant to give them medications they need. This  Pacifier Medicine Dispenser  makes it easy for dads (and moms) to give their baby vitamins and others medicines. This dispenser is BPA free and dishwasher safe and the pacifier portion can even be used as a real pacifier once the child has taken the medication.

5. Dad to be T-Shirt

This T-shirt not only makes a great gift for an expecting father, but will allow him to show his excitement to the world. The Dad To Be T-Shirt  comes in a variety of different sizes and is made of pre-shrunk cotton. This makes a perfect gift for a first time dad. This T-shirt is a great way to announce a new family member’s expected arrival to family members and friends.

6. Baby Shusher

This Little Baby Soother  makes a shushing sound that reminds the baby of being in the womb and calms them when they are crying. It comes with two AA batteries, which can be replaced. Soothes the baby to sleep and then shuts off after about 30 minutes. It’s portable and lightweight and can be taken anywhere.

7. Slippers

A Pair of Comfortable Slippers  makes a good dads gift for those nights once the baby is born and daddy needs to get up in the middle of the night to attend to his son’s or daughter’s needs. These slippers are perfect for going to the nursery and walking back and forth while dad soothes the baby back to sleep.

8. Mug Warmer

New Dad’s don’t always have time to drink a cup of coffee before it gets cold so having a  Mug Warmer  to keep that mug of coffee or tea hot while he’s busy soothing the baby. A great gift for a new dad who is really engaged in being a hands on father, but still wants to enjoy a hot drink as well.

9. Hammock with Stand

That expectant father is will definitely find himself short of sleep once that new baby comes so why not give him a nice place to relax and take a nap when he is not on dad duty. This Hammock with Stand  is the perfect place for a new dad to snooze a little. The hammock can also be a great place for daddy to spend a little quality time with the new arrival.

10. Happiest Baby on the Block

First time Dads may want a little help learning to parent. This Happiest Baby on the Block Book  is perfect for helping dads prepare to calm a crying baby and keep them happy. Reading this book prior to a baby’s birth will help a new dad feel more in control and a better parent.

11. UltraSound Picture Frame

Expecting Fathers, like expecting mothers anxiously wait for their new baby’s arrival and can’t wait to see the baby that is so much part of themselves. Giving the soon to be new dad this Picture Frame for the Three Trimesters of Ultrasound Pictures  so the dad can have pictures of his baby’s development inside the womb.


As a first time father a young man can feel both excited and nervous. Whether it’s your brother or cousin, helping him celebrate his new status in life with a thoughtful gift can be a great way to show you care. Hopefully this simple guide will help you find the perfect gift for that soon to be father.


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